Electric soldering iron DEKO 40W 220V with Aliexpress


In the garage, workshop, or just in the house, it is imperative to have a simple and reliable soldering iron for tin-lead soldering. The fact is that in everyday life there are often cases when you need to solder wires, terminals, leads or connectors. And if the repairman of electrical equipment does this every day, then an ordinary person, far from repairing electronics, still has to solder, although much less often!

Electric soldering iron DEKO 40W 220V with Aliexpress

Which soldering iron to choose for your home?

An electric soldering iron for home use must meet at least three conditions:

  • First, it should be a lightweight and convenient tool, the use of which would not cause difficulties;
  • Secondly, it is electrical safety for the user and the reliability of the device itself;
  • Thirdly, in terms of its technical parameters, it must be adapted to the indicators of your electrical network, and also correspond to the declared properties.

In addition, the soldering iron should warm up quickly, solder well and not create inconvenience to the person using this tool. All these requirements are fully met by the LT04 40 W electric soldering iron from DEKO.

Electric soldering iron DEKO 40W 220V with Aliexpress

Features of DEKO Electric Soldering Iron:

  • This is a classic electric soldering iron for working with lead-tin solder;
  • operating voltage 220 volts, current frequency 50-60 Hz;
  • the power of the soldering iron is 40 W, which is enough to perform any kind of soldering work with electrical wires, leads of electronic components and contacts of electrical appliances;
  • high-grade alloy soldering head for unrivaled durability;
  • quick-release head clamps allow you to quickly change them to perform various tasks;
  • the temperature of the tip is in the range of 280-320 ° C after warming up to a working condition;
  • external ventilation holes prevent the DEKO soldering iron from overheating, preventing burnout and ensuring long-term operation;
  • comfortable and very ergonomic handle of the soldering iron is made in the usual for DEKO yellow-black style;
  • on the one hand, the material of the handle is very comfortable, pleasant to the touch and anti-slip, and on the other hand it perfectly provides thermal protection for the hand of the master using the soldering iron;
  • the electric cable to the soldering iron LT04 DEKO 40 W is connected through a rotating ring, which prevents short circuits and breaks of the cable due to twisting;
  • the weight of the electric soldering iron is only 87 grams;
  • In addition to the listed characteristics of an electric soldering iron, it is necessary to focus on the fact that all DEKO tools are distinguished by convenience and functionality, reliability and safety in work, durability and excellent design! The LT04 40 W electric soldering iron, powered by 220 volt alternating current, is no exception.
Electric soldering iron DEKO 40W 220V with Aliexpress

Where can you use the DEKO electric soldering iron?

  • in a car service or a regular garage to work with the electrical wiring of cars;
  • in a workshop for the repair of radio electronics and household appliances;
  • in the school workshop or in the circle classes of students;
  • in home workshops with different directions;
  • at home in the repair and maintenance of household appliances.
  • These are just a few examples of where you can use the DECO electric soldering iron, although there are many more such options in life!
Electric soldering iron DEKO 40W 220V with Aliexpress

If you need a really reliable, lightweight and convenient electric soldering iron that will delight you with flawless trouble-free operation for many years, then you should pay attention to the DEKO 40 W soldering iron, which has established itself as one of the most reliable electric soldering irons!


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