14 Protective and medical masks, disposable and reusable, which you can buy on Aliexpress

12 Защитных медицинских масок, одноразовых и многоразовых, которые можно купить на Алиэкспресс

14 Protective and medical masks from Aliexpress

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, all over the world, protective equipment, namely medical masks and respirators, have become the most bought and demanded goods. Masks are personal protective equipment that protect the respiratory tract from various infections. But remember that medical masks are still actively used, so to speak, in “peacetime”. Indeed, in addition to infection, the mask also protects against dust and harmful, unpleasant odors. Doctors, beauty salon workers, painters, welders, and this is not the whole list of professions where the use of a protective mask is practically necessary. A huge variety of offered masks with all kinds of designs make it possible to choose a means of protection that suits you in terms of comfort and style. Let’s walk through the vastness of Aliexpress and see what this site offers us.

1. Medical disposable mask

Медицинская одноразовая маска

Made from non-woven fabric. Consists of three layers: two outer and one inner – filtering. Fastens with elastic bands. It is recommended to change it every two hours. The seller offers a choice of different colors.

2. Protective mask KN95

Защитная маска KN95

Disposable, four-layer white mask. Breathable, excellent protection against viruses and dust, with a filtration efficiency of at least 95%. Contains a KF9 filter. The adjustable nose clips and the mask design itself provide a more comfortable fit.

3. KN95 respirator mask with exhalation valve

Маска-респиратор с клапаном для выдоха

The disposable respirator consists of five layers and an exhalation valve, with the help of which exhaled air does not pass through the filter, but through this device. The valve also protects the inner surface of the mask from moisture accumulation. The filter efficiency of this mask is 95%. Fits snugly to the face.

4. Cotton face shield with PM2.5 carbon filter

Хлопковая защитная маска с угольным фильтром PM2.5

High protection reusable mask. The mask consists of five layers, the inner layer of the mask is made of cotton, the outer layer is made of elastic fabric with a water-repellent effect. And three layers between them: one – nanoscale from cotton fabric, and two – microfilters. The set also includes two additional charcoal filters, which are inserted into a pocket on the inside of the mask. One filter is enough for one week. The site contains a wide variety of colors. Choose according to your taste.

5. Reusable cotton safety mask with valve

Многоразовая хлопковая защитная маска с клапаном

This mask is almost identical in its characteristics to the previous one, with one significant difference. It has an exhalation valve. What is it for? In order for the air you exhale to pass through this valve, and not the filters. This prevents moisture from accumulating inside the mask. Additional charcoal filters are not included in the kit, they must be ordered separately from the same seller.

6. Printed face shield

Защитная маска с печатным принтом

Stylish, comfortable mask made from one-piece fabric. Has a universal size, has high breathability. Made of dense fabric with a chill effect. The seller has masks with a variety of colorful prints to choose from.

7. Children’s reusable protective mask

Детская многоразовая защитная маска

Of course, let’s not forget about our kids. They need even more protection than we do. This reusable mask is made of 100% cotton, eco-friendly, soft, comfortable and breathable. The mask consists of five layers, three of which are filters. Also, in some of the models presented there is an exhalation valve. The elastic bands for fixing the mask are adjustable, which provides a more comfortable fit for the child. On the inside of the mask there is a pocket for an additional filter that comes with the kit. If desired, the required number of filters can be ordered separately. The seller has masks on display in several cheerful colors, with prints and appliqués.

8. Child safety mask with valve

Детская защитная маска с клапаном

The mask is made of non-woven material and consists of 5 layers. Has comfortable fixing rubber bands. Equipped with an exhalation valve. It is possible to order additional filters separately. Available in several colors.

9. Sports mask GLORSUN

Маска для занятия спортом GLORSUN

In addition to anti-infective protective masks, there are also other models, for example for outdoor sports, especially if the air is urban. Such a mask will protect you from smog and dust, and the barrier will be quite reliable from viruses. Made of soft, durable, elastic fabric, consists of several layers, including two – charcoal filters. The mask is equipped with two removable valves, which allows you to easily replace used filters with new ones. Also, air valves make it possible to breathe more freely, and ensure a more snug fit of the mask to the face. And the Velcro closure allows you to adjust the mask to your size. And the presented colors and patterns of masks make them insanely stylish.

10. Winter protective mask

Зимняя защитная маска

The next mask is sporty, simpler but no less stylish. This mask is more suitable for sports in the cold season. Made from warm, soft polyester. Protects from wind and dust. Presented in bright and colorful colors.

11. PM 2.5 Cosplayer Cloth Skull Mask

Тканевая защитная маска PM 2,5 Cosplayer с изображением черепа

Youth reusable zombie-style face shield, 3D printed with scary print. The buyer is presented with 63 high-quality images, among which there is an image of a skull, a ghost, a zombie, an evil clown and many other evil grimaces. The mask fits snugly to the face and has two filter layers, one of which contains activated carbon.

12. Electronic face shield with fan

Электронная защитная маска с вентилятором

A modern electronic mask designed to protect breathing from smoke and dust. There is a switch on the mask that activates the auxiliary electric fan, so that clean air is effortlessly inhaled, passing through four cleaning filters. The fan is powered by a built-in battery for two hours. The mask is recharged via a 5V USB input.

13. Protective black mask with PM2.5 carbon filter and exhalation valves

Защитная черная маска с угольным фильтром PM2.5 и клапаном для выдоха

Stylish black face shield with two exhalation valves that make breathing much easier during prolonged wear and during sports. The mask is equipped with a removable five-layer PM2.5 carbon filter, which can be removed and dried in the sun, or replaced with a new one. The protective mask has a convenient Velcro strap, with the help of which it is very convenient to fix it on the back of the head, there is also a nasal crimp on the mask, which ensures a snug fit of the mask on the face.

14. Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi Reusable Face Shield

Многоразовая защитная маска Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi

Comfortable stylish mask in dark gray color, made of eco-friendly spongy polyurethane, equipped with the famous PM2.5 carbon filter with a filtration efficiency of more than 97%. Also, the mask has an exhalation valve, thanks to which comfortable breathing is carried out and excess moisture is removed. The mask comes with earhooks, with which the mask can be conveniently attached to the back of the head, in cases, for example, when the usual fixation on the ears causes discomfort. The Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi protective mask is available in three sizes L, M, S, this choice allows you to choose a mask for both an adult and a child.

15. Retaining mount for face shield

Фиксирующее крепление для защитной маски

And at the end of our selection – a fixing mount for a protective mask. Many people face such a problem – when wearing a mask, the rubber bands press behind the ears, which causes discomfort and causes a headache. To avoid this, just the same, this device will help. The mount is made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, in black and transparent. Practical and comfortable to wear. Compatible with most types of protective masks.

That’s all there is to it. Be healthy. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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