Top 10 best metal detectors from Aliexpress + treasure hunt equipment

10 крутых металлоискателей с Алиэкспресс + снаряжение для кладоискателя

1. Professional metal detector MD-6250

Профессиональный металлоискатель MD-6250
Professional metal detector MD-6250

This MD-6250 metal detector is perfect for beginner treasure hunters. Despite its constructive minimalism and low cost, the MD-6250 metal detector allows you to confidently search for jewelry, coins and other artifacts at a depth of 22 centimeters. Metal detector MD-6250 with three modes of operation, easily controlled using buttons that allow you to select the search mode, sensitivity, sampling, and signal volume! For the metal detector to work, you will need to buy 4 AA batteries separately! Lightweight and handy metal detector, which weighs only 1.2 kg, will allow every buyer to plunge into the extraordinarily interesting world of treasure hunters!

2. Underground metal detector SMART SENSOR AR944M / AS944

Подземный металлоискатель SMART SENSOR AR944M/AS944
Underground metal detector SMART SENSOR AR944M / AS944

The SMART SENSOR AR944M / AS944 metal detector is a real find for people who dig metal, not only coins, but also ferrous metal at great depths! The AR944M model detects metals at depths of up to 1.8 meters, and the AS944 model, which is only marginally more expensive, at a depth of 3 meters! The SMART SENSOR metal detector is powered by a 1200 mAh lithium battery, and the weight of the device is only 2220 grams! With this metal detector, which is able to detect not only large parts, but also coins with a diameter of 3.5 cm, you can safely go in search of lost jewelry! Model AR944M comes in a cardboard box and AS944 in a handy and durable case! The kit contains instructions in English.

3. Underground metal detector MD-4030

Подземный металлоискатель MD-4030
Underground metal detector MD-4030

The MD-4030 metal detector is one of the most budgetary, but at the same time very effective gadgets of this kind. High sensitivity and excellent selectivity at a detection depth of up to 30 centimeters, allow you to separate small valuable finds from large metal debris. Therefore, this metal detector is popular among fans of searching for ancient coins and jewelry! The MD-4030 metal detector will become an indispensable assistant for searchers who prefer to try their luck on a sandy beach or in those places where there is an opportunity to find old coins and other artifacts! The MD-4030 metal detector operates on 2 Krona batteries, which you will have to buy separately!

4. Highly sensitive metal detector TX-850

Высокочувствительный металлоискатель TX-850
Highly sensitive metal detector TX-850

The TX-850 metal detector can be safely attributed to the category of professional gadgets used by avid treasure hunters! The main feature of the TX-850 is that it is a mine detector of very high sensitivity and selectivity! In addition, the device is equipped with a “Pin Point” function that allows you to determine the exact position of a coin in a lump of soil. To power the metal detector, you will need to buy 1 Krona battery, which is not included in the delivery set! The digital analyzer allows you to immediately determine the type of metal detected by the sensor, which adds a lot of adrenaline to the search process! Looking for gold and silver coins? Then you should definitely buy the TX-850 metal detector!

5. Pi-iking 750 underwater metal detector

Подводный металлоискатель Pi-iking 750
Pi-iking 750 underwater metal detector

The Pi-iking 750 metal detector is an indispensable tool for underwater search! Fully waterproof, the Pi-iking 750 can be used to find treasures up to 30 meters underwater! A comfortable grip and small size make it easy to hold the device when moving underwater, and the LED indicator and vibration when detecting metals make it possible to abandon the usual headphones that you cannot work with in water! Pi-iking 750 is powered by 1 Krona battery, which is installed in a sealed compartment in the handle! After making sure that everything is hermetically sealed, you can turn on the metal detector and safely dive into the depths to search for lost treasures!

6. All-sun TS180 underground metal detector

Подземный металлоискатель all-sun TS180
All-sun TS180 underground metal detector

Fans of searching for coins and jewelry should take a closer look at the all-sun TS180 metal detector, which stands out for its good characteristics at a rather budgetary cost of the device itself! The all-sun TS180 metal detector is powered by 6 AA batteries, which are not included in the package! The high sensitivity and waterproofness of the coil with a diameter of 22.5 cm makes it possible to easily find even small coins at a depth of 10 cm. And if large metal objects lie underground, the search depth increases to 60 centimeters, which is quite good when looking for coins! Possibilities of fine adjustment, informative display and comfortable handle will be appreciated by lovers of searching for ancient treasures!

