10 useful products from Aliexpress, the best from Aliexpress

10 полезных товаров с Алиэкспресс, лучшее с Aliexpress 2021

1. Pneumatic plunger

Пневмавантуз для чистки трубопровода

The pneumatic plunger for pipeline cleaning is a high pressure device with which you can get rid of any blockages. The principle of operation of the device is simple. The supplied pump pumps air to the required level. You can monitor the pressure using a pressure gauge on the plunger body. For example, small blockages are removed with a pressure of 2-3 bar, and a maximum of 8 bar can be used to break through cemented sediments. The set also includes several attachments: for the drain hole of the sink in the kitchen, sink, bathtub and toilet. The plunger is inserted into the hole, the button on the handle is pressed, and a powerful pneumatic shot is made under pressure, thanks to which the blockage goes down the drain. Be careful with the highest pressure. The joints of the sewer pipes may not withstand a powerful pneumatic shock.

2. Thermoresistant paper

Термоусадочная пленка

The seller offers transparent covers for remote controls made of heat-shrinkable thin and sufficiently strong PVC film in two sizes 8x25cm and 6x25cm. The set comes with 10 film bags that fit most remotes. To fit the cover to size, you need to put it on the remote control, bend the edges and warm it up with an ordinary hair dryer. The packaging will take the dimensions of the device it is wearing and the edges will be sealed. The presence of a completely transparent package will not affect the performance of the remote control. Such a cover is practically invisible visually, but at the same time it reliably protects the remote control from dirt and dust getting inside the case. The inscriptions on the buttons will not be erased even after prolonged use.

3. PH indicator strips

Индикаторные полоски для определения pH

The indicator strips allow you to accurately determine the pH level in water, urine, soil, food. Compliance with the acid-base balance is important for maintaining the normal state of domestic plants, human and animal health. The kit includes 80 litmus strips and an indicator by which the pH level is determined. The test strip should be placed in water or humid environment and left for 15 seconds to determine the acid and alkali content. The litmus strip will change color. You need to find the same shade on the indicator, there are numbers next to it that will show the pH level. The acid-base balance is observed at values ​​from 4-6. A low level indicates a high acid content, a high level indicates a high alkali level.

4. Laptop bag

Кожаная сумка для ноутбука

Leather laptop bag measuring 40x10x30 cm, made in retro style, made of 100 percent genuine leather. It is offered by the seller in four colors: coffee, black, light and dark brown in matte or glossy leather. A briefcase with short handles fastened together and a shoulder strap has a large pocket on the outside, fastened with a zipper. An organizer is sewn into the patch pocket, where you can insert bank cards, phone, documents, pens. On the back side there are overlays for attaching to the retractable handle of the suitcase. Inside the bag there are two spacious compartments with a zipper and an inner pocket. A separate mount is provided for the laptop, securely fixing the gadget. In addition to a laptop, the compartments can hold a package of documents, an umbrella and accessories necessary for office work.

5. IPhone case

Силиконовый чехол для iPhone 6-12

The seller offers a silicone case for iPhone 6-12 in 21 variants of bright saturated colors. Covers are inexpensive, with a discount when buying two copies at once. Each case has a high-quality corporate logo of the iPhone in the form of a bitten apple. All technological openings are provided – for headphones, a microphone, a camera, etc. The cover is easily put on the device and fits snugly to the body. All holes are precisely aligned with the buttons of the iPhone model to be selected before ordering. Soft silicone, pleasant to the touch, is easy to clean from dust and dirt, reliably protects the case from damage and scratches. You can charge your phone with Qi Wireless Charging without removing it from the case.

6. Smoke neutralizer

Нейтрализатор запаха табака в пепельницу

The tobacco odor neutralizer for ashtray is a crystalline powder of a specific color, which can be chosen by the buyer according to his preferences. The powder is placed in an ashtray and filled with water. The result is a viscous consistency that absorbs odor and ash. The substance can also be used to extinguish cigarettes. As a result, there is no unpleasant odor left in the room or in the car after smoking. The substance is non-toxic, does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere when heated. As the ashtray is filled, the contents are thrown out along with the neutralizer. The seller offers 8 color and flavor options for the ashtray filler. The set includes 5 packs of neutralizer. You can also choose a set of 5 random shades.

7. Puller

Съемник клавиш клавиатуры

The keyboard key remover is a simple device that allows you to quickly and without breakage remove keycaps for cleaning. The 16×1.8×1 cm puller is made of aluminum alloy with a twist-off handle with a key tightening device. The buyer can choose the color of the anti-slip handle according to his taste from the options offered by the seller – gold, silver, red, blue, rose gold. Also, the device is useful for adjusting the caps – it stretches tight fasteners and tightens loose keycaps, which increases the life of the keyboard. The remover is suitable for most mechanical keyboards, does not scratch keycaps, does not damage keycap fasteners.

8. Door stopper

Дверной стопор защита от проникновений

The Intrusion Proof Door Stopper is a high strength zinc alloy lacquered metal structure that fits most 3-5mm doors opening inward. The stopper is firmly installed on a straight or sloped floor. The device can be adjusted in height to press firmly against the door leaf and prevent the door from opening. This design allows you to slightly open the front door for ventilation, leaving a small gap, or block the entrance to the bedroom if a door lock is not installed. As a result, it will be impossible to enter from the outside, even with great effort to open the door. The seller offers two color options for the design for the buyer’s choice – red or black.

9. Closure laces

Шнурки с металлическими замками

Elastic laces with metal closures allow you to put on and take off lace-up shoes without unbuttoning. Suitable for sports shoes for adults, children and teenagers. The set includes two flat laces 100 mm long each, made of an elastic material that stretches well and quickly takes its previous shape. The edges of the laces are fastened with a reliable metal lock, which also serves as a decoration. The length of the cord can be cut to size by adjusting the tension and the edges can be burned with a lighter before inserting the metal capsule fasteners. The seller offers customers 23 options for the color of the laces, which are supplied with two locks. Clasps can also be purchased separately.

10. Xiaomi Orthopedic Insoles

Ортопедические стельки Xiaomi

The Xiaomi shock-absorbing insoles are designed for men’s shoes, made of polyester with spandex. They have a memory effect and adapt to the foot, making it comfortable to wear shoes even all day. Such insoles are especially convenient for sports activities. They improve the cushioning of the foot, adjust to the physiological features of the structure of the sole. As a result, the legs do not get tired for a long time, while walking and running, the shock load on the heel is reduced. And during intense training, the likelihood of knee injury is reduced. The insoles are water-absorbent and antibacterial. The foot does not sweat, there are no unpleasant odors after wearing shoes. The seller offers insoles from 39 to 44 sizes.

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