10 items for a car from Aliexpress that will come in handy # 15

10 товаров для автомобиля с Алиэкспресс, которые вам пригодятся #15

1. Cordless car wash

Аккумуляторная мойка

The rechargeable lithium battery powered automatic car wash is intended for washing cars, motorcycles, bicycles, caravans and other equipment. Also, using the device, you can wash animals, garden furniture, household utensils. With a peak pressure of 20 to 25 bar, depending on the model, a powerful spray of water is produced. The filter at the end of the hose does not allow impurities in the water to pass through, which prolongs the life of the car wash. The gun for starting the wash is made of durable plastic, ergonomically shaped, which is comfortable to hold in the hand. The power button and the switch for the water pressure mode are located at the bottom of the case. The set includes a hose with a filter for immersion in a container with water, attachments, a power supply and a cable for working from a cigarette lighter.

2. Car sun umbrella

Автомобильный солнцезащитный зонтик

Car sun-protection folding umbrella of black color rectangular shape will reliably protect the car from the sun. When assembled, an umbrella up to 30 cm long does not take up much space in the trunk or in the glove compartment. The dome opens like a regular umbrella and becomes 125×65 or 145×79 cm, depending on the model chosen. The size of the unfolded umbrella should be matched to the dimensions of the vehicle. The umbrella is delivered in a cover made of eco-leather for storage in the assembled state. The open umbrella from the inside of the car is applied to the windshield and does not let the sun’s rays through. The dome is made of reflective material that blocks UV rays. As a result, the interior heats up significantly less even on a hot day.

3. Anti-rain film

Пленка антидождь

Waterproof anti-fog film is glued to the rear view mirrors and side windows of the car, so that visibility in rainy weather does not deteriorate. At the same time, coated mirrors do not fog up and do not become covered with dust. The buyer can choose a set of different sizes that will fit the mirrors of his car. Some options also include a scraper to adhere the bubble-free waterproof foil evenly. The film is easy to stick. It is enough to clean the surface before gluing, remove the protective sticky layer and apply it to the mirror or glass. The film is made using hydrophilic nanotechnology, like screen protectors for mobile phones, and is strong enough to withstand a long service life.

4. Charcoal Air Purifier

Угольный очиститель воздуха

A charcoal air purifier for cars and small spaces up to 20 m2 operates on a negative ion system. Thanks to ionization, foreign odors, small dust particles hanging in the air are cleaned, and freshness in the car interior is maintained for a long time even with closed windows. Air disinfection also takes place at the same time. Negative ions kill bacteria and prevent viruses from growing in confined spaces. The size of the body of the cleaner is 139×43 mm, the cleaner is offered by the seller in white and black colors at the buyer’s choice. The original stylish design in the form of a disc will be an additional decoration of the car interior or room. On the body there is a power button and a compartment where you can add a fragrance.

5. Colored lighting in the legs

Цветная подсветка в ноги

Colored illumination at the feet will become an original decoration of the car in the dark. The LED waterproof strip is attached to the bottom of the passenger compartment with a sticky backing layer that easily adheres to a smooth surface. Control is carried out from a special remote control, where you can turn on / off the backlight, change the brightness, select the color and blinking mode to the beat of the music. The lamps have 5 colors: red, yellow, blue, purple, green. You can set a static light of a certain color or flashing lights. The device works via a USB connection or from a cigarette lighter, depending on the configuration, the cable is included in the set. The buyer can choose the number of LED panels – 2 or 4, as well as the method of connecting to the power source.

6. Dust mop

Швабра для вытирания пыли с авто

The dust mop is a great helper when cleaning your car. It only takes a couple of minutes to dust off a glass or roof. When assembled, the brush is only 42 cm long and does not take up much space in the trunk. The telescopic handle extends up to 86 cm for easy roof cleaning, even on crossovers. The attachment is made of nanotechnological filaments that attract dust and do not leave lint on the surface. The handle is made of stainless steel with a rubber soft grip for a comfortable grip. You don’t need water, detergents or wax to clean your machine. You just need to brush off the dust, and the car will shine like new. The customer can choose the color of the mop for the mop – blue, purple or gray.

7. Funnel with filter

Воронка с фильтром

A fuel funnel with a filter is useful for a motorist for filling fuel from a canister in an emergency or for adding oil, antifreeze. Also, with the help of a funnel, you can refuel a lawn mower, motorcycle, scooter. The length of the removable spout is 240 mm, the bend is convenient for pouring fuel into the tank. The removable strainer protects the engine from foreign particles that may be in fuel or oil. The device is made of durable orange plastic. There is a small handle on the side of the neck, for which it is convenient to hold the funnel. The filler neck is wide enough – with a diameter of 145 mm, so that it is impossible to miss, even if you use a canister with a wide neck.

8. Polish

Полироль для устранения царапин

Scratch polish restores the original appearance of the car paintwork. The abrasive is used to polish small to moderate scratches, making the chips invisible. The kit includes a tube of 15 grams of polishing paste and an abrasive sponge 30x15x75 mm, on which the substance is applied and rubbed into the scratch. After application, it is enough to wipe the chip area with a soft cloth. Polishing is used not only for cars, but also on any surfaces on which a scratch is found – microwave oven, washing machine, kitchen fronts, TV screen or case, monitor, etc. After washing with water, the treatment site remains smooth without scratches.

9. Universal phone holder

Универсальный держатель для телефона

The universal suction cup holder made of dense black plastic is suitable for various models of mobile phones and other gadgets with dimensions of 100 – 182 mm. The base of the bracket is securely attached to the dashboard or to the windshield with a suction cup. During the movement, the device does not swing and does not stick off the surface. The phone is securely fastened to the holder with clamps. You can install the smartphone with just a couple of movements of one hand, even on the go, without being distracted from the road. The surface of the holder is equipped with four magnets, thanks to which the phone case is fixed more securely, even if it is in a case. The telescopic arm rotates 3600, which allows you to choose a more comfortable viewing angle and place the phone both vertically and horizontally.

10. Seat back organizer

Органайзер на спинку сиденья

A synthetic leather organizer that slips over the seat back and keeps all your travel essentials in one place. A small folding table is built into the device, at which you can have a snack or put a laptop, tablet, smartphone on it to watch a movie. The organizer provides compartments for bottles, books, magazines, mobile phones, glasses and other little things. There is also a compartment where garbage is stored. The buyer can choose the color of the artificial leather from which the travel bag is made – beige, brown, gray, red, coffee. The material is completely waterproof and easy to clean. In addition to storing your belongings, the organizer helps to keep the back of the seat clean and protect it from scratches.

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