12 great gift ideas up to $ 7 with Aliexpress

12 отличных идей для подарка до 500 рублей с Алиэкспресс

12 Great Gift Ideas Under $ 7 With Aliexpress

How to choose a good and correct gift? Each of us has asked this question more than once. It is especially difficult to make a choice if you are on a budget and can only afford to spend a certain small amount. Let’s try together to find a decent inexpensive gift on the Aliexpress website.

1. Electronic Lighter


This stylish lighter will be a great gift for both men and women. A small, but very necessary and useful thing. Introducing the classic style plasma lighter. The seller offers several models of electronic lighters, they differ in size, shape, color. Some variations have a stylish pattern and a touch-sensitive button on the body. The lighter is charged from the USB cable.

2. Portable ashtray

Портативная пепельница

Continuing the theme, a person who smokes can be presented as a presentation, a portable metal ashtray with stylish engraving. The ashtray is very comfortable, it closes tightly and keeps the smell well. Can be used as a keychain.

3. Mini slot machine

Мини игровой автомат

As a funny presentation, this mini-game machine, the so-called “one-armed bandit”, is quite suitable. The keychain is made of plastic, with good detail. Such a pocket anti-stress toy will undoubtedly be of interest to both adults and children.

4. Elephant figurine

Фигурка слоника

If someone, from your relatives or colleagues, is a lover and collector of elephants, then such a souvenir will certainly not leave them indifferent. A miniature, delicate workmanship made of copper, an attractive elephant will be a worthy gift and will certainly bring good luck to its owner.

5. Multifunctional handle

Многофункциональная ручка

The multifunctional pen is a worthy and practical gift. Indeed, in addition to its direct responsibility of writing, this pen can perform several more useful functions. It can be used as a stylus and ruler. Also, a level is built into the handle, and there is a double-sided screwdriver in the cap. The handle is made of metal and is available in two colors – black and silver.

6. USB stick made of wood

Флэшка из дерева

One of the most versatile gifts in our time, perhaps, is a USB flash drive. Indeed, it will always find application in our life. This original wooden USB stick will always be in place as a presentation. The flash drive comes with a stylish wood box. As a bonus, the seller offers to make an engraving according to your suggested sketch. Logo, picture or text – whatever you want.

7. Souvenir coin

Сувенирная монета

A vintage souvenir coin is an original and cute present. And if this coin is also happy and fulfills wishes, then undoubtedly it will be very pleasant to receive it as a gift. After all, each of us has a cherished desire, and the owner of this magic coin, it will certainly come true.

8. Glowing Keychain Constellation

Светящийся брелок Созвездие

An original keychain is quite suitable as a small but pleasant gift. For example, here is a very stylish and worthy keychain with a zodiac sign. The base is made of silver-colored metal, in the center there is a glass sphere with a zodiac sign inside. A clear and beautiful pattern that glows in the dark.

9. Money box


A money box is an inexpensive and necessary gift. Small money will now always be in its place, in a beautiful jar-piggy bank. The souvenir is made of metal, with an original drawing of an owl in various bright colors.

10. Mini USB vacuum cleaner 

Мини USB пылесос

A good and useful gift, without a doubt, can be called a mini USB keyboard vacuum brush. After all, we all face such a problem as a clogged keyboard. This is especially true for those who like to eat at the computer. And to clean it, it is oh, how difficult it is. And to eliminate this particular problem, the mini – vacuum cleaner serves. In general, a very useful thing.

11. USB heater

USB нагреватель

Sometimes those who spend a lot of time at a computer or laptop do not even have a free minute to drink hot tea or coffee, while it’s his turn, he has time to cool down. And I don’t feel like drinking cold. It is to such busy people that you can present a USB-heated stand as a gift. With this device, the prepared drink will always be hot and aromatic. The seller presents heaters with various funny, colorful designs. Choose according to your taste.

12. Car air freshener

Автомобильный ароматизатор

For a motorist, as a useful presentation, you can choose a fragrance for a car. Simple and unobtrusive design will fit in any car. There are several types of original designs to choose from that decorate the fragrance. Inside the freshener there is a special sponge on which you need to drip essential oil, and after that, your favorite aroma will delight you for a long time. The fragrance is attached to the fan grill with a magnetic fastener.

What ideas for inexpensive gifts can you suggest? Write in the comments.

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