Top 5 car radios with a large HD 12.8 monitor in the Tesla style with Aliexpress

Топ-5 автомагнитол с большим HD 12,8 монитором в стиле Тесла

Do you want to improve the comfort of your car to the level of Tesla with a minimal investment? Then you should take a closer look at the inexpensive universal car radio with a large monitor, which can be found on Aliexpress.

1. Car radio “Carbar” 12.8 Tesla style Android 9.0

Автомагнитола "Carbar" 12,8 Tesla стиль Android 8,1

The Carbar ips radio cassette player fits easily into the 2 Din universal socket of the car, and runs Android 9.0! The Carbar 12.8 radio cassette recorder, made in the style of Tesla, is equipped with a swivel display that can not only rotate 360 ​​degrees around and tilt in any direction, but also move relative to the mounting axis, which allows you to choose the optimal location convenient for the driver! The Carbar 12.8 radio tape recorder is both a DVD player in HD quality, a stereo radio receiver, an audio player, a GPS navigator, and much more, since the system’s capabilities can be expanded with additional functions that the buyer chooses before purchasing. The Carbar radio cassette recorder with voice control is a serious technique for serious people!

2. Car radio “Gyrnavi” 12.8 Tesla style Android 9.0

Автомагнитола "Gyrnavi" 12,8 Tesla стиль Android 8,1

The Gyrnavi universal multimedia center with a 12.8-inch Tesla-style display will fit perfectly into any car that supports the installation of a 2DIN radio. The operating system Android 9.0, thanks to a six-core processor and 4Gb of RAM, runs very fast! And the built-in memory of 32Gb will allow you to store a lot of data files! The touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels allows you to play videos in high HD quality! The Gyrnavi radio cassette recorder with a huge display is an excellent stereo audio system, a video player, a radio, and a multimedia system that supports Bluetooth and wifi connections! It’s also a great navigation system! Before buying, you can choose one of 4 complete sets – basic without add-ons, version with a rear view camera, a version with support for voice control, as well as the maximum configuration with a rear camera and voice control!

3. Car radio “Klyde” 12.8 Tesla style Android 9.0

Автомагнитола "Klyde" 12,8 Tesla стиль Android 8,1

The Klyde multimedia harvester with a 12.8-inch touchscreen display is made by analogy with the multimedia center of the Tesla car! And with this multifunctional car stereo running Android 9.0 OS, your car can be as comfortable as the famous electric car! Convenient menu, as well as voice control, support many languages, turn on Russian! In addition to the basic functions inherent in any advanced radio tape recorder, such as controlling the multifunction buttons, connecting gadgets via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi support, the system can be equipped with a video recorder if desired, as well as TMPS for monitoring tire pressure! In addition, the Klyde radio tape recorder supports OBD connection to monitor the state of the car’s systems! The Klyde car radio is an excellent choice at an affordable price for those car enthusiasts who love comfort!

4. Car Radio Ownice 10.1 “13.3” Tesla Style Android 10.0

Автомагнитола "MongWead" 12,8 Tesla стиль Android 8,1

MongWead car radio with a huge display to choose from 10.1 or 13.3 inches, suitable for all types of cars, and also offers specialized versions for Skoda, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, KIA and Nissan vehicles. The car radio, which has the same large display as in Tesla cars, runs Android 10.0! The system supports 3g and 4g networks, to which it can connect via the built-in Wi-Fi module, works with many types of online maps, including Google maps, and also allows you to download applications from Google-Play. Bluetooth support allows you to connect to many gadgets, and voice control greatly simplifies the operation of the device! Ownice radio cassette recorder, made according to the type of the standard Tesla system, is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of high technologies at an affordable price! And the excellent quality of music and video will be appreciated by every buyer of this automobile miracle!

5. Car radio “ZWNAV” 10.4 Tesla style Android 9.0

Автомагнитола "ZWNAV" 12,8 Tesla стиль Android 8,1

The ZWNAV car radio is a multifunctional multimedia system equipped with a 10.4-inch swivel screen, which allows us to talk about the similarities with the standard Tesla car system! The radio tape recorder runs Android 9.0 and allows you to take advantage of many of the possibilities of modern technologies, such as multitouch, support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as voice control! The built-in GPS-module will allow you to immediately use the radio tape recorder as a navigator, since it comes with a map of the region of purchase already installed! In addition, you can additionally download maps online! The capabilities of a six-core processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM allow the screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels to seamlessly play not only the usual Gull-HD quality files, but also high-definition Ultra-HD 4K videos! The ZWNAV 10.4 car radio is a modern multifunctional gadget with maximum capabilities for working with multimedia files for true connoisseurs of quality!

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