20 popular products for the game CS GO with Aliexpress

20 популярных товаров по игре CS GO (КС ГО) с Алиэкспресс

Top 20 Counter-Strike Products

The computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) was launched in 1999 and since then has been one of the most popular shooters in the world. Every year the number of fans of this exciting game is only growing. But it is no longer enough for streamers to buy game skins and boosts to upgrade their account. Real gambling addicts also prefer to have real objects from their favorite game. Game weapons, cases, merchandise with the symbols of the cult game and other attributes can be purchased at affordable prices on AliExpress. If you are not even a CS GO fan, you can buy iconic items as a gift for a friend who is fond of esports. A review of the best attributes of the game with Aliexpress will help you choose products.

1. Butterfly wooden knife

Деревянный нож бабочка Волны сапфир

Wooden knife butterfly wave sapphire is made of 3 mm plywood 28 cm long, safe to use. The edges of the blade are slightly sharpened and smoothed, but the base itself is dull. It is impossible to injure yourself with such a souvenir, it is safe for children and adolescents. The folding knife will be a real godsend for Counter-Strike fans. The folding butterfly mechanism closes and opens easily. When folded, the balisong knife can be safely carried even in a trouser pocket. The comfortable wooden handle is well sanded. The center of gravity is shifted like a real knife, so you can perform various tricks absolutely safely. It can be twisted in the hand, opened and closed with just one movement. The buyer can choose the coloring of the knife from the nine offered.

2. Wooden knife karambit

Деревянный нож керамбит Волны сапфир

The wooden knife karambit waves sapphire due to its unusual curved shape, reminiscent of the fang of a predator, is also called the claw. This is one of the favorite attributes of gamers. The knife is 21 cm long and is made of painted 4 mm plywood, the handle is made of polished wood, curved with grooves for fingers. On the edge of the handle there is a ring to twist the weapon on your finger, as the heroes of the famous shooter do. All tricks are absolutely safe – the edges of the blade are smoothed and dull, the base is sanded. The seller offers 9 options for karambit color like in a popular video game.

3. Glock Wooden Pistol

Деревянный пистолет Glock Градиент

Wooden pistol Glock Gradient – rubber shooter will be an excellent gift for both a boy who is fond of Counter-Strike and an adult gamer. The toy is a high quality wooden replica of a Glock pistol. The toy weapon serves not only as a souvenir, but also shoots at targets with ordinary rubber bands. For this, devices are provided in the upper part of the body to secure, and a trigger to release the rubber band, which flies several meters at speed. The seller puts the set of rubber bands in the package along with the weapon. The pistol is made of plywood, dimensions: 17.5x11x2.5 cm. The buyer can choose the painting of the pistol body from four options offered by the seller.

4. Set of stickers

Набор водонепроницаемых наклеек CS GO

A set of waterproof stickers made of PVC, 3-8 cm in size, consists of 10, 30 or 50 stickers, depending on the choice of the package by the buyer. Reusable vinyl stickers do not need to be cut, they are completely ready to use, adhere well and firmly to various surfaces, do not deform from contact with water, do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. The picture is easy to remove and re-glue to another place, no traces of glue remain on the surface. Vibrant holographic stickers depict heroes, inscriptions, symbols and popular attributes of the Counter-Strike video game. Stickers are not repeated, all pictures in the set are different.

5. Silicone Bracelets

Силиконовые браслеты

Silicone bracelets in red, yellow or white are the merchandise of the popular computer game CS GO. The circumference of the bracelet is 20 cm, the width and thickness of the silicone is 12×2 mm. The Counter-Strike logo printed with a special rubberized paint does not wear off over time, does not fade or dissolve in water. Hypoallergenic environmentally friendly silicone is elastic enough, does not stretch too much, is durable enough and does not deform during operation. The bracelet is suitable for children, teenagers and adults with a medium-sized wrist girth. Wearing a bracelet will set you apart from the crowd among those in the know.

