TOP-5 popular cellular signal amplifiers from the Aliexpress website


5 best cellular signal boosters from Aliexpress

Many people complain about the poor quality of mobile communications. It depends on the size of the network coverage area, the total load on the base station, the building density in the city, the features of the terrain, etc. Special devices for home use, which are called repeaters, are capable of improving mobile communication. Consider the TOP 5 best cellular signal amplifiers in the current year.

1. GSM980C Cellular Signal Booster

Усилитель сигнала сотовой связи GSM980C

The device is one of the available options for installation in an apartment or a country house in order to create an area of stable network signal reception. It is also suitable for public spaces such as cafes, offices or individual premises in shopping malls.

Main characteristics of repeater GSM980C:

  • operating frequencies – UL890 ~ 915 MHz, DL935 ~ 960 MHz;
  • coverage area – up to 150 m2;
  • transmission delay – 5 milliseconds;
  • maximum power – 27 dBm;
  • 2 antennas – internal (3 dB) and external (8 dBm).

The amplifier body is made of aluminum alloy. The weight of the complete set is 1.5 kilograms.

2. Cellular signal booster ACEHE

Усилитель сигнала сотовой связи Repeater ЕС

The device is distinguished by good build quality, low price and the ability to cover up to 180 m2 of an open area, the body of the product is aluminum.

General features of the device:

  • maximum coverage – 50 ~ 180 square meter;
  • output power: 15dBm upstream, 20dBmW downstream;
  • frequency range – UL890 ~ 915 MHz, DL930 ~ 960 MHz.

ACEHE differs from similar devices in terms of compact size (5.79×3.3×0.98 cm) and ease of setup. It can be installed in both residential and public areas.

The kit includes 1 antenna with a cable 10 meters long, 1 antenna connected to the amplifier, user manual and power supply.

3. GSM1800 Cellular Signal Booster

Усилитель сигнала сотовой связи GSM1800

One of the inexpensive and reliable Chinese-made repeaters. Able to provide good mobile communication for more than 20 phones at the same time. On the front of the rugged aluminum housing is a small backlit display showing signal strength information.

The main characteristics of the model:

  • support for 4G networks;
  • working range – UL1710 ~ 1785 MHz, DL1805 ~ 1880 MHz;
  • power – from -70 to 40 dBm;
  • coverage area – up to 200 m2 of open area.

Complete with the amplifier, the manufacturer supplies 2 types of antennas, cable, power supply, user manual. The device weighs 380 grams.

4. Cellular signal booster AT-980

Усилитель сигнала сотовой связи AT-980

The device is characterized by a high gain of a mobile network signal and a minimum transmission delay (up to 5 milliseconds). In addition, it has a robust yellow housing, a metal external antenna and a small size that allows you to install the repeater both in an apartment and in an office.

General characteristics of the device:

  • light indicators of operation and signal status;
  • maximum coverage area without obstacles – 150 m2;
  • frequency range – UL890 ~ 915 MHz.

The amplifier comes with 2 antennas, 9 meters of cable, a device for connecting to the electric. nets, fasteners and user manual.

5. Cellular signal booster USS GSM 900МХ

Усилитель сигнала сотовой связи USS GSM 900МХ

A quality repeater from a low price category with a nice design. Differs in strength, lightness and compact size. It can be installed both in the home and in public buildings.

Amplifier Features:

  • transmission delay s <0.5;
  • frequency range – UL890 ~ 915 MHz, DL930 ~ 960 MHz;
  • Backlit LCD display;
  • support for 4G networks.

The repeater body is made of aluminum with plastic elements. White color. The device comes with 3 antennas, a power supply, a cable and an instruction manual.

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