Mixer Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 with Aliexpress

Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс

Mixer Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200

In modern conditions, when arranging an apartment, much attention is paid not only to the furnishings of the auxiliary premises (kitchens, in particular), but also to the plumbing equipment installed in them. Such important elements of the complex as the faucets used in kitchen sinks stand out. When choosing them, one proceeds not only from the special requirements for the reliability of the structure, but also from how well the design of the product is worked out and whether it is suitable for the interiors of the room.

Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс

The site “Aliexpress” offers its customers the best mixer models, among which the product under the brand name “Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200” stands out. Along with a well thought out design, this sample is distinguished by attractive performance characteristics and a relatively low price. Everyone who liked the product we offer will only have to order it directly on the selling service, pay in any convenient way for him and wait for the arrival of the parcel at the address indicated in the application.

Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс

Design features

The characteristic features of a kitchen faucet from the Aliexpress service include the following properties:

  • Long spout that allows you to comfortably wash dirty dishes, regardless of their size and position in the sink.
  • Robust brass body with increased resistance to the damaging effects of moisture and chemicals.
  • A wide range of colors of the product body (from white to absolutely black).
  • The use of a ceramic cartridge in the water supply control mechanism.
  • Possibility to turn the spout to any convenient place of the sink within 180 degrees.
  • Application of a durable powder coating as a protective layer, which guarantees high wear resistance of the mixer surface.
Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс

Please note: Experts point out that the mixer “Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200” is assembled according to Italian technology using only high quality materials.

Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс

The advantages of this product also include the ease of maintenance and the absence of leaks. In addition, over time, it does not lose its color coloration and practically does not wear out. In addition, users note the smooth adjustment of the water supply in all positions of the swivel mechanism.

Characteristics of the proposed mixer

The indicators characterizing the operational features of this product include the following technical parameters:

  • The length of the plumbing spout is 220 mm.
  • The traditional shape is used in its manufacture.
  • The size of the connecting thread is 3/8 “.
  • The total height of the spout structure is 125 mm.
  • The landing size (diameter) of the built-in ceramic cartridge is 40 mm.
Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс

To all of the above, it should be added that the delivery set of this product includes the mixing device itself, flexible hoses, a set of connecting fittings and a user’s manual.

Смеситель Zigmund & Shtain ZS 0200 с Алиэкспресс


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