What can you donate? 12 great gift ideas from Aliexpress

10 отличных идей для подарка с Алиэкспресс

It is always pleasant to receive gifts, especially if it is unexpected and for no reason. But for someone, giving gifts is much more fun. Especially if they bring joy and cheer up to the person to whom you are presenting the present. Choosing a gift is quite an important and responsible business. If you do not know what to give to a loved one or colleague on the eve of a holiday or an important event, then we advise you to take a walk through the vastness of the Aliexpress website. There you can find a lot of funny and useful things that can surprise and delight anyone.

1. Luminous case for Huawei

Светящийся чехол для huawei и Honor

A case for Huawei smartphones is an inexpensive and at the same time a nice gift for girls. It is made of silicone and has the shape of a cover-overlay, and the cute design in a floral style will certainly not be overlooked. The case fits snugly to the phone, thereby protecting it from scratches and scuffs. Connects to a smartphone using a small plug. When you receive calls or listen to music, the flowers shown on the case start blinking to the beat of the music. The gadget is compatible with many Huawei brand models.

2. Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7s Plus

What can you donate? 12 great gift ideas from Aliexpress

The robot vacuum cleaner belongs to the category of gifts that you cannot buy for yourself, but it is always nice to receive as a present. The robot vacuum cleaner presented on the site is designed for wet and dry cleaning of various floor coverings. You can control the robot not only from the button on the body and the remote control, but also from the smartphone through the mobile application, where you can easily change the settings and operating modes. The robot has high suction power, low noise and large battery capacity. The smart gadget is equipped with infrared sensors that prevent collision with surrounding objects. The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a spare filter, cleaning tools, water container, remote control and charger.

3. Phoenix A2 massager

Массажер Phoenix A2

Another good gift idea is a massager, it will always find its use. The use of this massager will have a good effect on muscle recovery after heavy physical exertion, accelerate the healing processes in the soft tissues of the body, and also improve blood circulation in the lymphatic system. The device is designed as a pistol and is very easy to use. Also, the advantages include low weight and the presence of a battery, which is able to ensure the operation of the device for six hours without recharging. There is an LED-display on the body of the device, which displays the menus for working with the device. Included with the massager are special attachments for influencing various parts of the body.

4. E-book NoEnName_Null

What can you donate? 12 great gift ideas from Aliexpress

For those who like to read at their leisure, an e-book will be a good gift. This presented device has a calm design, the body is made of plastic, thanks to which the gadget weighs only 230 grams, and there are no unnecessary elements on it, only the necessary control buttons and menus. The gadget is equipped with a built-in backlight that allows you to use the device in the dark. It is charged via a regular USB cable that comes with the kit. The diagonal of the screen of the e-book is 6 inches. The device has a memory capacity of 4GB, expandable with a memory card, has a built-in 1500mAh battery, and has the ability to connect via Wi-Fi.

5. Alanna Bedding Set

Комплект постельного белья Alanna

Bed linen as a gift is always relevant and practical. This bed linen by Alanna is made of materials safe for health – polyester and cotton. The fabric is soft, does not cause allergic reactions and does not fade when washed correctly. There is a large selection of colors with different patterns. The manufacturer offers several options for the set: 1.5 (one and a half sleeping), 2.0 (double), Euro and Family. They differ from each other only in size, number of pillowcases (up to 5 pieces) and duvet covers (up to 2 pieces). The set is packed in a stylish gift box.

6. SaengQ Air Humidifier

Увлажнитель воздуха saengQ

A humidifier is an irreplaceable item, especially during the heating season. It makes the air more humid, fights dust, and thus creates a comfortable atmosphere for the body in the room. This device is especially useful for children. Therefore, for your family friends or relatives, such a gift will be quite appropriate. The presented compact ultrasonic humidifier is made in the form of a jug and is styled like a tree. Such an original design will easily fit into any interior. The capacity of the water container is 300 ml, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the device for 6-8 hours. Quiet, allowing you to use it at night. Power is connected via USB cable. A humidifier can also be used as a fragrance. Replaceable antibacterial filters are included with the device.

7. Puer teapot

Чайник для Пуэра

For lovers of good tea, you can present a glass teapot as a gift. It is perfect for brewing, both for regular tea and exotic, with the addition of flowers, herbs, dried fruits and berries. The main part of the teapot is made of heat-resistant glass, in the shape of a classic decanter, and the comfortable handle and lid are made of food-grade plastic. Inside the kettle there is a transparent container with a stainless steel mesh filter. From the seller you can choose a teapot with a capacity of 350 ml to 1 liter.

8. 3D maze cube

Куб 3D лабиринт

The toy “3D Maze Cube” is intended for the development of attentiveness, dexterity and fine motor skills training in children from three years old. The puzzle has a one-piece, non-separable design, so you shouldn’t worry that the child breaks off something and swallows something. The body of the toy is made of durable plastic and is completely safe for the health of babies. The cube is small and ideal for children’s pens. From the seller you can choose the color of the cube you like and the desired level of difficulty for passing the puzzle.

9. LED plush toys

Светодиодные плюшевые игрушки

The LED plush toy will be a wonderful gift for children. Soft and pleasant to the touch, it is not only suitable for playing, but can also function as a night lamp. This toy is powered by three AA batteries, inside the toy there are LEDs, thanks to which the toy glows in different colors. Bear, dog, dolphin – you can choose any of the presented toys that you like. It is also possible to choose the size and color of the toy. Such a bright creative toy will certainly not leave children indifferent, and even in adults it can cause a lot of positive emotions.

10. Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Умный Браслет Xiaomi Mi Band 5

And for those who play sports and monitor their health, a smart fitness bracelet, for example, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 model, will be useful as a gift. It has an ergonomic simple design without unnecessary details, a comfortable soft strap and a waterproof case. The fitness tracker is made in black, but you can choose an additional replaceable strap, the color of which you can choose to your taste. The device has many useful features, including a pedometer, heart rate measurement, and support for social media notifications. The functionality of the bracelet can be expanded by synchronizing with the phone. The 125 mAh battery allows the device to work up to 14 days without recharging.

11. 3D pen

ТОП-5 лучших 3D ручек для детей с Алиэкспресс

For creative people, a 3D pen will be an excellent gift. With the help of such a pen, you can draw voluminous toys, create interesting, unusual objects, as well as it can be used to make and repair plastic parts. 3D pen made of AB plastic, works with USB cable. On the body of the device there is an LED display that displays all actions, it is tucked in with colored plastic threads that come with the kit. The 3D pen will become an exciting entertainment and favorite educational toy for any child. And, of course, this device will become interesting and useful for adults as well.

12. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Беспроводные Bluetooth-наушники

And, of course, Bluetooth headphones will become a relevant and win-win gift. Indeed, in our time, it is difficult to imagine a person who would not use a telephone or laptop. And headphones are an indispensable attribute in our daily life. Wireless earbuds have one undeniable advantage – no wires. The most popular on Aliexpress are Bluetooth headphones from HANXI. Stylish modern design, incredibly high-quality sound, simple operation, all these qualities make these headphones comfortable and convenient to use. They are stored in a special case, which is a portable battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. The device has an LED flashlight, two USB ports for connecting other devices and a USB input for recharging. There is also a digital battery charging indicator. These Bluetooth earbuds are a decent variant of the device, of excellent quality for a small price.

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