5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You 5-Part

Проекционные часы

What products are worth buying on Aliexpress? An overview of the most worthy and quality products is presented below.

  1. Cordless vacuum cleaner
5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You 5-Part

The vacuum cleaner is made of a main part, a pipe and a nozzle. The length can be adjusted. The main brush has a soft roller system, has a built-in motor – it is responsible for the rotation of the head during cleaning. The model has trigger switches. To make the device work, you just need to press the button, which is located on the handle. To switch to turbo mode, you must use a separate button. The Chinese manufacturer has developed the device in such a way that it can be easily cleaned, rinsed with water. A small brush that is included in the package allows you to get rid of dirt, pet hair. Additional attachments are required for cleaning cracks, hard-to-reach places.

2. Projection clock

5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You 5-Part

Modern ultra-clear projection clock. Can be wall or ceiling mounted. The manufacturer has provided an adjustable projection brightness – bright, medium and dim, which will allow you to choose the option that suits you best. The projection clock features an attractive curved design that will blend in with any décor. Even if you mount the device on the ceiling, you can still see the time through the high-definition picture. It is possible to select the sound signal that will stand on your alarm clock. The volume is adjustable in 3 levels. The smart snooze function allows you to enjoy your sleep for another 9 minutes, after which the alarm will go off again. The USB port makes it possible to charge your smartphone.

3. Mask for sleep

5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You 5-Part

The mask used for sleeping is made by a popular brand that has proven itself on the positive side. A feature of the product is that it is made of a hypoallergenic, soft material that remembers the contours of the face, which is very convenient for later use. Does not provoke irritation even on the most sensitive skin, a very comfortable thing during use. You can close and open your eyes if necessary. In this case, the eyelashes will not touch the mask. An excellent solution for those who cannot fall asleep right away or who travel frequently. The included elastic strap is adjustable without any pressure on the eyes.

4. Multifunctional grater

5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You 5-Part

Chopping vegetables is a tedious and unsafe process. It is better to entrust the solution to the problem with a grater from the popular LVE Mi Store brand. The tool is made of high-quality, reliable materials, which significantly extend the operational life of the product. The tool can be used to cut eggs. The comfortable handle is very easy to use. The appliance comes with 6 additional blades that simplify the cooking process. The design feature is that it can cut food of any thickness. The optimal solution for healthy food preparation. Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beets and zucchini – the device can grate any vegetable or fruit. Nice and unobtrusive design will decorate your kitchen.

5. Electric mop BOBOT 8800

5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You 5-Part

The electric mop combines several functions: cleaning, disinfection and home treatment. The clever design guarantees flawless cleaning without negatively affecting the quality of the coating. An excellent solution for all surfaces: tiles, wood, marble. So you can clean up the house efficiently and quickly, without spending a lot of effort on it. Microfiber pads capture and absorb dirt. Polish the floor and additionally disinfect it with a unique and innovative device. The product is equipped with a special tube that allows you to feel the maximum comfort.

See all products in action in this video selection.

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