11 ideas for New Year’s decor with Aliexpress 2021

11 отличных товаров для новогоднего декора с Алиэкспресс 2021

New Year is the most anticipated holiday for most of us. For both children and adults, this is a time of magic and fairy tales. After all, it is on New Year’s Eve that the most cherished desires come true. And decorating the house and the beautiful Christmas tree, of course, is an integral part of preparing for their favorite holiday, and for many, also a lovely family tradition. Garlands, tinsel, Christmas tree decorations – all this, to this day, remains a familiar and relevant attribute of New Year’s decor.

And today, we have prepared for you a selection of decorative gizmos to decorate your holiday, which can be found on the popular Aliexpress website.

1. LED garland on the window

Светодиодная гирлянда на окно

First on our list is an LED string that’s perfect for decorating your window. Its bright glow will fill your home with magic and a festive mood. The garland consists of 10 strands with LEDs. It is connected via a USB cable, comes with a control panel, with which you can choose one of 8 operating modes. You can choose the color and size of the garland you like. Such a garland-curtain will undoubtedly become a decoration of your interior.

2. Christmas garland

Новогодняя гирлянда

Let’s now look at the outfit for the main beauty of the New Year’s holiday, the Christmas tree. Bright multi-colored lights on the New Year tree undoubtedly create an atmosphere of fabulous magic. Shining sparkles are mesmerizing and pacifying. And all this is possible thanks to LED garlands. A wide variety of designs will help you choose a piece of jewelry according to your taste. Snowflakes, wicker balls, snowmen, all these models, and many others, are presented on the site for selection. The garlands are made of plastic and run on batteries.

3. Garland “citrus”

Гирлянда "цитрус"

We present one more LED garland, bright and original. It is made in the form of round slices of orange, lemon and lime. It looks very nice and creative. Made of plastic, it is possible to choose the length you need. Powered by batteries, you can decorate whatever you want, despite the lack of outlets. Such a garland will undoubtedly create a good mood and decorate your holiday.

4. Toys for New Year’s decor

Игрушки для новогоднего декора

New Year’s toys, of course, are an integral part of the winter holiday. There are a huge variety of shapes and colors of Christmas tree decorations. For example, such soft knitted toys will add coziness and warmth to your home. Cute dolls and gnomes will be a wonderful decoration for your Christmas tree, and they will be very useful for room decor. The seller has a wide variety of adorable toys and you can choose the decoration of your choice.

5. Christmas balls set

Набор ёлочных шаров

The most popular New Year’s toys have been and remain Christmas balls. Shiny, matte, with intricate patterns, reds, blues, large and small – a huge selection and variety of designs, gives an excellent opportunity to find the desired toy. A very good choice would be such a set of Christmas balls. It includes 30 balls with five different designs, including transparent ones, with a New Year’s composition inside. Festive and original.

6. Wooden decorations for the Christmas tree

Деревянные украшения для ёлки

Wooden Christmas pendants will decorate not only your tree, but also perfectly fit into the festive interior. Toys made of wood are environmentally friendly and carry a special natural energy and warmth. The jewelry is made in vintage style, delicate and delicate workmanship. Sold in sets of 12. There is a large assortment of toys for your choice, with a variety of shapes and designs.

7. Christmas candlestick decoration

Новогодний подсвечник-украшение

And this candlestick with an original design will fill your home with a warm atmosphere. It is made of metal for gold and silver. Several types of decoration are presented. Snowflakes, deer, Christmas trees – everything for your choice. This little thing is fraught with an interesting and pleasant secret. Under the influence of heat from a lighted candle, the blades of the candlestick begin to spin, and thus, New Year’s figures are involved in a merry round dance. A truly mesmerizing performance.

8. New year tablecloth

Новогодняя скатерть

The decoration of the New Year’s table is important. A beautiful tablecloth with a New Year’s print is able to create an atmosphere of a festive feast and give vivid emotions. See what variety of magical New Year’s drawings the seller offers. You can choose the size of the tablecloth according to the parameters of your table. Made of 100% polyester, highly wear resistant, easy to wash.

9. Decorative case for bottles

Декоративный чехол для бутылок

What is New Year without champagne? Or a bottle of good wine? And in order for the bottle to fit into the festive atmosphere, it must be decorated accordingly. Such creative clothes will be very useful. A huge number of bottle cases, with a variety of designs, will help you choose the decoration according to your taste.

10. Decorative case for cutlery

Декоративный чехол для столовых приборов

And one more interesting thing for decorating a festive table is decorative pockets for cutlery. Cute and so cozy, they will certainly become a highlight in the decor of your New Year’s feast. From the huge variety of pockets presented, you can choose a design according to your taste that will perfectly match your table.

11. Openwork mask

Ажурная маска

New Year’s Eve, for most of us, is associated with a fairy tale and magic. Do you want to match? Then this openwork mask is for you. Black lace will add mystery and charm to you. The mask will make your look unique and unforgettable, and will go with any of your outfit. Have a magical night!

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