TOP 20 best fishing reels from Aliexpress – rating of spinning reels

ТОП-20 лучших рыболовных катушек с Алиэкспресс

20 best spinning reels from Aliexpress

A reel is an indispensable element of equipment for the vast majority of rod tackle, starting with a simple float rod and a feeder or bottom rod. They serve to store the fishing line on the tackle, preventing it from getting tangled. And also the reel helps to make a long cast.

Fishing reels of famous world brands are not cheap. On Aliexpress, you can find cheaper, but high-quality models. According to the declared characteristics, they are often in no way inferior to more hyped specimens. In this rating, the site has collected the best fishing reels from Aliexpress in terms of price-quality ratio.



One of the best budget multiplier reels on Aliexpress. Differs in high quality of materials and assembly. Versatile model with 5.2 to 1 gear ratio. Composite housing is strong and durable. The assembly is reliable, without gaps and backlashes. The spool is free of burrs and other defects. Winding lays evenly and brings to the edge. It works on 13 ball bearings, which are made of plastic, which can be attributed to the few disadvantages of GHOTDA YO / DC. The product is equipped with a double brake system, a front friction stopper and a magnetic one, which allows for more precise adjustment.



Spinning reel for fishing in fresh and salt water. Model BK is highly reliable and durable, as it is completely made of metal. It is produced in capacities from 2000 to 7000. It belongs to universal models and has a gear ratio of 5.2 to 1. To protect against corrosion, its body is coated with a layer of zinc and polymer paint with a powder structure. The smooth running of the reel is provided by 12 ball and 1 roller bearings. They also have a protective coating, so with careful handling they will last for more than one year. The disadvantages include the lack of seals that protect against the penetration of moisture inside. The braking system includes a magnetic and front friction brake. The stopper does not work immediately. The return stroke is about 10 mm.

3. Kastking Sharky III Spinning Reel

Kastking Sharky III Spinning Reel

One of the most popular spinning reels from a large Chinese company Kastking. The Sharky series was created for catching the carp family, but in general the model can be classified as universal. The gear ratio is 5.2 to 1. The tackle is appreciated by fans of spinning fishing for high-quality components and assembly. The case is made of stainless steel and is not subject to corrosion. The design has 11 brass bearings, providing a soft and smooth spool run. The presence of an instant backstop allows you to notice even weak bites. The powerful fixed bail of the line layer ensures smooth winding of the line. It can be adjusted by adding or removing shims. The adjustable handle makes it convenient to use tackle, both for right-handers and left-handers. It is devoid of swivel and is screwed into the body, which allows you to reduce the amount of backlash to a minimum. Knob made of EVA will not let your hands freeze in the cold season.

4. KastKing Spartacus/Spartacus Plus

KastKing Spartacus/Spartacus Plus

KastKing’s high speed 6.3 to 1 baitcasting reel is ideal for fishing lures that require fast hookups. The body of the coil is made of composite material and protected from corrosion. Build quality, backlash is minimal. The spool is made of aluminum, which reduces the overall weight of the product. The manufacturer installed 12 bearings, which provides a smooth and soft ride. The main feature of the model is a dual brake system: magnetic and centrifugal at the same time. By moving the magnets closer or further away, you can adjust the winding of the fishing line. Such a system is suitable for fishing with wobblers. Together with the carbon friction brake, it allows you to use the reel for catching big fish. The line layer is ceramic, so there will be no problems with wiping the line.

5. KastKing Centron & Summer

KastKing Centron & Summer

The KastKing spinning reel is ideal for fishing big lures with high resistance. The gear ratio is 4.2 to 1. The case of the KastKing Centron & Summer is made of high-strength graphite. The main elements are also made of metal, the drive is made of zinc alloy, the gear is made of brass, the main shaft is made of steel. Therefore, with proper use, the coil will last a long time. The design includes 9+1 bearings made of double shielded steel. The instant anti-reverse prevents the line from loosening while the reel is running. A feature of the model is a folding aluminum handle that simplifies transportation and storage of the reel.

