Chopper Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R with Aliexpress

Измельчитель Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R с Алиэкспресс

Chopper Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R

In the process of cooking in the kitchen, individual foods (cheeses, fruits, vegetables and nuts, in particular) have to be crushed to a state in which they can be used as ingredients. According to a long-established tradition, this is done by hand using a sharpened table knife or manual meat grinder. This lesson is very tedious and requires certain skills in handling the chosen instrument. It is much easier and more profitable to use a special electrical unit that frees the housewife from the dangerous and tedious labor of cutting food.

Измельчитель Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R с Алиэкспресс

Modern devices have been developed specifically for these purposes, which are commonly called product grinders. One of these products under the brand name “Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R” is sold on “Aliexpress” and is not inferior in quality to the best samples of this class of equipment. To purchase it, it is enough to place an order directly on the selling service, pay for it in any convenient way, and then wait for the parcel to arrive at the address specified in the application.

Измельчитель Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R с Алиэкспресс

Shredder functionality and benefits

In addition to crushing products of different hardness, the following working operations are permissible when using this device:

  • breaking ice into smaller pieces;
  • grinding meat and fish semi-finished products;
  • preparation of medicinal mixtures based on herbs and medicinal compositions.

Please note: The combination of 3 functions in one device at once allows it to be classified as a universal equipment.

Измельчитель Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R с Алиэкспресс

And the use of a special hardened stele in the construction of the case eliminates the risks of its splitting even under significant loads.

Измельчитель Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R с Алиэкспресс

The advantages of the proposed product include the presence of a special paddle in its kit, with the help of which it is very easy to extract ready-made mixtures from the working container. In addition, it comes with a transparent cover, which is very easy to handle.


All the above advantages of shredders sold on the Aliexpress service are achieved due to their high functionality and the following performance characteristics:

  • The power source is an electrical network with a voltage of 220 Volts (50 Hertz).
  • The maximum power consumed from the mains is 500 watts.
  • The number of operating modes of the device is 2.
  • The total volume of the working bowl (container) is 1000 ml.
  • The material from which the body of the device is made is high-quality durable plastic.
  • The overall dimensions of the proposed product are 18.6×16.0x23.7 cm.
  • Product chopper weight – 1.66 kg.
  • The length of the power supply cord is 1.2 meters.
Измельчитель Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R с Алиэкспресс

The characteristics of the product called “Zigmund & Shtain CH-14 R” also include its color (for most models it is white). In addition, the list of operating parameters of this product should include the type of motor characterized by a low noise level and the presence of protection of the working drive against overloads.


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