10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

10 популярных снастей для ловли рыбы с сайта Joom, часть-11

1. Roller tip for spinning

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

The stainless steel roller tip on the spinning rod greatly facilitates the process of tracking and catching large fish, and also protects the rod from damage. To bring it into working position, it is enough to fix the tip on the spinning rod holder, and then pull the fishing line under the roller (in the center of the pulley). According to the diameter of the rod on which this product is attached, there are 4 sizes (3.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm).

2. Boat fishing rod holder

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

The inflatable boat rod holder is made from a combination of two high quality and durable materials: stainless steel and nylon. Four steel screws ensure reliable fastening of the plastic product to the sides, and it itself is guaranteed to fix the fishing rod in the desired position. A special feature of the holder is the ability to adjust the angle of inclination of the rod in both planes within 360 degrees. The color of the product is black, and its geometric dimensions are 23.5×14.0 cm.

3. Belt for resting the fishing rod in the stomach

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

The belt offered at the service is intended for deep-sea fishing from a rubber boat, when you need to provide a reliable support for the fishing rod against something solid and solid. Its persistent “pocket” and part of the base are made of high-strength ABS plastic, and a reliable synthetic material is used as a belt with a buckle. This combination guarantees the success of any fisherman in leading and catching fish of considerable size. The size of the belt is 21.0×14.0 cm.

4. Glowing cambric for fishing

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

Linear fluorescent illuminator for fishing is a flexible luminous tube about 5 meters long and 2/3 mm in diameter. It provides uniform illumination of the area around the tackle with bait thrown into the water during night fishing. This device additionally attracts the attention of the fish and indicates the location of the complementary food. Such an illuminator significantly expands the possibilities of night fishing and helps to increase the catch. Before using the tube, you should shine a flashlight on it, since it gives off only the previously accumulated light energy.

5. Tool for stringing worms

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

The device for stringing the bait is in demand in situations where when inserting the particles of one worm (or 2 small worms) it is very difficult to tie them together. At this moment, there is a great danger of getting hurt on the hook, since the finger can break off the slippery attachment. The device is made of ABS plastic and therefore easy and convenient to use. It provides the ability to illuminate the nozzle at night, which is provided by a built-in micro battery. The total length of the product is 13 cm, its width is 2.5 cm, and its diameter is 7.4 mm.

6. Carp fishing feeders

Фидеры для рыбалки на карпа

Feeders or special walnut-like containers for carp fishing allow you to lure the fish and catch it faster. The bait contained in them is better preserved and does not become moldy over time. Such devices have several designs, differing in their weight. On the selling service, there are two varieties of nuts, the first of which has weights of 15, 20, 25 and 35 grams. In the second version, the same row is represented by weight values ​​of 30, 40, 50 and 60 grams. Nuts are made of steel in combination with plastic and have standard dimensions 7.5 x 4.5 x 3.0 (8.0 x 3.3 x 2.5) cm. Their color is khaki.

7. Spongy Coiling Plates for Tackle Storage

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

Spongy foam plates for storing tackle in a folded or rolled state are sold in a set of ten. They are very easy to use, extremely lightweight and take up almost no space in the fisherman’s stowage. Foam products are not afraid of either mechanical deformations or moisture (provided that they dry in time in the open air). The characteristic features of spongy plates include their small size (12×5 cm) and almost imperceptible weight.

8. Rod cap

Колпачок для фиксации на удилище

Special caps for fixing on the rod are made of high quality ABS and stainless steel, which guarantees their safety in all weather conditions and in caustic, salt water. These products are used to carry in a safe position up to 4 fishing hooks, each fixed in its place (pole). Protective devices vary in color (they can be green, blue, yellow, and light pink). The size of the product is 4.0×0.8×2.3 cm, while its weight does not exceed 4.4 grams.

9. Slingshot for throwing complementary foods

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

The slingshot of the original design is intended for throwing complementary foods (granules, larvae, etc.) at remote distances. The grip is made in a well thought out ergonomic style, and the firing mechanism is made on the basis of high quality elastic rubber. The feeding gripper has enough capacity to hold the right amount of pellets or larvae. The length of the throwing device handle is 12 cm, and the entire slingshot assembly is 23.5 cm. The weight of the product in the package does not exceed 200 grams.

10. Tube with glue bait

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-11

The glue composition sold in a tube is designed for catching large river fish, for example (bream, grass carp or carp), which cannot distinguish such a bait from a real one. It contains the following required ingredients:

  • Bran.
  • Aromatic powder.
  • Glue.
  • Corn flour.

Please note: Sometimes a little soy is added to it.

During fishing, a droplet of such a composition is simply squeezed onto the hook. After it hardens a little, the bait is ready to use.

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