TOP-20 best Bulgarians (angle grinders) with Aliexpress 2021

ТОП-20 лучших болгарок (УШМ) с Алиэкспресс 2021

Rating of the best Bulgarians from AliExpress

The angle grinder (angle grinder), which is commonly called the “Bulgarian”, is one of the main tools of the professional builder and is indispensable for the household. Using a grinder with replaceable discs, they grind surfaces made of various hard materials, cut metal, concrete and stone, gouge holes, clean off rust, polish scratches. But a high-quality device in hardware stores is not cheap. A large selection of grinders at affordable prices is presented on Aliexpress. To find the right angle grinder that suits you in terms of characteristics and at the same time will not cost too much, the rating of the best grinders from AliExpress will help.

1. Drillpro Grinder

Угловая шлифовальная машина Drillpro Grinder

The Drillpro Grinder power tool with a brushless motor of a compact size of 30×11 cm is powered by a Makita 18 rechargeable battery. The soft rubberized body with a non-slip grip is comfortable to hold in the hand, the removable auxiliary handle is useful when working with particularly hard materials. Grinding wheel diameter – 125 mm / 100 mm. The spindle with a diameter of 10 mm is securely locked with a special button. The protective cover prevents sparks and small chips from falling on hands and body. The device provides two-speed switching. The digital display shows the battery charge level and gives system error codes in the operation of the device.


Болгарка DEKO DKAG25LD1

DEKO electric angle grinder is designed for cutting, grinding metal and stone. Powered by 220 V power supply; grinder weight – 2.38 kg; dimensions: 37х14х12 cm. Offered by the seller in two power options: 710 W and 1600 W. Also, the buyer can choose the option of a parcel, in which, in addition to a grinder and a wrench, the seller will also put 2 grinding discs 125 mm in size. The device is made of an aluminum alloy with a plastic housing. The device for working with harder materials has an additional ergonomically shaped side handle with rubberized anti-slip inserts.

3. DOERSUPP Cordless Angle Grinder

Угловая шлифовальная машина DOERSUPP Cordless Angle Grinder

DOERSUPP Cordless Angle Grinder is powered by a large capacity rechargeable battery, which is enough for long-term use of the machine without recharging. The battery charge level is shown on the LED display. Thanks to the brushless motor, the service life of the device is significantly extended, even under heavy load. During operation, the rotation speed of the disk changes automatically, which improves performance. An angle grinder is used to polish and cut various hard materials. The processing area is illuminated by a bright LED flashlight on the front of the body.

4. WOSAI M14


The WOSAI M14 angle grinder is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery, which is included in the kit. Also, the parcel, depending on the configuration option, includes: an additional battery, a plastic case or bag for storing the tool, a wrench, a charger. Dimensions of the angle grinder – 13x8x31 cm; weight – 2.8 kg; the engine speed is changed with a 5000/10000 rpm switch. The battery level is indicated by colored LEDs. The device is made of durable aluminum alloy. Rubber inserts are provided for a comfortable hand grip. Also, the power tool is equipped with an additional handle that can be screwed on for work with harder materials.

5. Heimerdinger LB201

Мини-шлифовальная машина heimerdinger LB201

The main distinguishing feature of the heimerdinger LB201 is its compact dimensions – 156x107x55mm and light weight – only 650 g including the battery. The machine works from a rechargeable battery of 12 V. Depending on the configuration, in addition to the grinder itself, the seller puts in the package: one or two batteries, a charger, a diamond disc and two grinding discs with a diameter of 75 mm. The device is suitable for household use and small household work. The body of the grinder is ergonomically shaped with anti-slip ribbed pads for a comfortable grip in the palm of your hand.



PROSTORMER PTET1016 is powered by a 20 V lithium-ion battery. Depending on the configuration, the seller puts one or two batteries together with the grinder, a charger, grinding discs 115 mm in diameter and 1 and 3 mm thick. Dimensions of the device 10x20x30 cm, weight 3 kg. The ergonomically shaped housing is made of durable plastic. An additional removable handle is designed for a comfortable grip of the tool during heavy-duty operations. The angle grinder is ideal for cutting metal, plastic, wood, stone, concrete structures, removing rust and sanding a variety of materials.


