TOP 5 best paper shredders from Aliexpress

ТОП-5 лучших шредеров для бумаги с Алиэкспресс

A shredder is a device that can be found in almost every office. It is designed to destroy unnecessary documents, such as receipts, forms, archives and other papers with different levels of secrecy. Simply put, the shredder eliminates the need to dispose of important documentation through incineration and other inconvenient methods. If you decide to purchase a similar device for your office, first check out the TOP 5 best shredders from Aliexpress.

1. Mini paper shredder

Мини шредер для бумаги jakcom

Simple and compact hand-type paper shredder. It is a plastic transparent box with a lid, which has built-in blades, cutting album sheets, notebooks, etc. into thin strips.

Features of Mini Shredder:

  • the device is easy to clean (just pour the contents of the box into the trash bin and clean the blades with a brush);
  • suitable not only for the office, but also for home use;
  • blades are highly durable and stay sharp for a long time;
  • the box and blades can be washed with normal detergent.

2. Mini USB Paper Shredder

Мини USB шредер для бумаги Woopower

Inexpensive and easy-to-use mini shredder made in China. It features a large box capacity and high throughput (crushes up to 10 sheets at a time).

General characteristics of the device:

  • the principle of operation is automatic;
  • connection interface – USB or AA batteries (4 pcs.);
  • type of paper cutting – strips;
  • body material – ABS plastic.

The shredder comes with a user manual and a USB cable for connecting to a power source (a USB port in a computer or a power supply from a mobile phone will do).

3. Portable Manual Paper Shredder

Портативный ручной шредер Paper Shredder

The model has small dimensions and is designed for crushing folded A4 sheets. Suitable for both home and office use.

Benefits of choosing a portable shredder:

  • durable plastic case;
  • runs on 4 AA batteries (not included in the package);
  • sharp blades with a long service life;
  • can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you are looking for a quality and affordable portable shredder for manual shredding of paper, then this model is exactly what you need.

4. Paper shredder ZJMZYM LG0159

Шредер для бумаги LIZENGTEC LZ-A606B

The main feature of the LG0159 shredder from the Chinese brand ZJMZYM is its stylish design. It is made in the form of a rectangular black box with sides widening towards the top. The walls of the shredder are opaque.

Model characteristics:

  • On the cover of the device there is a slider for controlling the operation of the grinding mechanism – On / Auto, Off and Rev;
  • On the side of the lid there is a pull-out handle, with which you can open the box and remove its contents;
  • The blade cuts the paper into thin strips. The width of each is 6.8 mm;
  • Powered by an electrical network (220 or 240 V);
  • Designed for shredding A4 and smaller sheets.

The device comes with a user manual in English and a cable for connecting to an e-mail. networks.

5. Paper shredder YOAINGO 9925

Шредер для бумаги YOAINGO 9925

Miniature, but quite high quality office shredder with a durable box for shredded paper (capacity up to 3.5 liters). The body is opaque, white, made in a minimalist design.

Features of the device:

  • strong and sharp blades;
  • there is a handle for easy removal of the cover;
  • type of work – automatic;
  • power source – electrical network (200 V);
  • works almost silently;
  • can be cleaned with a brush or damp cloth;
  • cuts paper into strips 3 cm wide.

The shredder comes with only a power cord.

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