6. SeaKnight WR III

SeaKnight WR III

Lightweight spinning reel from popular brand SeaKnight. Its body is ultra-thin, but durable due to the fact that it is made of carbon fiber. The spool is made of aluminium. Its light weight allows it to be used for jig spinning, but it is also suitable for other types of fishing, thanks to the ability to adjust the winding speed. Smooth running is ensured by 10 ball bearings. Thanks to the optimized winding system, the line lays flat and is brought to the edge. The brake system includes 3 carbon discs. Lightweight aluminum handle folds down for a compact size for easy storage and transport. The handle knob is made of EVA. Comes with a spare spool and a cloth case for storing and transporting gear.

7. SeaKnight TREANT III


High strength all metal spinning reel. Its body and rotor are made of carbon, the spool is made of aluminum. Rotor and line roller are coated with sodium nitride, which increases the service life of the device. The assembly is of high quality, a small backlash is present, but within the normal range. 11 bearings provide a smooth and soft ride without extraneous noise. A feature of the model is the installation of two main bearings, which improves the efficiency of transmissions. The clutch consists of 3 metal and 3 carbon discs. The installed oil seal prevents moisture and dust from getting inside, protecting the bearings and the brake mechanism. The handle is screwed directly into the main gear. The knob is made of EVA, a soft and comfortable material for the hands.



Super high speed Baitcasting reel from SeaKnight with a gear ratio of 7.2 to 1. Can be used for upstream fishing in strong currents. The tackle is suitable for beginners, as its design is as simple as possible and does not require preliminary settings. The design includes 10 +1 bearings. The double bearing system ensures smooth operation and increases the strength of the structure. The Falcon 3 has brake systems – friction, axial and linear magnetic, which allows you to customize the winding of the fishing line for yourself and reduces the likelihood of loops and “beards” when winding. The reverse pull option allows you to change the applied force and adjust the speed of the take-up. The handle of the reel is detachable and long enough for easy handling. The knob is made from EVA.

9. Soloplay HIAW200

Soloplay HIAW200

High speed multiplier fishing reel, gear ratio is 5.4 to 1. Its frame is made of high strength graphite. Equipped with 12 bearings, one of which is anti-reverse. They are water resistant and rust resistant. The installation of a double bearing in the transmission mechanism ensures a strong and even winding of the fishing line. The HIAW200 model is equipped with a dual magnetic and friction brake system. 4 groups of carbon fiber brake discs provide 9.5kg of traction, can handle big fish easily. The handle is removable aluminum, it is installed under the right or left hand. The knob is made from EVA.

10. GLS AK200


Budget high speed multiplier fishing reel, with a gear ratio of 7.2 to 1. Suitable for fishing in fresh and salt water. The coil body is quite massive, made of reliable plastic, the rotor is reinforced with a metal insert. Build quality, no backlash. The reel has 5 bearings. The guide ring is made of ceramic. The conical outlet ensures even line winding and prevents line tangling and looping. The brake is magnetic with 9 steps of adjustment. The handle is made of plastic and has a comfortable grip.

11. GLS yms-90

GLS yms-90

Universal spinning reel. The gear ratio is 5.2 to 1. The body is made of durable and at the same time lightweight ABS plastic, the spool is aluminum, and the bearings are made of stainless steel. The design includes 12 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 stainless steel roller bearing for a smooth ride and soft winding. This makes it possible to use the GLS yms-90 for lure fishing. The anti-reverse works stably, preventing the line from rolling back. The handle can be rearranged for the right or left hand. The wooden knob fits comfortably in the hand. A spare spool is included in the kit.

12. GLS 192

GLS 192

The spinning reel is suitable for beginners. It is as simple as possible, without frills, inexpensive. Model GLS 192 refers to the universal gear. The gear ratio is 5.2 to 1. The body is made of plastic, durable and wear-resistant, the spool is made of aluminum. The reel design includes 14 metal bearings for a smooth ride. The device is equipped with a front clutch. The winding is quite even, without loops, but the fishing line does not reach the edges of the spool when winding, and there is also a small reverse stroke. Removable handle can be installed under the right or left hand. The model is foldable for easy storage. The knob has a rubber coating, does not slip out of the hands.

