10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner # 9

10 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу #9

What goods should a motorist buy on the Aliexpress website? I present a selection of popular auto products that will be useful to any car owner. The selection includes the most popular and high-quality products that have received a high rating and positive reviews from many buyers.

1. Android multimedia dashboard

Модифицированный ЖК панель приборов Volkswagen

If you own a Japanese car, then it’s time to make it more original than other owners of similar cars! To do this, it is enough to purchase a new panel instead of the usual stock one! The new 12.3-inch LCD panel will not only replace the old panel with its familiar features, but also make it more functional and user-friendly! The LCD panel screen will display information about the state of the vehicle and its systems, such as fuel level, speed, coolant temperature and other indicators. But in addition, you get a full-fledged multimedia system with Wi-Fi support, voice control, phone connection via Bluetooth, the ability to connect a rear view camera and a multimedia file player! Every car enthusiast will be able to customize the panel backlight for himself by choosing a combination of 30 color options and setting the backlight brightness!

2. Drawer workbench on wheels with tools

Ящик верстак на колесах с инструментами

A workbench box with tools is a must in every garage! But if this is not just a garage, but a repair shop or car service, then you cannot do without a box with tools on wheels! This is a beautiful mobile workbench, equipped with 7 pull-out shelves, which can accommodate such a variety of tools that is enough for all types of repair work! The workbench drawers slide out very smoothly, allowing you to easily select the desired tool, and just as easily slide back so as not to interfere with the work of the master! An essential feature is the mobility of the tool box due to the swivel wheels. In conditions of a concrete flat floor, moving the box from one corner to another will allow one movement to transfer all the tools to the work area in which work is currently being done! Such a workbench box with a full set of tools on wheels is not only the dream of every car service worker, but also of almost every garage owner!

3. Soldering iron 12v

Паяльник 12в

Soldering work is usually performed in stationary conditions, but what if you urgently need to repair the wiring in the car? For these purposes, there is an electric soldering iron that runs on direct current with a voltage of 12 volts! Therefore, such a soldering iron will be very useful! Moreover, the delivery set contains everything you need for soldering! This is a 35 W soldering iron itself, solder in a special tube, 5 replaceable tips, a bracket for bending parts and a mini-pump for desoldering parts! The pallet is connected to the mains through crocodile clips, so it can be easily used not only in a car, but also in any technique with a 12 volt battery – in a motor boat, ATV and even on a tractor! A 12-volt mobile soldering iron will be appreciated by every motorist!

4. Universal tire sealant

Универсальный герметик для шин

Modern tubeless tires with punctures can be easily and quickly repaired on the road without even removing the wheels from the car! To do this, you just need to purchase a universal sealant with a tube for pumping into the tire! If you have a punctured tire, then don’t be nervous if you have a tubeless tire! In order to patch the puncture, it is necessary to find and remove the cause of the puncture – nails or screws, raise the wheel, unscrew the spool, pour a portion of universal sealant through the nipple, slightly inflate the wheel and turn it a few turns! In just a few minutes, you can pump up the wheel to the required pressure and hit the road! The sealant will find the puncture, fill it and harden, preventing air from escaping from the wheel! A universal sealant can repair punctures in the wheels of any equipment, as long as they are tubeless!

5. TPMS caps

Колпачки TPMS

Car and motorcycle wheel caps are usually only fitted to protect spools from dirt and water! But if instead of the usual caps you buy and install TPMS caps, then you get a completely new protection for the wheels of your iron friend! Firstly, these caps, as before, will protect the nipple of the wheel from dust and water, but this is not all of their capabilities! The fact is that the upper part of the TPMS caps is made in the form of transparent indicators of the air pressure in the tires! As long as the air pressure is normal, a green piston is visible in the transparent head of the cap, indicating that everything is in order! When the air pressure in the tires drops, a yellow piston becomes visible in the cap, and when the air pressure drops critically, a red one! Thus, with these caps, you can visually monitor the air pressure in the tires in order to pump them up in time, thus extending the life of the rubber!

6. Center armrest for Honda Odyssey

Центральный подлокотник для Honda Odyssey

Owners of Honda Odyssey cars should take a closer look at the wonderful armrest, which will not only improve the perception of the interior of the car, but also make the trip much more comfortable. The armrest, made as a slider, has recesses and niches for storing various small things, as well as cup holders, which will be very useful on long trips! With the new armrest, the Honda Odyssey will become much more comfortable, and every car owner will be able to appreciate it. The armrest is made of artificial materials imitating wood and leather, it looks very stylish and is made of very high quality!

7. Polishing pad for screwdriver

Полировальная насадка на шуруповерт

In order to polish any surfaces without a polishing machine, it is enough to buy a screwdriver attachment! With it, you can easily polish your car’s paintwork, dashboard and various trims! In the kit, in addition to the adapter itself, suitable for the chuck of a screwdriver or drill, there are also 6 interchangeable nozzles! With this polishing attachment, you can polish not only car parts, but also any crafts in the workshop! For small surfaces, this is often enough! Moreover, your drill will become even more functional with it!

8. Perfume bottle suspension

Флакон подвеска ароматизатор

An air freshener in the car interior is not only an opportunity to freshen the air and drown out unpleasant odors, but also an accessory that is a good addition to decorate the car’s interior! That is why it is worth taking a closer look at the fragrance made in the original stainless steel case and having a transparent container for filling with fragrant perfume! This suspension is very attractive in appearance, and besides, it perfectly fulfills its function of aromatizing the air in the car! If the liquid in the vessel starts to run out, you can immediately notice it visually! A wonderful accessory can be bought for your car, as well as purchased as a gift for a good person!

9. Automotive tool kit

Автомобильный набор инструментов

It’s great when one toolbox contains almost all the tools and keys that a car owner needs to repair and maintain his car! And this is a real reality, because such a set is not a problem to buy today! If your car has such a set of tools, then any repair work will be within your reach! But if you have a garage or even a car service, then such a set of tools should be there without fail! Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose one of 11 complete sets, which contain from 32 to 171 instruments in one tool case! In the trunk of a car, such a case does not take up much space, but you can be sure that you have a full set of keys!

10. LED lamps

LED лампы

If the standard light bulbs in your car headlights shine poorly, then it’s time to replace them with modern 80W LED bulbs! The LED car lamp has 16 LEDs, 4 of which are located on the top and 12 on the sides of the lamp. Together, they provide a beautiful directional light in dazzling white! The set comes with 2 lamps at once, and therefore they are perfect for replacing both headlight bulbs! If the dim yellow light from your car’s headlights prevented you from seeing the roadway, then these LED bulbs will no longer have such problems, as they actually shine very brightly! After installing the bulbs, do not forget to adjust the headlights so as not to dazzle drivers in the oncoming lane!

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