What to give a girl? 10 ideas for the New Year with Aliexpress

10 идей женского подарка к Новому году с «Алиэкспресс»

In the difficult conditions of our time, shopping is increasingly being transferred to the Internet. The question of what to give for the upcoming New Year is also decided by many online – tempting seasonal discounts contribute to this a lot, and, of course, the opportunity to choose from a more than an extensive range of goods without unnecessary fuss. Both the first and the second have long become the hallmark of “Aliexpress” – this is where you can definitely roam without much damage to the budget, find original and simply cute little things for any request. Including fine goods for women!

Options for New Year’s gifts for girls and women

To congratulate relatives and friends, a whole ocean of offers pops up on the Chinese website. It is unrealistic to reconsider everything, so it makes sense to proceed from typical ladies’ desires, needs and interests – and then, in the course of detailed reviews, take into account the special preferences of a particular person.

Idea 1 – Cute business card holder

Симпатичная визитница

It is difficult to find a woman who is absolutely indifferent to shopping – almost everyone, even if she rarely looks into stores, has a decent stack of discount cards, which, like bank cards, should be kept close at hand. Together with numerous business cards, cards become a kind of carriers of chaos: there is not enough space in the wallet for everyone, “plastic” crumbles all over the bag, gets stuck between the pages of notebooks, gets lost in nooks and crannies. It becomes problematic to find what is required at the right time, besides, the constant feverish search casts a shadow on the image of a serious lady.

The pocket organizer you gave as a New Year’s gift will help you take control of the situation. The cards will be organized in a compact, convenient, reliable and, moreover, stylish storage – an elegant design with no frills turns the business card holder into a fashionable accessory that you want to demonstrate again and again. The seller’s assortment includes as many as 7 color variations and two size ranges of products: 11.5×7.5 cm (which is equivalent to 12 cards) and 13.5×11 cm (respectively, 24). If this format is not enough, you can pick up a business card holder-wallet in the same design, which can hold cards, bills, and even a smartphone with a passport – in fact, it acts as a clutch. Dimensions – 20×11 cm.

Idea 2 – Comb with ionization

Расческа с ионизацией

The eternal “dandelion” of thin electrifying hair, cross-section and obvious lack of moisture – all these typical winter problems with hair are designed to solve the “pumped” ionic comb. The owner of this device will not have to make any tricky manipulations to provide the curls with a healthy and well-groomed look. Well, you are guaranteed a sincere gratitude for the timely delivery of the beauty rescue remedy!

Idea 3 – Aromaculon


This piece of jewelry has a dual purpose – to add flavor to the female image and serve to improve well-being. Such things are suitable for everyone and everyone, because the aroma is set arbitrarily: any essential oil (or a mixture of them) is selected, and applied to a soft liner that stores for a long time and exudes a pleasant, unobtrusive smell. Thus, with the correct selection of the composition, wearing a fragrant pendant can be a measure of preventing stress, colds, mental fatigue. Well, as for pure decoration, then everything is obvious: stylization under a Christmas tree, snowflake or graceful deer makes the pendant especially relevant for the winter season.

Modest cost allows you to order several products in different designs at once. For the set it is worth adding a set of colored felt “tablets”; if there is a desire to complement the gift with aromatic oils, it makes sense to pay attention to cinnamon, orange, tangerine, clove, pine – they all perfectly fit into the New Year’s atmosphere. Of the “universal” esters, the most popular among ladies are jasmine, patchouli, ylang-ylang and sandalwood.

Idea 4 – Heated Insoles

Стельки с подогревом

Let this not be the most elegant New Year’s gift for a woman, but you cannot argue with its usefulness – as you know, you need to keep your feet warm and dry, and the quality of winter boots often leaves much to be desired. Electric insoles guarantee comfort without limits: they can be transferred from one pair of shoes to another, periodically washed, while the size of the products adjusts itself by cutting off excess material along the contours (initial, maximum – 46).

As many as 3 configurations are offered: simple “heating pads” that require a constant connection to a power source (as a rule, a power bank is used), and wireless ones with conventional batteries / mini-Li-Ion batteries – the latter are charged via a USB cable. Operation is completely safe, the temperature rises to the optimal value of 40-45 degrees. Thin and relatively lightweight, the products do not interfere with walking, and are provided with foot locks to secure the power supplies.

Idea 5 – Plaid Cape

Стельки с подогревом

Looking for a cozy New Year gift that’s both practical and aesthetic? This is exactly what you need: the owner of the fleece “mantle” will be able to plunge into the warm embrace of a blanket, which does not hinder movement at all and allows even at home to look like a stylish lady. The thing does not have to be tugged and held as an ordinary cape that tries to slip off the shoulders every now and then – it is fixed like a cloak, for which there are special buttons in the “strategic” places. Even the semblance of sleeves is provided. Colors for every taste!

Idea 6 – Warm indoor boots

Теплые комнатные сапожки

The next option for a New Year’s gift is no less comfortable and pleasant than a soft shoulder blanket – you can make an excellent pair of them. Whatever drafts are walking around the house, in such fur shoes, women’s legs will always be reliably protected from hypothermia. The boots correspond to the festive mood – they are decorated with Christmas prints and cute pompoms. The size is selected up to Russian 36-41.

Idea 7 – Silicone Pastry Mold

Кондитерская форма из силикона

Making gingerbread men is a long tradition that is followed with pleasure in many countries of the world. She also takes root with us, and even if you cannot call a relative or acquaintance an inveterate cook, feel free to present a form for creating Christmas figures. In addition to muffins and other flour products, beautiful jelly and chocolate sweets are prepared with its help – the material is great for both baking and freezing. Even the most inexperienced hostess will certainly cope with desserts made from melted chocolates, especially since the festive atmosphere is just conducive to all kinds of sweet experiments.

Idea 8 – Washing brush

Щетка для умывания

The electric “washbasin” will help to start the year, as they say, with a clean face. It is worth praising her not only for the banal hygiene, but also for the massage effect that helps the skin to stay young and well-groomed looking longer – despite its apparent simplicity, a small device can provide professional care for female beauty. There are 3 colors to choose from: carbon, pink and red. The cosmetic gadget is recharged via a USB cable.

Idea 9 – Mini thermos


With a comfortable and reliable thermo mug, long winter walks will be a real pleasure! Hot tea, cocoa or coffee, poured into a durable heat-saving steel body, maintains a pleasant temperature for many hours, and never spills due to the sealed design. The volume of the container, 200 ml, makes it easy to fit in a small bag. And, of course, one cannot but praise the elegant appearance, reminiscent of the beauty of the starry sky.

Idea 10 – Knitted snood

Вязаный снуд

It is appropriate for both young and mature representatives of the fair sex to present a scarf-collar in the New Year – a warm, soft and beautiful accessory that can be turned into a headdress. The thing is unusually practical, suitable for a wide variety of outerwear, whether it be an elegant coat or the most ordinary down jacket. When worn as a hood, it protects well from the wind and, importantly, preserves the neatness of the hairstyle, in contrast to tight-fitting hats. This seller, offering delivery from Russia, has in the assortment not only a variety of models of scarves, but also cute gloves and mittens to complement the image.

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