Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

Звуковой брелок свист для поиска ключей с Алиэкспресс

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys

A person is inherently absent-minded, even though some individuals are very scrupulous and even pedantic. But there are few of them, and most people constantly lose something, forget where what lies, and at what moment and where exactly they dropped their keys or phone! But if the phone can still be searched through dialing, then with the keys it is much more difficult. Firstly, the keys are small and therefore can slip out of your pocket or purse very easily. Secondly, the keys do not have any alarms, SIM cards or Bluetooth modules so that you can connect to them and determine their location via a GPS tracker.

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

Most often, when the keys are lost, a person gives up, because he can only walk in circles in a potential loss area. In extreme cases, you can try to use a magnet, but for this you need to know exactly where the keys fell out. But this problem is now easy to cope with if you buy a special key fob for the keys with a search function and sound alarm.

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

What is a sound keychain:

in appearance, this is an ordinary keychain for keys, having a plastic case with a chain with a ring attached to it;
the keyring ring allows you to attach a whole bunch of keys to it so that they are always together;
the keychain is small, and therefore will not be an extra load in your pocket, purse or wallet – width 27 mm and length 53 mm;
the key fob comes with an installed battery;
upon purchase, you can choose one of four body colors – white, red, blue or black;
if the key fob is not in use, you can turn off the power to save battery power;
an LED lamp equipped with a switch-button allows you to illuminate the door or car lock when opening in the dark;
the keyfob reacts to a shout or whistle within a radius of 7 meters around it, and starts honking, notifying its location.

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

A small and neat keychain, which is primarily used for its intended purpose for carrying keys, has additional functionality that allows you not to lose it, and if something happens, you can quickly find it and return it to its place!

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

Who can use such a keychain:

first, everyone who carries at least one key with them;
secondly, to car owners who, in addition to the car key, certainly have other keys in the bunch – from a house, garage, utility room, workshop or from a safe with gold and diamonds;
thirdly, these are children who have the keys to the house, but so far they do not have enough care and skill so as not to lose them at the most inopportune moment.

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

By and large, every family member who has keys should have this keychain with a search function, because losing them is highly discouraged. This is fraught not only with the inability to open the door of a house or garage, but also with extraordinary stress, which can greatly harm health, and especially the heart of a person!

Moreover, the keychain is sold for a very symbolic price that everyone can afford! The value of the key is much higher, and only those who lose the keys can understand this, without which it is impossible to open the lock at home or start your car.

Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

Why buy a whistle keychain?

  • low cost with full functionality;
  • the possibility of daily use as intended, when all the keys are at hand in the key fob ring;
  • the search function through a shout or whistle, to which the keychain responds, will allow you to find it even in a haystack, even on a sandy beach immediately after the keys fell out and were lost;
  • safety and ease of control of the key fob, allows you to use it even for young children;
  • at night in the hands of a person opening the door lock, there will be both a key and a flashlight to illuminate the keyhole.
Sound keychain whistle for finding keys with Aliexpress

It is enough to buy just one keychain with a whistle that responds to the whistle or shout of a person, as all family members who also do not want to lose their keys will want to buy it!


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