Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress


Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02

In the process of work and creativity, a person often has to glue, defrost, heat, solder, stretch and connect something! And if earlier it was necessary to look for means and methods for this, now it is enough to buy a universal tool that will allow you to easily perform dozens of different operations! One of these tools is a handheld heat gun, or simply an industrial hair dryer!

Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

Among the wide variety of different models, you must choose the one whose quality has been tested by many users and is recommended by positive reviews due to the real quality of the product!

Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

That is why you should take a closer look at the DEKO DKHG02 hair dryer, the quality of which has been proven by time!

DEKO DKHG02 specifications:

  • this is a professional industrial hair dryer with a power of 2 kilowatts (2000W);
  • three modes of temperature and air flow – in the first position, the temperature is 60 ℃ at a flow rate of 250 liters of air per minute, in the second position, the temperature is 400 ℃ at 500 liters of consumed air per minute, and in the third position, the temperature reaches 600 ℃, and the air flow is also 500 liters per minute;
  • there are 4 attachments for various jobs;
  • built-in protection will ensure the safety of the hair dryer, protecting it from overheating and overcurrent;
  • the ergonomic handle and light weight of the product will allow you to work with the hairdryer for a long time without fatigue.
Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

All these indicators are only generalized characteristics for understanding what a DEKO DKHG02 hair dryer is, but its convenience, fast heating rate and amazing durability cannot be expressed in words, but can only be understood by purchasing and starting to use!


  • firstly, it is a really high-quality and convenient tool for daily work;
  • secondly, the simplicity of the design, along with high functionality, make this device an essential tool not only for a professional, but also for an ordinary user;
  • thirdly, the quality of DEKO tools is not just words, but the truth, proven by a huge army of users who are satisfied with their choice.
Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

The list of types of work that can be performed with an industrial hair dryer is huge, but even professionals cannot list all the possible options for using the tool, since life constantly presents various problems that can be solved with the DEKO DKHG02!

The classic uses for an industrial hair dryer include:

  • heating of plastic products for subsequent bonding;
  • melting ice frozen in pipes;
  • desoldering radio components on the instrument board;
  • warming up and loosening the nuts;
  • removing old paint from various surfaces;
  • repair work in a car service, such as tinted glass, stretching the cladding, and so on …
Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

It is impossible to list everything, but it is worth noting that people who bought an industrial hair dryer for home use are often surprised at how they lived before without this universal assistant!

Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

If you do not have an industrial hair dryer yet, then you should definitely buy it, since you need it all the time in life! Such a tool is especially important for those who are engaged in creativity, needlework, or have their own workshop, garage, car service! But even if you do not have all this, the DEKO DKHG02 hair dryer will still come in handy in the house, since in everyday life it is literally an irreplaceable assistant!

Industrial hair dryer DEKO DKHG02 with Aliexpress

Buying a DEKO DKHG02 industrial hair dryer, a person acquires a universal tool that will help to glue, dry, solder, stretch, melt and defrost everything that is needed! Give it a try and DEKO DKHG02 won’t let you down!


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