Portable mini USB air conditioner “Arctic Air” with Aliexpress

Портативный мини USB кондиционер «Arctic Air» с Алиэкспресс

Mini USB conditioner “Arctic Air”

Portable USB-powered Arctic Air air conditioner-humidifier can be purchased at Aliexpress. This device combines several functions at once (humidifier, fan and air conditioner) and therefore belongs to the category of universal equipment. The principle of its operation is based on the effect of natural cooling of air passing through the radiator grill filled with cold water.

Portable mini USB air conditioner "Arctic Air" with Aliexpress

It uses the latest humidification technology due to the formation of a finely dispersed environment (fog), which makes it possible to regulate the air quality and maintain it in a comfortable state. The new Arctic Air model differs from the previous ones in greater power and, accordingly, increased efficiency. In addition, the set of Arctic Air conditioners includes special filters that improve the quality of their functioning.

Portable mini USB air conditioner "Arctic Air" with Aliexpress

Applications and opportunities

The proposed device is ideal for use in the kitchen, student residence or work office. Thanks to its compact size, it can be installed wherever the user needs cool fresh air! Handling this device is very simple. This will require the following operations:

  1. Open the lid of the tank and pour the required amount of water into it (it is allowed to add pieces of ice to it).
  2. Connect the device to the network.
  3. In conclusion, it remains to press the start button.
Portable mini USB air conditioner "Arctic Air" with Aliexpress

Please note: The time of continuous operation of the device from one filling with water is about 8-12 hours (depending on the dryness of the air).

Additional options of this device include the ability to blow out cool air, as well as adjusting the direction of the air flow due to a controllable partition that can be moved 90 degrees up or down.

Technical characteristics and features of the device

The technical characteristics of the proposed device include the following performance indicators:

  • Power supplies –5 Volts via USB connector or 220 Volt network at 2.1 Ampere (via adapter).
  • The power consumed from the alternating current network is 8 watts.
  • The volume of the water tank is 375 ml.
  • Case material – heavy-duty ABS + PC plastic.
  • Product dimensions – 170x160x145 mm.
  • Its weight is 860 grams.
  • LED – backlight, 7 colors.
Portable mini USB air conditioner "Arctic Air" with Aliexpress

The features of the device are manifested in ease of handling and the presence of several modes of operation with different humidification efficiency. To start up it is enough to pour a little water into it and press the “Start” button.

Portable mini USB air conditioner "Arctic Air" with Aliexpress

Supplier guarantees

Our specialists meet the wishes of customers and listen to comments on the quality of service and the performance of the product (compliance with its declared characteristics). We are ready for a refund of the amount spent in the following situations:

  • the goods were not delivered to the place specified in the application within 70 days after payment;
  • the quality of his work does not match the description;
  • the received device shows signs of damage.

It is necessary to apply for a refund immediately after detecting problems or the expiration of the delivery period. You can get your money back in 2-3 weeks after the application is made.


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