6. Keyrings

Брелоки в виде оружия

The CS GO weapon keychains are made of painted stainless steel with a sturdy, secure key holder system. The buyer can choose the type of weapon from 13 options offered by the seller. All keychains are made with excellent detailing in an exact replica of game types of weapons. Accessories are suitable for all types of keys, you can wear them as decoration on backpacks, bags, clothes, hang in the car. The applied paint does not fade and does not wear off during operation. Such a keychain will be a great souvenir for an e-sportsman participating in Counter-Strike streams.

7. Keys for the keyboard

Клавиши для клавиатуры в стиле CS GO

CS GO style keyboard keys are especially appreciated by video game fans. The set includes 5 keycaps for the keys, which are made of durable plastic with Counter-Strike symbols applied. The caps depict: a special forces soldier, a machine gun, a pistol, a knife and a grenade. The image on the keycaps is applied using laser engraving on high-precision CNC machines. If the keyboard is backlit, the printed pattern will glow. Suitable accessories for mechanical keyboard only. Please make sure the cross-type mounting system will fit your keyboard before purchasing.

8. Collection of coins

Коллекция монет CS GO

The CS GO collectible coin with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 3 mm is made of gold-plated metal with a protective coating and a double-sided pattern with symbols from the game Counter-Strike, which is applied using the minting method. Each souvenir coin is packed in a transparent plastic capsule. The souvenir completely copies the game coins, which are one of the main elements of the game. Achievement is perfect as a presentation to a fan of the famous shooter and as a humorous reward for any achievements. Coins do not tarnish, metal does not oxidize. Even after a long time, they remain as shiny as when purchased.

9. Suspension

Стильная подвеска

Stylish military badge in silver color with the logo of the game Counter-Strike is made of stainless steel, which does not lose its appearance during wear. Chain length: 50 cm, pendant size: 4×2.3 cm. The chain links consist of miniature interconnected metal balls, the clasp opens tightly, which prevents accidental opening. The seller packs the product in a perforated plastic sealed bag. A universal pendant with symbols from the famous video game will be an excellent gift for a man, child, teenager who is fond of esports. It should be noted that the chain will be short for a wide neck.

10. T-shirt

Футболка с принтом  CS GO

Printed jersey T-shirts are available in a variety of colors and sizes. T-shirts are made of high quality natural cotton that does not irritate the skin. The logo of the world famous game Counter-Strike is printed on the T-shirt. The drawing does not deform after washing, does not fade in the sun. A double reinforcing strip is sewn on the shoulders. The classic design of the T-shirt with a round collar and short sleeves, a variety of colors will suit both men and women. Sizes start from XS, so you can choose a T-shirt for teenagers too.

11. Men’s Hoodie

Мужская худи с принтом CS GO

Two-color men’s sweatshirt with a hood and a CS GO print printed on the chest is made of dense brushed jersey. The seller offers to choose a hoodie from several color combinations. The logo is made by printing and is not exposed to water, chemicals, high temperatures. The sweatshirt is suitable for cosplay among fans of the Counter-Strike shooter, as well as for casual wear in a sports style that young people love so much. When choosing a size, it should be borne in mind that clothes are slightly small in size. The minimum size S is suitable for teenagers.

12. Thermo mug


Thermo-non-spill mug with a CS GO print on the body with a capacity of 350 ml is perfect for a gift to a gamer. Thanks to the double walls in the mug, the temperature is well maintained from 4 to 7 hours – hot drinks do not cool down, and cold drinks do not heat up for a long time. And the player does not have to leave the computer to warm up cooled tea or add cold soda from the fridge. The inner part of the thermo mug is made of high quality food grade plastic. On the outside of the case there is a transparent plastic with a printing insert, which depicts the Counter-Strike game logo. The tight lid with a special closing hole prevents the drink from spilling.

13. Wooden assault rifle AK 47

Деревянный автомат АК 47 стреляющий резинками

Wooden assault rifle AK 47 Volcano CS GO shoots rubber bands. The weapon can be loaded with the help of special devices on the body with several rubber bands at once and shoot in a burst, like from a real machine gun. The 70×20 cm weapon is a realistic copy of the most famous AK 47 assault rifle from the Counter-Strike video game, which fans of the popular shooter will appreciate. The weapon is made of plywood, absolutely safe for children, offered by the seller with different pictures from the online game at the buyer’s choice. The set also includes a set of rubber bands for target shooting.

