Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

Горный электровелосипед Jueshuai MTB Ebike с Алиэкспресс

Jueshuai MTB Ebike Electric Mountain Bike

In search of an electric bike, which is becoming more and more popular every day, the layman may stumble upon a choice problem associated with a large variety of offers on the market. And this is a real situation, since the supply in this dynamically developing area of the market is becoming more and more every day.

What parameters should a mountain bike have?

Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress
  • Firstly, it is equipping a battery and an electric motor with a good power tandem;
  • Secondly, you need a good supply of mileage without recharging to be able to use the bike throughout the day;
  • Thirdly, it is the possibility of using the vehicle in three modes – as a simple bicycle with pedals, as an electric bike with the ability to assist with pedals, as well as the option of driving completely on an electric motor.
Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

These are just the basic requirements that the Jueshuai MTB Ebike electric mountain bike meets, while when choosing this model, buyers are guided by a dozen other factors that are also of great importance when buying an electric bike!

Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

These are factors such as light weight, convenience and ergonomics of construction, cost, ease of maintenance, and design.

Jueshuai MTB Ebike Features:

Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress
  • This is an electric mountain bike that is powered by a 500 W brushless electric motor powered by 48 volts;
  • equipped with a battery with a capacity of 12 A / h and a nominal voltage of 12 volts;
  • wheel size 26 inches, which is very convenient when driving long distances;
  • the body is made of durable but lightweight aluminum alloy;
  • the electric motor, battery and wiring are waterproof, which allows you to use the bike in any weather conditions;
  • three modes will allow you to use the bike in different riding conditions – only on an electric motor, on an electric motor and pedal assist, as well as in a simple bike mode on the pedal muscle strength of the cyclist;
  • the braking system is represented by front and rear disc brakes, which provide maximum braking efficiency;
  • the speed developed on electric traction is 35-40 km / h;
  • mileage on electric traction is 25-30 kilometers, and with additional use of pedals it can reach 50 kilometers.
Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

The Jueshuai MTB Ebike is marketed as an adult bike, and the owner’s manual indicates ages 15 and older. This is primarily due to the dimensions of the bike, such as 155 centimeters in length and 80 centimeters in height. Although not a lot for an adult, the bike may be a little too big for children under 15.

Gear shifting is performed by the Japanese Shimano mechanism, which has 7 shifting positions. A large LCD-display is installed on the steering wheel, which displays all the information a cyclist needs while driving – speed, mileage, battery level, time, riding mode and so on!

Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

Lightweight and very easy to operate, the Jueshuai MTB Ebike is distinguished by its unpretentious operation and long service life. This is noted by almost all happy owners of Jueshuai MTB Ebike, who point to unsurpassed build quality, convenience and durability as the main positives of this electric bike.

Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

Classic design and a powerful electric motor with a battery have literally turned the idea of a sports environmentally friendly vehicle for many people!

Once you decide and buy a Jueshuai MTB Ebike, it becomes clear that you are in love with this model!

Jueshuai MTB Ebike mountain bike with Aliexpress

Jueshuai MTB Ebike is really a very comfortable and unpretentious electric bike for every day!


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