Steel lead to the main fishing line with Aliexpress

Стальной поводок к основной рыболовной леске

Steel Leash for Fishing

In order not to miss the caught pike from the reservoir, an ordinary fisherman will need not only experience and skill. High-quality and suitable equipment for catching predators in the form of a strong steel leash will help him a lot in this. If you haven’t bought this accessory on Aliexpress in time and don’t use it when fishing, any predatory fish can very easily bite into the forest and wave its tail goodbye.

Стальной поводок  к основной рыболовной леске

What is a steel leash and why is it needed

The leash, as an addition to the main fishing tackle, is a wire structure with two oval-shaped loops located at the ends. The latter are securely connected to the base of the product using special crimping pipes. On the one hand, a carabiner is usually attached to it, and on the other hand a swivel is attached, which allows the attached natural or artificial bait to rotate freely.

Стальной поводок  к основной рыболовной леске

This tackle is used mainly for pike and refers to safety equipment. If, for example, the opinions of professional fishermen are very different about its use for pike perch, then they are unanimous about pike. Even when a fisherman does not plan to catch a predatory fish, but counts on a more modest catch (perch, for example), it would be wiser to foresee an accident and take several leashes with him. When hunting for perches or for lures that imitate them, a predator is most likely to end up on your hook. In this situation, steel wire will come in handy.

Стальной поводок  к основной рыболовной леске

Characteristics of the offered product and opinions of fishermen about it

The set of the offered product includes 20 pieces of protective steel leads of various colors, equipped with fastening devices (miniature carabiner and swivel). The main technical characteristics of the product on display for fishing enthusiasts are given below:

  • The length of the wire leash is selected from the range: 15, 20, 24 and 30 centimeters.
  • The colors of the offered products are Green, Black and Silver (green, black and silver).
  • The weight of one steel leader is about 0.7-0.8 grams.
Стальной поводок  к основной рыболовной леске

Please note: There is one more product size (50 cm) in the non-standard configuration.

Most fishing enthusiasts agree that a steel leash from Aliexpress is a must-have accessory for a real fisherman, since it reliably protects the line from the sharp teeth of a predator. In addition, it reduces the chance of line overlap and can cut down algae that interfere with fishing.

Стальной поводок  к основной рыболовной леске

No one will deny that untangling the line and looking for bait in the thickets of grasses is a pleasure more than dubious. However, even taking into account all the listed advantages, some metal products have one drawback. It manifests itself in good visibility in the aquatic environment. Considering this fact, sellers from Aliexpress have prepared thin leashes with a working diameter of 0.15-0.2 millimeters for sale. This offer is the best compromise when choosing between durability and stealth.


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