Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress

Мини ПК Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS

Mini computer Beeshi Z8350

The manufacturer Beeshi decided to surprise its fans by presenting a unique and revolutionary novelty – a Mini PC that runs on OS Windows 10. This is an excellent solution for everyone who does not want to lag behind modern innovations in the world of gadgets. It is designed to connect to TVs, monitors to the HDMI port. The device is powered by an Intel Atom X5 Z8350 quad-core processor. The model successfully combines unobtrusive, austere design, as well as impeccable performance and versatility.

Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress

Users get the opportunity to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the system, to synchronize information that is displayed on a similar device. In other words, the gadget is able to make your life much more interesting, brighter and more diverse.

Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress

It appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to get recognized fans around the world due to its high quality, a large set of necessary functions. This is really a godsend for everyone who wants to always be in touch.


Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress

The device is made of heavy-duty, reliable and high-quality plastic. The coating of the product resembles a soft-touch. This means that scratches may remain. There is a hole on the top of the box as well as an LED indicator. There is a red button on the side that allows you to turn on the smart device. There are two USB ports as well as MicroUSB for power.

Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress

As for the other side, there are additional connectors and a memory slot on it. There is also a mark here. It contains the serial number. At the top is the HDMI connector. Without a slot, it will be impossible to connect the device to a monitor or TV. But as for the bottom edge, it is absolutely empty. But it displays certificates. Boxing thickness – 13 mm.


The device is disassembled quickly, there are no bolts at all. To completely disassemble the structure, you just need to pry it with something. The board is fixed with 2 screws.

A unique device for your unforgettable leisure

Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress

This is an excellent solution to create a workplace or an unforgettable leisure time. Performs a variety of functions. This includes office applications, Internet use, online video, cinemas, media content, online TV, games, working with charts, listening to music, creating presentations. But this is not all that an amazing device is capable of. An important advantage is its small size. But considering this, the product is quite capable of replacing a conventional computer.

Features of the gadget:

Mini computer Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS with Aliexpress
  • Powerful processor
  • Modern video accelerator that supports Full HD images, modern applications, games
  • Compact size, quiet operation and very little power consumption
  • RAM 2 GB
  • You can work with graphics, use other demanding applications, video conversion
  • You can use wireless internet
  • A set of ports is provided to connect external devices
  • Great option for work at home, in the office, with audio and video, for entertainment
  • With it, you can go to social networks, arrange video conferences
  • Allows you to watch TV, stream video, do shopping
  • Made from high quality materials

Compared with laptops, this device has the same set of functions, so you can use the product in the cinema, during office work, or at a business meeting.

Мини ПК Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS
Мини ПК Beeshi Z8350 Windows 10 OS

Do you want to keep abreast of the latest news, communicate with friends even on the subway and arrange video conferences in nature, watch TV in the country? In this case, this portable computer with a lot of possibilities will be the best option for you.


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