13. Bearking BHJ

Bearking BHJ

Маленькая и легкая высокоскоростная безынерционная катушка с передаточным числом 6,2 к 1 идеально подходит для длительной рыбалки. Большой скос на буртике шпули удобен для дальнего заброса. В катушке установлено 7 подшипников. Благодаря оптимизированной системе намотки, леска ложится ровно, не образуя петель и «бород». Ход плавный. Фрикцион имеет тонкую настройку. Рукоять съемная, настраивается под правую или левую руку. Она вкручивается в корпус, что увеличивает ее долговечность.

14. Bakawa GGG

Bakawa GGG

High speed multiplier fishing reel with a gear ratio of 8.1 to 1. Supplied with a skein of braided line. The spool of the model is metal, the body is made of high-strength plastic. The reel has 18 bearings, including 1 roller bearing. They have an anti-corrosion coating, so they are not afraid of contact with water. The tackle is equipped with a magnetic and friction brake. This allows you to adjust the winding speed and make accurate casts to the selected point. A feature of the model is the presence of a rear brake key. With one click, you can quickly remove the stopper and pull the trophy ashore. This allows you to use the reel for almost any fishing method. It is suitable for spinning, trolling, bottom fishing enthusiasts and floaters. In the zero position of the magnetic gear, casting can be done even against the wind. The handle is removable and can be easily adjusted to any hand.

15. Bakawa mg

Bakawa mg

Reliable inexpensive multiplier reel for spinning with a high quality plastic body. The product is assembled without gaps and backlashes. The gear ratio is 5.2 to 1, so the model can be classified as universal. The reel has 12 bearings. Of these, only one is metal, the rest are plastic bushings. The line is wound evenly, without loops. The brake system is double, with the possibility of fine tuning. The handle is interchangeable with a wooden knob, which is comfortable to hold in your hands even in the cold season.



Spinning reel with a maximum braking force of 12 kg is suitable for catching big fish. The gear ratio is 5.2 to 1. The case is made of high-quality plastic, which made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the product without compromising its strength and reliability. The handle, shackle and spool are made of aluminium. The clutch is located in front. Turning the screw allows you to adjust the mechanism for a certain load. The model is equipped with a convenient handle that folds easily with a simple push of a button.

17. Fishing Reel YF200

Fishing Reel YF200

Lightweight, small budget reel with 5.2 to 1 gear ratio. Ideal for beginner anglers. It is recommended to use for catching small fish on a float rod. The body is made of high-strength plastic, the spool is aluminum. The product is equipped with 3 plastic bearings. The Fishing Reel YF200 has a front drag. The model is equipped with a folding removable handle for the left or right hand. The scope of delivery includes a fishing line.



Inexpensive, but well-made inertialess fishing reel with a durable housing made of high quality plastic. The gear ratio of 5.2 to 1 ensures fast rotation and winding of the line. The metal spool is durable, does not deform and does not damage the fishing line. The design has 13 bearings, but almost all of them are plastic, which should be attributed to the minuses of the model. Removable handle fits left or right hand. It is foldable for easy storage and use.

19. PROBEROS CS10, CP10, CW10, RM10


High speed lightweight reel with 7.2 to 1 gear ratio, ideal for fishing in fast flowing rivers. Thanks to the perforated body, a significant weight reduction has been achieved. The spool is made from lightweight aluminium. The product is equipped with a magnetic brake, which has 12 positions for adjustment. This makes the coil control more flexible and convenient, allowing you to customize the desired parameters for yourself. The ceramic ring through which the fishing line passes is smooth and does not damage it. There is a backstop, but, judging by customer reviews, it does not work immediately.



One of the best reels in terms of price-quality ratio, it combines lightness and functionality. The gear ratio is 5.2 to 1. It can be considered universal, ideal for medium spinning, or a small feeder. The body is made of composite material. The model is equipped with 9 bearings that provide a smooth and soft ride. The winding mode can be adjusted, for this there are 3 adjusting washers in the clutch. The handle is comfortable and ergonomic. The only negative is that it does not fold by pressing a button, as in more expensive models, but by loosening the mounting screw. The knob is made of EVA, which does not cool much in the cold.

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