A selection of goods necessary for making coffee from the Aliexpress website

Подборка товаров для приготовления кофе с Алиэкспресс

Today in our article we will talk about the coffee drink so beloved by many, and select household appliances on the Aliexpress website that will help you prepare this unique drink. The morning starts with coffee. More precisely, a good good morning begins with a cup of aromatic coffee. I think many will agree with me on this. Most of us cannot even imagine our life without this delicious drink. And how many enthusiastic and laudatory aphorisms are dedicated to such an alluring and inspiring drink. I’d like to quote one of them:

“We want to do so much. We’re not in our best shape. We didn’t get enough sleep at night. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all of these problems with one delicious little cup.”

Jerry Seinfeld.

Of course, freshly brewed, invigorating, aromatic coffee can give you a good mood and energize you for the whole day. And what pleasure we get when we taste such a magical unique drink.

So where does a cup of invigorating coffee begin? With aromatic coffee beans, and a large selection of varieties, it will allow you to choose yours, which will give you that very good morning. So, the choice is made, now it’s up to the coffee grinder. I think this model will be just right.

1. Electric coffee grinder 400 W

электрическая кофемолка

Classic design, compact, handy and easy to use. Robust blades and a powerful motor will quickly grind coffee beans to the grind you need. The transparent lid allows you to control the grinding process.


Power 400W
Voltage 220V
Plug type EU plug
Size 110x110x215 mm

Made of plastic and stainless steel, available in black, includes a cleaning brush.

Which way do you prefer to brew coffee? In a Turk? Or in a coffee machine? Let’s take a look at both ways. The oldest way of brewing coffee is undoubtedly making it in a Turk. And in ancient times, coffee was prepared on coals. Nowadays, coals are successfully replacing gas and electric stoves. A Turk is quite suitable, for example, this one.

2. Portable Turkish coffee maker CAKEHOUD

Портативная турецкая кофеварка CAKEHOUD с длинной ручкой Moka

Made of stainless steel, has a long comfortable handle. Presented on the site in several sizes. You can choose any capacity that suits you, from 250ml to 1050ml.

For some, making coffee in a Turk is undoubtedly the only and correct one. After all, you can brew a huge number of types of delicious drink. Indeed, the coffee turns out to be excellent, aromatic, thick and rich. But this process is laborious, requiring a certain skill and of course time, which we often do not have enough.

So, let’s turn our attention to the less troublesome process of making coffee in a coffee maker, and take this quite decent model as our assistant.

3. Electric coffee machine Sonifer SF3528

Электрическая кофемашина Sonifer SF3528 1.6л эспрессо

Espresso or cappuccino? Which one do you prefer? This coffee maker will satisfy all your tastes. The machine operates with a power of 850W, equipped with a removable, transparent, spacious 1600ml tank for preparing several cups of a delicious drink.

The coffee machine will easily brew a classic espresso for you, and of course, the favorite cappuccino. For the preparation of the drink, you can use both ground coffee and coffee capsules.

The coffee machine can be purchased complete with a coffee grinder. Light classic design, silver color, easy to use, in general, this coffee maker is quite worthy to take pride of place in your kitchen. Delicious and aromatic coffee for you!

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