10 useful products from Aliexpress, the best from Aliexpress # 3

10 полезных товаров с Алиэкспресс, лучшее с Aliexpress №3

1. X-type floor mop

Швабра для пола X-type

Universal mop with reusable microfiber nozzles suitable for cleaning floors, ceilings, walls, windows. The weight of the mop is 1.1 kg, the length of the handle is 140 cm, the dimensions of the working part: 32×14.3 cm. Thanks to the built-in system of wringing out the mop, the hands remain dry during cleaning. It is enough to rinse the nozzle under the tap directly on the mop and pull the upper part of the handle towards you to spin it. Microfiber cloths with special nap easily cope with small debris and dirt. The working part of the X-type swivels by 3600, which allows you to get into even hard-to-reach places. And the grooves on the sides make it easy to clean the floors around the furniture legs. The top of the handle can be removed to store the mop. The set also includes 3 mops. The buyer can choose the color of the product – gray, blue or green.

2. USB Hair Clipper T9

USB Машинка для стрижки волос T9

The cordless hair clipper is battery operated. Operating time without recharging – 1-5 hours depending on the model. The set includes several attachments for creating various haircuts, a USB cable for charging the battery, a cleaning brush and a storage bag. The dimensions of the machine are 14.3×3.9×2.4 cm. The powerful motor creates a low noise and vibration level during operation. The body is made of titanium alloy, the blades are made of ceramic and the cutting head is made of stainless steel. The handle has a relief pattern that the buyer can choose from ten options offered by the seller. Some models have a digital display that shows the battery charge level.

3. USB oral irrigator

USB ирригатор для полости рта

The portable oral irrigator is powered by a USB rechargeable battery. Includes tips for teeth, gums and tongue. The device operates in five modes – from the weakest level, which is suitable for beginners, to pulse, used during deep cleaning of gum pockets. To get started, you need to draw water into the tank and tightly close the lid with an O-ring for complete tightness. The handle on which the nozzle is attached is comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to the embossed surface with grooves for fingers. During operation, the nozzle rotates 3600, releasing a stream of water, due to which deep cleaning of the teeth and oral cavity occurs. The customer can choose the irrigator in white or pink.

4. Vacuum Food Sealer

Вакуумный упаковщик пищевых продуктов

The vacuum food packaging machine is powered by an electrical network. The dimensions of the machine are 50x365x55 mm, the body is made of white plastic with orange or black inserts at the buyer’s choice. The set also includes 10 plastic bags. From the seller you can buy additional bags in a roll of different widths and separately. To pack the product, you need to put it in a plastic bag with a width of no more than 300 mm, place the edges in a vacuum sealer, press the button on the body and hold it for three seconds. The device will draw out all the air and seal the edges of the bag. Then you need to open the outlet valve and pull out the packaged product. After vacuumization, foodstuffs remain fresh for as long as possible.

5. Nose cleaner

Аппарат для чистки носа

The device is designed for washing, moisturizing, and irrigating the nose. After washing the sinuses, congestion decreases, the manifestations of allergic rhinitis decrease, and discomfort disappears. The container is made of durable food grade plastic. The kit includes two nozzles – for adults and children. The nozzles are closed with a dust cap, effectively preventing the penetration of bacteria. To rinse your nose, you need to pour salt for rinsing into the reservoir, pour purified warm water, close the lid, shake and insert the nozzle into the nostril. At the bottom of the container there is a special button, when pressed, the solution is sprayed. The buyer can choose the volume of the container for 300 or 500 ml.

6. Window cleaning robot

Робот для мытья окон

The robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean windows, panoramic balconies, tiles, glass doors, mirrors. The robot is able to wipe glass even in places that are difficult to reach manually. In addition to the device, the set includes: a 1.5 m power cord with an extension cable up to 4 m, 10 long-nap microfiber cleaning cloths, a security cable, and a remote control. To get started, you need to connect the cord to the power source, put the device to the glass and press the switch button. From the remote control, you can activate the automatic or manual control mode. A safety rope prevents the robot from falling when the power is turned off. And the built-in lithium battery can work up to 30 minutes so that the device does not fall if the electricity suddenly goes out.

7. Portable garment steamer

Портативный отпариватель для одежды

The portable steam iron is suitable for vertical and horizontal steaming of clothes, bed linen, curtains. The steamer is designed in such a way that steam is sprayed on every corner of the garment, thanks to which the garment is thoroughly smoothed without effort. To get started, you need to pour water into a 260 ml tank up to the mark, insert it into the steamer and press the power button. When the indicator stops flashing, the device can be used. To do this, you need to press the steam button and bring the device to the things that you want to steam. You can lock the steam button or use single presses for partial steaming. At low temperature, the device is also used to moisturize the face.

8. Electric shoe dryer

10 useful products from Aliexpress, the best from Aliexpress # 3

The DMWD electric dryer for shoes and gloves with a power of 200 W is powered by the mains. The built-in telescopic bracket system allows drying of different types and sizes of shoes. After use, the device folds up and takes up little space. When folded, the electric dryer has dimensions – 17x27x10 cm. The heating element brings the temperature up to 420 and maintains the temperature regime for 120 minutes. This time is enough to dry even the wettest shoes, which are not deformed or damaged during the gentle drying process. There is also an express drying mode at a higher temperature. Some models of dryers have built-in ozone function, due to which antibacterial treatment is carried out in parallel and unpleasant odors are eliminated.

9. Laser epilator Lescolton T009

Лазерный эпилятор Lescolton T009

The Lescolton T009 electric laser epilator painlessly removes unwanted body hair. The treatment area is 4.2 cm2. With the help of the device, you can carry out expensive salon procedures at home. The package includes: main unit, photo lamp, rejuvenation lamp, safety glasses and power adapter. The laser epilator treats coarse hairs on the legs, arms and armpits, and is also suitable for the delicate bikini area and facial hair removal. After treatment with a laser epilator, the hair does not appear on the body for a long time, gradually becomes thinner and stops growing. The buyer can choose the color of the depilator body – white or purple, as well as a configuration option with a different number of lamps.

10. Dryer for vegetables and fruits

Сушилка для овощей и фруктов

The electric dehydrator is suitable for drying vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, herbs, seafood, as well as for making pastilles and meringues. The dryer body is made of 0.8 mm thick steel, thanks to which heat is retained inside for a long time and the life of the unit is extended. The set includes 6 pallets with dimensions 285×200 mm, made of stainless food steel. The device provides an automatic mode of maintaining the set temperature for the time required to dry certain products. You can select the appropriate mode automatically or set the time and temperature from 35 to 900 manually. A remote panel with a digital display and touch-sensitive switching buttons is used for control.

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