10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress

10 самых популярных снастей для ловли рыбы с сайта Joom

1. Glowing bells on the rod

Светящиеся бубенцы на удилище

On most rods for river and sea fishing, it is possible to install luminous bells measuring 5 by 3.3 cm. These devices are especially in demand when fishing at night or in the case when the fisherman often has to be distracted from the main activity. In addition to ringing bells, the tip body itself is made of a material that glows green in the dark, which makes it possible to visually observe the state of the bite in the dark.

2. Lure box with 6 hooks

Бокс для приманки с 6-ю крючками

A special device that looks like a sea monster is designed as a bait box with six heavy-duty fishing hooks. If necessary, such a basket can be easily opened, after which the prepared bait is placed in it.

Boxing parameters:

  • Material – carbon steel and plastic.
  • Number of hooks – 6 pieces.
  • The shape of the structure is spherical.
  • Basket size – 5×6 cm.

Hook numbers are designed to hook and hold large fish.

3. Fishing hooks set

Набор рыболовных крючков

The fishing hook set includes 100 pieces of heavy duty steel products. Their high quality is guaranteed by their use in the production of hardened stainless steel. The hooks are ideal for catching large fish such as river carp with bait. The set includes products of different sizes with numbers from 3 to 12. They are all housed in a beautiful plastic bag with ten compartments. Each of them contains 10 pieces of hooks of different numbers.

4. Float for large fish with illumination

Поплавок на крупную рыбу с подсветкой

The float for large fish with illumination is intended mainly for night fishing. The offered products differ in their weight, chosen from the range of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 grams. This type of tackle is usually used when fishing for carp, silver carp and other rare fish. It is also suitable for fishing shrimp and other small marine arthropods. The material from which the float is made has high ductility and good buoyancy. It consists of a transparent plastic tube in which a light stick can be placed. Its length, depending on the weight of the product, varies from 9.9 to 11.7 cm, and its diameter is from 3.3 to 4.5 mm.

5. Bait realistic worms

Приманка реалистичные черви

The site “Aliexpress” offers all visitors a special bait in the form of worms, made in a very realistic way. Products for bait fishing have a length of about 4 cm and a red color. They are delivered to the customer in a neat bag that holds 50 pieces of live bait worms. The seller guarantees the high quality of the offered products, which you can receive within 70 days after submitting the application and payment. If this condition is not met and there is a marriage, you can return the money spent on the purchase.

6. Trap for crayfish and fish

Ловушка для раков и рыбы

A basket or trap for catching crayfish and small fish presented on Aliexpress is distinguished not only by its relatively low price, but also by its ease of handling. For its installation at the place of fishing and removal from the water, a strong and long rope is fixed in the upper part of the nylon net. Six passages are made around the circumference of the mesh basket to prevent prey from leaving the basket. There is a small compartment on the bottom for placing the bait. With the help of a product 22 cm high and with a diagonal of 58 cm, you can catch up to a kilogram of crabs, lobsters, as well as small fish such as smelt and eels.

7. Steel leash with hooks

Стальной поводок с крючками

An original leash with a length of about 68 cm with a set of hooks of different sizes is intended for river and sea fishing. The steel products fixed to it are highly durable, since they are made on the basis of hardened stainless steel. Along the circumference of the leash, there are 5 independent hooks, placed in such a way that already caught fish does not interfere with the supply to the prey that has not yet been caught. Their design is carefully worked out, which allows you to quickly and easily set the bait.

8. Constructor to create bait

Конструктор для создания приманки

The service “Aliexpress” also presents an original constructor for making a bait, containing several dozen soft and light jigs. In addition, it includes decorative heads with small hooks. All of the listed components of the kit have a catchy color scheme that attracts fish even in troubled waters.

Product specifications are presented below:

  • The material used in the manufacture is plastic.
  • The number of lures is 35 pieces.
  • Number of hooks – 10 pieces.

The product is supplied in a bag measuring 16x14x1.5 cm with a total weight of 75 grams.

9. Spinning lure wobbler

Спиннинговая блесна воблер

The “wobbler” spinning lure is suitable for both river and sea fishing. Lures of this type are characterized by an increased gloss that can attract any fish and are ideal for beginner anglers.

The operating parameters of this product include:

  • The material used in the manufacture of the spoon is metal with a characteristic shine.
  • The total length of the bait is 6 cm.
  • Weight – from 2.5 to 4.4 grams (depending on the version).

The color of the product is shown in the photograph.

10. Set of floats 15 pieces

Набор поплавков 15 штук

The original set of vertical floats in the amount of 15 pieces is suitable for both sea and river (ice) fishing. They are made of lightweight and durable plastic and are available in sizes 8, 9.5 and 15 cm.

The package contains:

  • 5 pieces of PSC type “Bobbers” (8 cm).
  • 6 PSC yellow in the form of a 9.5 cm long tube.
  • 4 floats of sliding type (15 cm).

The features of this product include a professionally executed design and high quality of the material used.

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