Top 5 social networks in Russia

Топ-5 соцсетей в России

Top 5 social networks in Russia

The Internet is gone – life has stopped! It is difficult to imagine modern society without social networks. Each user finds in them the necessary and interesting information for himself. For many, this is not just a pastime, but a place of work. Revenues vary depending on the target audience and the chosen network. The popularity of the network is determined by several indicators:

  • the number of actively writing users;
  • age category of people;
  • content quality;
  • ease of use;
  • ease of doing business.

There are five leaders on the territory of Russia:

1. Youtube


Platform for watching videos. It attracts viewers of all ages with its diversity and quality of the material. This network is gradually replacing standard television. Thanks to its versatility, ease of use and ease of accessibility. A person independently chooses what to watch and when to continue if you need to be distracted. There is an opportunity to make money by creating channels with interesting videos.

2. VKontakte


Leader among the rest. This network attracts with its simplicity and clarity for the user. As a rule, the age group “sits” here under 40 years old. Thanks to the wide reach and diversity of the public, it is easy to build an online business here.

3. Instagram


It was originally created as a photography platform. With the passage of time, he won the attention and love of many users. Here you can upload photos and short videos – stories, which are displayed at the top of the page and are stored only for a day. “Instagram” – provides different options for work, both paid and free.

4. Facebook


Online entertainment and business content in equal shares. The calculation goes to the solvent audience, which can afford to make solid purchases, and not just “surf” the tape. A big plus of the account is the ability with its help to pass authorization on other sites.

5. Classmates


Standard functionality that is no different from other networks. It is considered to be a “network of retirees”, but this is a misconception. Nice bonuses of the network are the “invisibility” function and the ability to see who visited the page. The average social media user spends about two hours a day there, wandering aimlessly through other people’s pages. Undoubtedly, there is valuable, useful information that can improve the quality of life, but it will also worsen it.

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