5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You

5 Полезных товаров с Aliexpress, которые вам пригодятся

1. Levitating flower pot

Левитирующий цветочный горшок

The designers have come up with a unique novelty – a levitating container for a flower. The structure includes a pot and a base, the components are made of resin and plastic. The plant floats in the air due to the magnetic field, rotating 360 degrees. The pot will fit perfectly into the decor of a modern apartment. The original interior detail combines urban style and the breath of nature. The levitating pot will be a great gift for colleagues, friends, family and friends.

2. Popsicle ice cream maker

5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You

Cooking a healthy, tasty and simple dessert at home will not be particularly difficult. The ice cream maker will allow you to enjoy low-calorie desserts at any time of the year. It is enough to use fruits, berries and nuts that are at hand. Popsicles are the perfect alternative for weight-watchers and athletes. Kids will love the sweet and healthy fast food. This fruit treat ice cream maker is suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

3. Mycelium night light

Ночник грибница

The mycelium night light will help to save the child from night fears and nightmares. Unusual design and mysterious soft light will take your baby to the beautiful land of dreams. The LEDs that equip the device will ensure a long service life. The product imitates a pot with mushrooms, flowers and leaves. On the bottom of the night light, there is a smart sensor that activates the light automatically when there is no light. The light bulb changes color at regular intervals. The night light shimmers with green, purple, red and blue hues.

4. Cooling for laptop

Охлаждение для ноутбука

Owners of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets face the problem of overheating of the device. A multifunctional cooling system will guard the safety of any device. The design is in the form of a flat panel equipped with two powerful fans. There is a smartphone holder on the front of the case. The device is small-sized, easily fits in a trouser pocket. On the back of the device there are legs that change the angle of inclination. Powerful fans will effectively cool, prevent overheating and fire gadgets.

5. Portable foldable keyboard

Охлаждение для ноутбука

Portable keyboard users will appreciate the foldable keyboard. It is easy to use and allows you to easily type text on the gadget. Light weight and compact dimensions are an important advantage for mobile and busy people. The device does not take up much space in your jacket or bag pocket. A touch pad is located on the side of the case, making the keyboard a complete device. To connect to the gadget, no additional wires are needed, the interaction is via Bluetooth. It is enough to unfold the keyboard and search for the device via a tablet or smartphone. Enjoy comfortable work or leisure without the hassle.

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