10 useful products from Aliexpress, the best from Aliexpress # 2

Высокочастотный вибрирующий прибор предназначен для профессиональной ультразвуковой чистки зубов. Наконечник, который используется для полости рта, изготовлен из медицинской стали, не ржавеет от взаимодействия с жидкостями.

1. Ultrasonic device for cleaning teeth

Ультразвуковой прибор для чистки зубов

The high-frequency vibrating device is designed for professional ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. The tip, which is used for the oral cavity, is made of medical steel, does not rust from contact with liquids. When the device is turned on, an LED lamp lights up, illuminating the processing areas. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Charging is enough for continuous work for an hour. The device has three modes. The gentle regimen removes stains on the tooth enamel and freshens the oral cavity. Standard is designed for sensitive teeth and gentle care. At a high level, in addition to cleaning, a gum massage is performed, which improves blood circulation and strengthens the roots of the teeth.

2. Foam Glider Toy

Игрушка планер из пенопласта

This toy foam glider will be a great gift for boys who are fond of aircraft modeling. The toy comes disassembled and needs to be assembled before playing. Some models of airplanes are offered to be painted by the child according to his taste, others already have a drawing. There is also an airplane model with LED lighting, powered by a battery, rechargeable via a USB cable. The toy with dimensions of 30×28 cm is made of flexible durable material that does not deform from mechanical stress. The glider is launched using a plastic slingshot with an elastic band or a battery-operated trigger mechanism, depending on the configuration chosen by the buyer. Due to the design features, the launched glider returns back, making a circle.

3. TWS Bone Conduction G1 Earphones

TWS наушники G1 с костной проводимостью звука

The G1 Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones do not fit into the ears. Sound is transmitted through the bones of the jaw like a hearing aid. These headphones are considered less harmful and do not impair hearing. Also, the headset is convenient to use for safe movement around the city. Headphone sound does not drown out city noise. The streamlined design fits perfectly to the ears without getting in the way of wearing glasses. Even prolonged use of the headphones does not hurt. The built-in 120 mAh battery allows you to listen to music without recharging for 4 hours. Bluetooth works up to 10 meters away. The fully enclosed case is waterproof enough to prevent sweat or rain from entering the device.

4. Automatic tonometer

Тонометр автоматический

The automatic blood pressure monitor is worn on the wrist. The digital display shows systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse rate, time and date of measurements. Also, a message about arrhythmia is displayed in the form of an icon on the screen if an irregular heartbeat is detected during blood pressure measurement. The readings are stored in the device’s memory. To view the previous readings, you need to click on Memory. Due to the small size of the device, 70×72 mm, it is convenient to use it on the road, take it with you on a trip. The portable blood pressure monitor is suitable for wrists with a circumference of 135-195 mm. The device is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

5. Wax heater

Восковый нагревателей

The wax heater is used for depilation and paraffin mask application. The device consists of a 500 ml aluminum removable container, which is inserted into the body and connected with a cord to electricity. On the body there is a switch with a temperature controller. The device has an automatic shutdown and constant temperature control function. Before applying to the skin, the wax granules are placed in the reservoir, the lid is closed and heated to the desired temperature. The wax can be mixed with a spatula and used to apply the melted mass to the skin. The device is suitable for any wax in granules or whole pieces. Consumables are not included in the kit, they must be purchased separately.

6. Electric foot warmer

Электрическая грелка для ног

This foot warmer is made in the shape of funny plush animals. The buyer can choose different designs of heating pads in the form of: bear, pig, giraffe, kitten, fox, mouse, monkey. An electric heating pad measuring 31.5×25 cm is put on the legs. The cover, made of warm synthetic fabric, can be removed for washing. At the bottom there is a heating element that, when connected to electricity, distributes heat evenly with a temperature of 40-600. With the help of the regulator, you can set a temperature that is comfortable for the feet. After switching off, the heating pad keeps warm for 6 hours. By removing the top cover, the heating base can also be used to dry shoes and baby clothes.

7. Bicycle case phone holder

Велосипедный чехол держатель телефона

The waterproof touchscreen phone case fits over the front bike frame. The hard case measuring 180x105x83 mm is fastened with a double zipper, made of high-quality waterproof polyurethane, protects the gadget from mechanical damage, splashes and rain drops. Thanks to the snug fit and silicone transparent top of the bag, you can use your smartphone without removing it from the case. In addition to a mobile device, the bag can store documents, cards, cash, glasses, gloves, various accessories, and a charger. The cover is securely attached to the bike frame using special mounts on the back of the case.

8. Tweezers for cutting nose hair

Пинцет для стрижки волос в носу

The versatile nasal hair removal forceps are made of stainless steel and designed in such a way that they do not cause pain during the procedure. The round tip is suitable for safe application in delicate areas without risk of injury. You can even use the device without a mirror. One of the trimmer blades is made in the form of a ring, where the hair falls, which is cut off by the second cutting part. Multifunctional tongs are suitable not only for cutting nose hair, but also for shaping eyebrows, painless hair removal from the body, on the face in the chin area and around the eyes. Tweezers of small size 9.3×0.9 cm are convenient to store in a cosmetic bag and take with you on a trip.

9. Manual vegetable cutter

Ручная овощерезка

The DUOLVQI manual vegetable slicer is an easy-to-use household appliance that is suitable for grating, slicing and stripping vegetables. Carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage and other hard vegetables can be processed in large quantities in a short time. The body is made of durable food-grade plastic, the attachments are made of stainless steel. The set includes 3 attachments: for rubbing, cutting into slices and strips. You can also quickly cut cheese and sausage, lemons and oranges into slices to put on the festive table. The dimensions of the vegetable cutter are 120×240 mm, the lower part is attached to the table surface using a vacuum suction cup. The device is completely disassembled to wash all parts. The buyer can choose the color of the vegetable cutter body: red, blue, green or pink.

10. Portable LED Flashlight

Портативный светодиодный фонарик

The XHP70.2 Portable Powerful LED Flashlight with waterproof housing is made of durable black plastic with an aluminum base. Powered by a rechargeable battery in five lighting modes. Focus telescopic zoom adjusts the backlight range from 200 to 500 meters. The battery charge level is indicated on the case by means of LEDs. The flashlight is charged via a USB cable. The seller puts a charger with a plug, a storage case, a rechargeable battery in the parcel with a flashlight. Thanks to the waterproof housing, the flashlight can also be used in water at a depth of 300 meters. The flashlight is useful for hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting.

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