Electronic Sunglasses “La Vie” from Aliexpress


Electronic Sunglasses “La Vie”

Sun rays falling within a certain range are invisible to the human eye. These include ultraviolet radiation. The sun’s rays are perfectly reflected on mirror surfaces, so the likelihood of harm to the organs of vision increases. This is due to the fact that in such conditions, the eyes work to the limit, due to which fatigue appears, darkening of the lens may appear. This provokes blindness. That is why special glasses with polarized lenses should be purchased to preserve your eyes in sunny weather. Such an accessory was developed by the popular company La Vie. The model is distinguished by the presence of an adjustable degree of shading. This feature will certainly interest many.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

Laconic glasses made in a minimalistic design will appeal to many. A design feature is considered to be that it will look perfect on the owner. Thanks to the dimming function, this stylish accessory can be transformed into a regular product, making it an attractive accessory.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

These glasses are considered a unique, catchy and stylish accessory of the new generation. The classic unisex design will give men elegance and originality, and women – attractiveness and sophistication. Polarized glasses are ideal for any activity: for fishermen, drivers, as well as for a pleasant holiday on the white beach. Worn outdoors, indoors.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

Lenses are made of glass. They feature a polarized coating that protects against dangerous sun glare. The innovative accessory is UV400 marked. In other words, it can filter up to 99.5% of the sun’s rays. This feature makes it possible to prevent the appearance of eye ailments. You can adjust the transparency of the lenses down to dark if necessary.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

Polarized glasses can be dimmed by just pressing the “+” button. By clicking on it, you can change the intensity of the darkening. But the “-” button works the other way around. This is how the lenses begin to brighten. By clicking on these buttons, you get the opportunity to purchase the perfect color for yourself.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

The accessory is powered by a lithium battery. Its charge is enough for 1000 hours of operation. The product is distinguished by the presence of an important energy saving function – it also increases the operational life of the device, the battery. The design is characterized by high-quality plastic, anti-slip soft-touch coating. Such a coating is considered resistant to any kind of deformation.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

If you are looking for budget sunglasses, then this accessory is exactly what you need now.


Type: sun accessory.
Material: glass, plastic.
Lenses: gradient, polarization.
Color palette: gray glass, black body.
Functions: darkening – 4 levels, brightening – 7 levels. Weight – 200 gr.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress
Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

Glasses can be worn by both men and women of any status, age, social status. The original unisex model is suitable for everyone who wants to stand out from the gray mass.

Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress


  • Hard case for safe storage of glasses
  • Electronic glasses
  • Soft case
  • Polarization check card
  • Glass wipe cloth
  • Wet napkin
  • Battery
  • Instructions for the correct use of the product
  • Package
Electronic Sunglasses "La Vie" from Aliexpress

Take a closer look at a unique and multifunctional novelty that will save your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Allow yourself more than an ordinary, functional accessory.


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