10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-3

10 популярных снастей для ловли рыбы с сайта Joom, часть-3

1. Steel leash

Стальной поводок

A steel lead for fishing is a unique stainless steel product that is in demand when fishing for large river and sea fish. It is presented at the service in seven varieties, differing in their length and wire color. In the manufacture of the leash, the 3 most suitable colors for fishing were used: black, green and silver. The number of items in the package supplied to the client is 20 pieces. Their size varies from 15 to 30 cm with the ability to withstand a load of up to 14 kg inclusive.

2. Spinning lure

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-3

A high-quality spinning lure is presented at the service with a sample of false bait, which is optimal for catching large river fish (perch, trout and pike). The design of the product includes a shiny metal part and a red and white plumage with a hardened steel hook. Thanks to the transfusion of two colors, the attractive effect of these lures is significantly increased. The total weight of the offered product is 5/7/10/13/18/21 grams.

3. Braid line

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-3

Braided line is sold on the Aliexpress service in the form of a skein of nylon thread with a total length of about 300 meters. It has several windings that differ in their color (up to 8 different shades). The buyer is offered a wide choice of standard sizes (diameters) of fishing line from 0.09 to 0.5 mm. The weight maintained by each of them is, respectively, from 4.5 kg to 39 kg. The goods from the manufacturer are distinguished by their increased wear resistance and a high degree of strength.

4. Spring hooks

Крючки с пружиной

Special hooks made of high carbon stainless steel with an additional spring are sold at the service in packs of 10 pieces. They include products of various sizes (from number 2 to number 15). In total, there are 14 different sizes of hooks with a spring that reliably holds the bait during fishing. From the proposed sizes, the buyer can choose the ones that suit him and order them separately. These products are recommended for use in the spring, when the fish is restless and it is important to clearly fix the bait on the base of the hook.

5. Fishing scissors

Рыболовные ножницы

Handy stainless steel scissors are offered to anyone who fishes constantly and has to renew the line or cut the bait. These products are designed in an ergonomic style and are very comfortable to use. The small size of the scissors allows you to take them with you, practically taking up no space in the packing.

Please note: In addition to fishing, they are also useful in the household.

Caring for scissors comes down to cleaning them from dirt and storing them in a special case. Since their blades are very sharp, these products should be hidden from small children.

6. Luminous float for night fishing

Светящийся поплавок для ночной рыбалки

The original vertical float with LED illumination is an indispensable item for lovers of night fishing. If you disconnect the power from the lighting part, then it can be used in the daytime.

Float performance:

  • Material – light balsa wood.
  • Total length – 28.0 / 32.0 cm.
  • Tail length – 13.0 / 14.3 cm.
  • The size of the float’s body is 9.0 / 11.7 cm.

The float is powered by built-in lithium batteries with sufficient capacity.

7. Bait container

Контейнер приманка

A special bait container is presented on the site with pellets with wobblers, made in four colors (white, red, black and blue). These devices are very easy to use and at the same time guarantee a good catch in a relatively short time. Containers are made of polypropylene and have a working size of 150.0×64.0 mm. To load them, put live bait in the capsule with the hook, and then close them. After that, it remains to throw the container on the line to the place chosen for fishing.

8. Hook knot tying device

Устройство для завязывания узлов на крючке

The device for tying knots on the hook is made of an aluminum alloy covered with a protective film “like gold”. It is intended to control the quality of the design of fishing line knots tied on hook holders.

Device specifications:

  • Weight – about 10 grams.
  • The length of the body is about 11.4 cm.
  • The diameter of the device is about 1 cm.

Due to its lightness and portability, this device is in great demand among most fishing enthusiasts.

9. Spinning reel with line

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-3

A spinning reel with a 50 meter line wound on it is distinguished by high functionality and a relatively low price. It provides a silent backstop and the ability to adjust the brake mechanism to the current load. The folding handle of the spinning mechanism is metal, and its rocker arm can be located both on the right and on the left (as it is convenient for the user). A high-quality built-in bearing provides a high speed of winding / unwinding and reliable operation of the entire mechanism. The coil has a gear ratio of 5.2 to 1.

10. Fishing Gloves

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-3

Fisherman’s gloves with partially open fingers are characterized by increased anti-slip effect and resistance to minor damage. This was achieved through the use of a special grade of waterproof material “Non-Slip”. The size of polyester gloves is universal (suitable for most users). Fishing products are available in six different colors.

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