Мини-шлифовальная машина PROSTORMER PTET091

The compact and lightweight grinder PROSTORMER PTET091 will become an indispensable tool in the household. The angle grinder is not intended for professional builders, but is used only in everyday life for minor repairs. The battery that powers the instrument will be sufficient for small cutting and grinding jobs on hard materials. Tool dimensions – 760x120x100 mm, weight with battery – 650 g The seller puts in the package, depending on the configuration option: a grinder, 1 or 2 batteries, a charger, gloves, a wrench, diamond and grinding discs with a diameter of 75 mm, a storage bag tool.

8. BLMIATKO E33371


The BLMIATKO E33371 angle grinder is powered by an 18V lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery is not included. Grinder dimensions: 100х125х320 mm; weight – 1.8 kg. The grinder has two speeds, the switch is conveniently located at the bottom of the device. Also, the speed changes automatically depending on the strength of the material being processed. The angle grinder uses a brushless motor to extend the tool life. The kit, in addition to the electrical device, includes a removable handle for the convenience of working with especially durable materials, a protective disc that protects against chips and sparks when cutting metal, a wrench for changing discs. The customer can also choose the color of the case: blue, orange or turquoise.

9. BENYS Angle Grinder

Мини-шлифмашина BENYS Angle Grinder

Cordless grinder BENYS Angle Grinder of compact size is suitable for small repair work. The angle grinder is powered by a 12V battery. It can be used to cut plastic pipes, wall panels, ceramic tiles, steel wire and thin metal profiles. Also, the power tool is used for cleaning metal surfaces from rust and grinding various materials. The seller offers several options for sending, where, in addition to the power tool, he puts 1 or 2 batteries, a charger, grinding discs with a diameter of 78 mm. The mini sander has an ergonomic shape. The plastic anti-slip body is comfortable to hold in your hand while working. The protective disc protects against the ingress of chips.

10. POSENPRO PPAG1050/125

Болгарка POSENPRO PPAG1050

Corded angle grinder POSENPRO PPAG1050 / 125 has a high power of 1100 W, is used both for household needs and for professional work with materials of different structure and density. The unit operates from a 220 V electrical network, to which it is connected via a Euro plug with a durable cord 2 meters long. A powerful tool with dimensions: 375x75x110 mm fits securely in the hand, an additional removable handle helps when working with hard materials. Six-speed speed adjustment from 3000 to 12000 rpm allows you to work with different structures and perform both grinding and cutting of hard structures. The gearbox housing is made of aluminum alloy, which removes heat well through the ventilation holes provided in the casing.


Угловая шлифовальная машина DOERSUPP 800W

The DOERSUPP 800W wireless grinder is powered by an 18 V battery. The charging level is indicated by LEDs on the body. The rechargeable battery is not included. The grinder is offered by the seller in two body versions – completely black and with blue inserts. Grinding machine dimensions – 35x12x25 cm; weight about two kg. The tool is equipped with a brushless copper motor, which extends the life of the grinder. The rotation speed can be changed using the switch button for operation in two modes: up to 6500 and up to 8500 rpm. In the front part of the body there is an integrated LED light that illuminates the places where the material is processed.

12. BLMIATKO F22320


The BLMIATKO F22320 wireless angle grinder is powered by an 18V battery, which must be purchased separately. The battery charge level can be checked using the LEDs at the bottom of the handle. Thickened safety cover protects against sparks and chips when working with hard materials. For processing particularly durable structures, you can use an additional handle, which is supplied with the grinder and is screwed to the device. The cog wheel is made of durable alloy, the body is made of anti-slip plastic. The buyer can choose the color of the instrument – green, turquoise, black. The device has a three-speed mode, which can be changed by a switch.

13. TEH TG12508V

Угловая шлифовальная машина TEH TG12508V

The grinder TEH TG12508V with a power of 750, 850, 1200 W with the ability to adjust the speed of rotation is suitable not only for household work, but also used as a professional tool. The grinder works from a 220V electrical network, to which it is connected through a two-meter cord using a euro plug. The dimensions of the device are 32.5×10.5×11.5 cm, weight 2.2 kg. The slim, elongated body is comfortable for a secure hand grip. For work with denser materials, a removable handle with rubberized inserts is provided. The angle grinder is suitable for grinding various surfaces and cutting metal, plastic, ceramic and concrete tiles.

