A selection of DEKO rechargeable lithium batteries with Aliexpress

Подборка аккумуляторных батарей для инструментов DEKO с Алиэкспресс

1. Rechargeable lithium battery DEKO battery01 12V

Аккумуляторная литиевая батарея DEKO battery01 12V

A cordless impact wrench or screwdriver may need a lithium battery either because it’s time to replace it with a new one, or because one battery can no longer cope with a large volume of work during a long working day! The rechargeable lithium battery DEKO battery01, giving out a voltage of 12 volts, is suitable not only for DEKO tools, but also for cordless tools of other companies. For example, this battery is also suitable for the INTERSKOL DA-12 drill-driver! Therefore, such a battery can be bought by owners of various tools powered by such a universal battery designed for 12 volts!

2. Rechargeable lithium battery DEKO battery02 10.8 V

Аккумуляторная литиевая батарея DEKO battery02 10,8 V

The various DEKO cordless drills are powered by a 10.8 volt lithium battery. This lithium battery is just right for such tools! Before buying, you need to make sure that your screwdriver works from 10.8 volts, and not from 12 or 20 volts! The fact is that this lithium battery, marked battery02, is only suitable for DECO instruments operating at this voltage. The battery is equipped with charge indicators, and the red LED glows during the charging process, and after it is completed, the green LED lights up instead!

3. DEKO Li-ion Battery20V 20V MAX 2000 / 4000mAh for GBD20DU2 / GBD20DU3 / GBW20DU2

Литий-ионный аккумулятор DEKO Battery20V 20V MAX 2000/4000mAh для GBD20DU2/GBD20DU3/GBW20DU2

If your DEKO cordless drill is powered by a 20 volt lithium battery, then this battery will definitely come in handy! A lithium battery with a voltage of 20 volts is suitable for several DEKO tools at once. For example, this is a universal battery for tools such as DEKO GBW20DU2 impact wrench, DEKO GBD20DU3 impact drill, and DEKO GBD20DU2 screwdriver-drill. Before buying, you can choose one of the models that differ in capacity – 2000 mA / h or 4000 mA / h! Naturally, for a wrench, it is best to take a battery with a large charge!

4. DEKO Li-ion Battery20V1500mAh for GCD20DU2

Литий-ионный аккумулятор DEKO Battery20V1500mAh для GCD20DU2

This DEKO lithium battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh and a 20 volt voltage is suitable for the DEKO cordless drill model GCD20DU2! Before buying, you are given the opportunity to choose between batteries that differ in color. Despite the fact that both types of batteries are made in black casing, the first battery has blue cells and the second one has yellow cells! The color scheme may become a condition of choice for those who want a battery to match the color of the instrument, although this does not affect the functionality at all, because both batteries are of the same capacity and voltage!

5. Li-ion battery DEKO 18V battery01

Литий-ионный аккумулятор DEKO 18V battery01

For DECO instruments powered by 18 volt batteries, this lithium-ion battery will do! The black and yellow color scheme of the battery faithfully matches the colors of most DEKO tools, so this battery will not spoil the appearance of your tool. The battery is equipped with a socket for the charger plug and LED indicators for the charge level! By purchasing this lithium battery as a main or additional battery, you get the opportunity to use the tool for a longer time without recharging!

6. Li-ion battery DEKO 18V battery04

Литий-ионный аккумулятор DEKO 18V battery04

This lithium-ion battery is a universal battery for DECO tools powered by this type of 18 volt battery. However, its main difference immediately catches the eye, because it is made in a non-standard for DEKO white-blue color scheme! You can buy and use such a battery not only with white drills, as it might seem! In this case, color can be called a delight for those who think outside the box and love extraordinary things! Naturally, the charging socket and LED charge indicators are present in the right place!

7. Adapter charger DEKO CHR18VD 10,8V / 12V

Адаптер зарядное устройство DEKO CHR18VD 10,8V/12V

If the charger of the DEKO cordless drill has become unusable, the manufacturer does not recommend using other adapters instead, which may not be suitable for voltage or current! In this case, it is worth purchasing an original DEKO CHR18VD charger, the use of which will guarantee the durability of lithium batteries used with tools. Before buying, you should choose the model that suits the voltage, since there is a choice between 10.8 volt and 12 volt adapters!

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