14. Rank badges

Значки званий CS GO

The Counter-Strike Rank Badge is a metal brooch that is tightly attached to clothing, similar to insignia. The badge is made of zinc alloy, which does not rust and is dense enough to withstand a long service life. The upper embossed pattern with prints from the popular CS GO shooter is made using hot enamel technique. Thanks to the enameling method, the image is imprinted into the base of the metal, the colors remain bright and the badge shines when exposed to light. CS GO rank badges are an expensive reward for an esports streamer.

15. Mug


A chameleon mug with a print on the body from the CS GO game changes color when pouring hot drinks. Initially, the mug is black. When the temperature rises, it begins to brighten, and a drawing from the Counter-Strike video game with CS GO symbols appears, which will be a pleasant surprise for a fan of the famous shooter. The mug is made of high quality ceramic that does not crack from temperature extremes. The volume of the mug is 330 ml, the diameter is 80 mm. The design is applied to the body by sublimation. The chameleon mug is not dishwasher safe and cannot be cleaned with abrasive products. Otherwise, the image will be erased.

16. Backpack

Рюкзак 3D CS GO

Backpack with CS GO logo in colorful colors, 40 cm long, made of durable polyester. A bright print from the game Counter-Strike was sublimated onto fabrics evenly over the entire surface of the backpack, which creates the effect of a 3D picture. The backpack is quite roomy, suitable for hiking, hiking, study. A patch pocket with a zipper is sewn into the front part. There are also open side pockets. Wide straps are adjustable for height, which reduces stress on the back. It is necessary to wash the product at a temperature not higher than 400. The backpack is perfect for fashionable teenagers and young people who are fond of e-sports.

17. Painting

Картина на холсте

The canvas painting depicting the game moments from CS GO is not just a poster. This is a wall decoration for home, cafe, office, made in the form of a real picture. Digital photo prints are printed on waterproof thin cotton canvas that will set the style of any room. Please note that only picture canvas is sold. The frame is not included in the set. The seller offers to choose the plot of the picture among the brightest Counter-Strike game scenes out of 23 options. Also, the buyer can choose the size of the poster from miniature pictures 20×30 cm to large canvases on half a wall 100×150 cm.

18. Balaclava


The 3D printed balaclava from CS GO is made of dense 100% polyester with special properties to keep warm and not let the cold through. The helmet-mask reliably protects against the wind and the penetration of viruses, which is now especially important. The modern print with the symbols of the popular video game Counter-Strike will appeal not only to fans of the popular shooter. The drawing is applied in a way that produces a 3D effect. Every teenager and young man will look stylish and in a balaclava with a trendy print. The seller offers a one size hat in two versions – with white and black edging around the eyes.

19. Wall sticker

Наклейка на стену

Vinyl wall sticker featuring the emblem of the popular video game CS GO will appeal to gamers. You can stick the sticker on the wall in the teenager’s room above the bed or on the desk to decorate the space. The buyer can choose the color of the inscription and the size of the sticker from several options offered by the seller. To stick the sticker, you do not need to degrease the surface, the material adheres tightly and does not peel off even after a long time. The stickers are absolutely safe. They do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, do not burn out, do not have an unpleasant chemical odor.

20. IPhone case

Чехол для iPhone

Silicone case with colorful print from the popular CS GO game will fit different iPhone models. A drawing from Counter-Strike and an iPhone model, for which a cover is needed, the buyer can choose from the options offered by the seller. The cases are made of ultra-thin soft silicone in black with bright recognizable prints from the famous game. The colorful pattern with a matte finish will not rub off or fade, even when it comes into contact with water. All technological holes for a microphone, speaker, charger, headphones are in place. It is pleasant to hold the phone in the case in the hands, the case does not slip, which prevents the gadget from falling.

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