14. Makita DGA504

Болгарка Makita DGA504

The Makita DGA504 cordless angle grinder is able to cut even thick steel bars. The tool is powered by an 18 V battery, which is not included. The power tool is offered in two versions – for discs with a diameter of 100 and 125 mm. The dimensions of the grinder are 320x100x115 mm, the weight is 1700 g. The body is made of black plastic with turquoise inserts, elongated for a comfortable grip with the palm. The detachable auxiliary handle helps to hold the tool firmly in the hand when working with hard materials. Makita DGA504 is suitable for cutting and grinding metal, tiles, concrete, natural stone, car polishing.


Угловая шлифовальная машина BOSCH GWS180-LI

The BOSCH GWS180-LI angle grinder operates on an 18 V battery. The battery and charger will have to be purchased separately. A distinctive feature of the tool is a compact head, which allows processing material in hard-to-reach places. The circumference of the body at the point of palm grip is 15 cm, making the grinder comfortable to hold in the hand. An additional handle will save energy when working on hard surfaces. Tool weight 1.4 kg, dimensions – 10×20 cm. When overloaded, the grinder automatically slows down and protects the motor from overheating, thereby extending the service life of the device.



The wireless grinder NANWEI PXF-01 is powered by a 21 V lithium-ion battery. Depending on the configuration, the package includes 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries, a charger, grinding and laser discs, and a plastic case for storing tools. Dimensions of the angle grinder – 32×18.5x11cm, weight 2 kg. In the upper part of the case, a thickened protective cover with a radius of 6 cm and a thickness of 10 mm is provided to protect against chips and sparks when working with a tool. At the bottom of the instrument is a three-speed switch for adjusting the RPM. The display shows the battery level next to it. The body of the grinder is made of black and gray plastic with an elongated shape so that the grinder is comfortable to hold in the hand. An additional handle is used for processing hard materials.

17. Hanskonner HAG901

Угловая шлифовальная машина Hanskonner HAG901

The Hanskonner HAG901 angle grinder with a power of 1100 W is suitable for working with particularly durable materials. The grinder is powered by a 220 V electrical network, to which it is connected using an elastic cable 4 meters long with a Euro plug. The dimensions of the device are 285x135x130 mm, weight 2.3 kg. The electric motor works with electronic control, the speed of revolutions per minute is automatically adjusted according to the material, which prolongs the life of the motor. The elongated shape of the grinder fits comfortably in the hand; there is a marking pencil on the side handle. Thanks to the reduced gearbox, the angle grinder is convenient to use even in hard-to-reach places if space is limited.



FURONGHUA HK-AG125 angle grinder with 6-speed switching of speeds from 3000 to 10000 rpm is more suitable for professional builders. The 1050 W power tool is able to cut even extremely hard materials of great thickness. The device is powered by a 220 V electrical network, connected via a 2-meter cable with a Euro plug. The engine cover is made of durable aluminum alloy. The body is made of durable yellow plastic, the elongated black handle is made of rubber so that your hand does not slip when working. A second detachable side grip is designed for increased pressure when working with hard materials. The switch is located to the left of the case, which is more convenient.


Угловая шлифовальная машина HENGDIAN HD-JM

The HENGDIAN HD-JM cordless angle grinder operates on a 21 V battery. Battery and charger are included in the package. Depending on the configuration option at the buyer’s choice, the package may also include: an additional battery and a plastic case for storing tools. Each kit has an additional handle that is attached to the grinder, a wrench for replacing the grinding discs, a protective cover against chips and sparks. Dimensions of the angle grinder – 28x10x11.5 cm, weight with battery 1.8 kg. The body is made of red and black plastic, the lower part has an LED display showing the charging level. There is also a speed switch.

20. FNICEL 220V-XMY-2000W


Electric grinder FNICEL 220V-XMY-2000W of compact size has enough power for processing especially hard materials. The angle grinder works from a 220 V network. Tool dimensions are 30×20 cm, weight – 1.8 kg, suitable for discs with a diameter of 100 mm. The power of the device is 2000 W, thanks to which the device can cope even with thick fittings. Using a power tool, you can polish stone, concrete and metal, clean surfaces from rust, grind various materials, cut steel, wood, plastic, concrete and ceramic tiles. Angle grinders are used both at home and on a construction site.

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