7. Folding metal detector MD-300

Складной металлоискатель MD-300
Folding metal detector MD-300

The compact folding metal detector MD-300 can be useful not only for those who like to search for coins, but also for almost everyone! It often happens that small parts that have fallen out of your hands are difficult to find in the grass or in the sand – in this case, the MD-300 metal detector will provide invaluable service in finding the fallen object! The small size of the metal detector allows it to be transported in the trunk of a car, so that, if necessary, it is always at hand! And if you dropped a coin or a precious piece of jewelry on the beach, thanks to the MD-300 metal detector, your valuable thing will no longer get to other treasure hunters! The MD-300 metal detector operates on 2 Krona batteries, which must be purchased separately!

8. Metal detector for underground pipelines and cables RD8100

Металлоискатель подземных трубопроводов и кабелей RD8100
Metal detector for underground pipelines and cables RD8100

The RD8100 professional metal detector is intended for industrial use, as its main function is to find underground cables and pipelines. The RD8100 metal detector allows you to quickly locate an underground pipe, determine the depth of its occurrence, as well as the direction in which it is laid. Utilities, gas workers, installers of various communications will be able to appreciate the quality and efficiency of the RD8100 metal detector! This metal detector is especially important when laying new communications, so as not to damage the previously laid ones, by determining their exact location!

9. Shrxy GP-pointerii waterproof mini metal detector

Водонепроницаемый мини металлоискатель Shrxy GP-pointerii
Shrxy GP-pointerii waterproof mini metal detector

Treasure hunters who use metal detectors know very well how difficult it is at times to find a coin in the ground! This is due to the fact that large metal detectors only show the search area, without indicating the specific location of the coin. In this case, the Shrxy GP-pointerii mini metal detector will be an indispensable assistant! Such handheld devices are popularly called “Pinpointers”. Pin Pointer Shrxy GP-pointerii has a fairly high sensitivity to determine the exact location of the artifact. For finding coins and small precious metal items, Shrxy GP-pointerii will come in handy for everyone who is passionate about treasure hunting!

10. AKS 3D Long Range Metal Detector

Металлоискатель с большим диапазоном AKS 3D
AKS 3D Long Range Metal Detector

AKS 3D is not just a metal detector, but rather a treasure hunt tool, as it can work wonders when searching for metals! The metal detector consists of a control unit on which the type of metal to be searched is set, as well as a main search unit, which indicates the direction where the long-awaited treasure is located! The AKS 3D search unit is a handle on which the antenna unit is installed, which freely rotates during the scanning of the territory. The manufacturer claims that in this way it is possible to search for deposits at a distance of up to 15 meters, however, practical experience shows that the real distance at which this metal detector can be used is about 5 meters!

11. Sand sifting scoop

Совок для просеивания песка
Sand sifting scoop

When searching on the beach or sandbank of the sea, it is not very convenient to look for coins and jewelry, as the sand is loose, and it can be very difficult to get to the target! But if you use a special sand scoop, then the work will be significantly accelerated! The scoop is made of stainless steel and equipped with a comfortable rubberized handle for which it is very convenient to hold it while working! This scoop is effectively used in conjunction with a metal detector, since after receiving a signal, sometimes you have to sift a lot of sand until you find the long-awaited artifact! The handy and lightweight sand scoop is indispensable for those who love the beach search!

12. Multifunctional small hand shovel

Многофункциональная маленькая ручная лопата
Multifunctional small hand shovel

This small hand-held shovel is useful not only for coin finders, but also for those who like to work in the garden or in the vegetable garden! Summer residents, like treasure hunters, have to dig up a lot of earth, and this shovel is perfect for these purposes! The blade’s cutting edges allow you to cut small branches, and the sharp tip cuts easily into any type of soil! Having such a multifunctional shovel with you, you can safely go not only to the dacha for weeding the beds, but also on an exciting journey to find coins and other artifacts! A spatula made of stainless steel and equipped with a very comfortable handle can be bought not only for yourself, but also as a gift for a loved one!

13. Bag for storage of finds

Сумка для хранения находок
Bag for storage of finds

Going in search of gold and silver, you need to take care of where you will put your finds in advance! In his hard work, a treasure hunter needs not only a metal detector with a shovel, but also a bag in which he can collect coins and other trinkets that come across during the search! And in order for the bag to be really comfortable, it must free up your hands for other work! That is why it is recommended to use a special bag for collecting artifacts with pockets for these purposes! The bag is conveniently fastened to the belt with the adjustable strap!

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