10 items for a car from Aliexpress that will come in handy # 12

10 товаров для автомобиля с Алиэкспресс, которые вам пригодятся #12

1. Headlight cleaning kit

Комплект для чистки фар

Car headlights scratch and fade over time, resulting in dimmed road lighting. You can polish your headlights without removing them from the car if you have a headlight polishing kit available. Complete with a container containing 800 grams of polishing, there are sheets of fine sandpaper, a protective film, adhesive tape, a container for sublimation of the polishing compound. To heat this container, you can use one of the two supplied adapters – for operation from a cigarette lighter or for operation from a 220 volt household network. The instructions for working in English, however, just watch a couple of videos to learn how to properly polish the headlights! After processing with this kit, the headlights regain their factory transparency!

2. Garbage bag with light

Сумка для мусора с подсветкой

In order not to clutter up door card pockets and cup holders, it is worth purchasing a garbage bag with LED lighting for your car. The bag comes with a bracket that can be fixed in any convenient place – on the door, center console or on the back of the seat. To do this, you just need to tear off the protective film and glue the bracket to which the bag itself will be attached! It is advisable to put a bag into the bag so that it is convenient to empty it from debris. The bag is equipped with a CR2032 battery powered LED light, which is very easy to replace over time! Your car will be much cleaner with this garbage bag!

3. Rescue hammer Baseus

Спасательный молоток Baseus

For your own safety, you must have an accessory such as the Baseus rescue hammer in your car. Of course, even if it is not useful in life, you need to understand that no one is immune from car accidents. In such emergencies, it may be necessary to quickly break the glass and cut off the seat belt. The Baseus rescue hammer has an impact firing pin that breaks car glass in seconds. On the other side of the hammer, under the cap, there is a knife for cutting the seat belt. In the event of an accident, the Baseus hammer will allow you to quickly free yourself and get out of the car!

4. XIAOMI Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Портативный беспроводной пылесос XIAOMI

It is very convenient to use a cordless vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car interior, such as the XIAOMI 500 W vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is powered by built-in lithium batteries, which are charged using a regular USB cable. With interchangeable attachments, even the most awkward areas such as corners and creases can be cleaned with this vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a transparent dust container with a capacity of 0.5 liters. Before buying, you can choose between two models that differ in suction power and, accordingly, in price. With the convenient and very effective XIAOMI vacuum cleaner, cleaning the car interior is easy and very fast!

5. DVR ToHayie

Видеорегистр ToHayie

If the car has a radio tape recorder running Android OS, then you can save very well on buying a video recorder. Instead of expensive recorders equipped with displays, you can buy a ToHayie video recorder connected to a radio tape recorder. This is not only beneficial in price, but also much more convenient, since the image will be on the large display of the radio. The camera of the registrar perfectly shoots not only during the day, but also in the dark, and from a distance of 5-6 meters, the license plates of the cars are clearly visible on the video! With the purchase, you can additionally purchase an SD card with a capacity of 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes!

6. Baseus air purifier

Очиститель воздуха Baseus

What kind of dust is not in the car! But the driver has to breathe this dust in a confined space every day! Therefore, it’s time to take care of your own health and buy Baseus air purifier-ionizer, working with activated carbon filler. The cleaner is easily attached with a strap on the seat headrest. During its operation, not only the air is purified, but also saturated with negative ions that kill bacteria. To extend the life and maintain the efficiency of the ionizer, it is recommended to remove the carbon filler every 3 months and heat it in the sun to restore it!

7. Disinfector


In order to clean the interior of a car or any room from bacteria and viruses, it is worth using a disinfectant that produces hot steam! The disinfector hose equipped with a filter must be immersed in a container with a disinfectant liquid and the device must be turned on! Hot puffs of steam leave no chance for germs! Even pure water can be used as a disinfectant liquid, or you can add some components to it, for example, alcohol! When working with a disinfector, it is necessary to take measures to protect against steam and, if possible, be at a sufficient distance from the working device!

8. Foot pedal pump

Ножной педальный насос

To inflate the tires of a bicycle, scooter, as well as to inflate balls, air mattresses and children’s toys for the pool, you need a good mechanical pump! For these purposes, a foot pump is perfect, with which you can easily inflate any tire! There are two types of pump to choose from – one and two cylinders! It is clear that a double cylinder pump is more efficient and saves a lot of time! The pump tip has two connections – European and American, which significantly expands its capabilities! The pump is made of very high quality, and it is easy to work with it!

9. Multifunctional car ashtray

Многофункциональная автомобильная пепельница

For the smoker, this ashtray will definitely come in handy! Firstly, it will protect the car from hot ash, and, secondly, it will not litter the interior of the car with cigarette butts! The ashtray is installed in the standard cup holder, and therefore will always be at hand for the driver! The ashtray, made of stainless steel, is equipped with an LED light and also has an electric cigarette lighter! When buying, you will have to choose a model that runs on a battery or on a solar panel! When filling the ashtray, it is easy to pick up and carry it to a container or trash can to remove ash and cigarette butts!

10. Seat belt plug

Заглушка ремня безопасности

If the signal that the seat belt is not fastened often annoys you, then there is a reason to purchase a plug that will quickly solve this problem! There are two types of plugs to choose from – a simple plug to turn off the signal, and an extension plug with a seat belt slot! The second type of plug is convenient in that it does not need to be removed in order to fasten with a belt! When purchasing a seat belt plug, you need to understand that this is not a call to abandon the belt, but due to various circumstances, in some cases it can be very convenient for the driver!

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