The new WhatsApp will have a “lie detector”

В новом WhatsApp появится «детектор лжи»

In our information age, there is such a thing as fake news. What it is? Well, if the short information is unreliable. Fakes, unfortunately, have tremendous power and influence on society, and are capable of wreaking havoc and panic during periods of various epidemics and cataclysms.

The main sources of fake news spread are social networks and instant messengers. Distinguishing fake news from reliable, at first glance, is almost impossible. So how can you protect yourself from fakes? If you are actively communicating on WhatsApp, then soon you will have the opportunity to filter out false information in the news stream.

The spread of a large number of fakes during serious epidemics (at this time it is a coronavirus) and various disasters prompted WhatsApp to take action. We are currently testing a new feature that allows you to check the messages you received for validity. This function will be implemented through a special search. It is reported by TechRadar.

Some WhatsApp users have already noticed the new search menu in the beta version of the app.

In the WhatsApp application, a search icon was added next to the message

Also, the possibility of fact-checking (fact-checking) is provided on Facebook and Twitter, their moderators react to posts related to the coronavirus if they contain dangerous inaccurate information. Also, on WhatsApp, a page dedicated to the coronavirus was recently launched.

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