ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

Умное смарт сиденье для унитаза ECO FRESH c Aliexpress

Smart toilet seat ECO FRESH

Many people know that smart toilets are very common in Japan. These devices can be with a different set of functions: from “simple” bidets with lighting and jet adjustment, to sophisticated devices that talk to the user. These Japanese devices have one thing in common – an incredibly high price. ESH INTHECONNECTION presents a product that will allow you to get all the benefits of electronic toilets at a very competitive price.

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

The ECO FRESH smart toilet seat with electronic bidet function is a high-tech cover for existing plumbing fixtures. Such a device can be installed on most standard toilet bowls that are common in our country.

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

Smart seat benefits and functionality

It is difficult to describe the excitement of using the ECO FRESH smart seat and convey it to those who have never used such devices. To make a decision on buying a smart seat, we recommend reading reviews of real buyers on the Internet about this product.

Despite the fact that the topic of going to the toilet is rather delicate and intimate, the customers of such devices cannot restrain their delight from the purchase and are actively sharing their opinions on the Internet. Below we will look at the main features of the high-tech ECO FRESH toilet seats.

Child mode

Perhaps one of the main advantages of the ECO FRESH seat for those who have a small child is Children mode.

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

Pros of this mode:

  • the ability to install a special cover with a smaller diameter, for a comfortable and safe stay of the child on the toilet;
  • remote activation of children’s mode using the remote control;
  • setting the bidet jet in a gentle mode, comfortable for the child;
  • optimal choice of water heating temperature;
  • drying after washing in a special mode that will not leave moisture.

With such a seat, it will be very easy to train your child to use the toilet, because every trip to the toilet will be an exciting adventure. The hygiene of the ECO FRESH smart pads has been proven in practice, so parents can be calm – their child’s bottom will always be clean after using the toilet.

Bidet function

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

This option allows using a jet of water to cleanse intimate places after going to the toilet, without getting up from the toilet. In Western countries, it is difficult to imagine a toilet room without a bidet. This function is not too familiar for our country, but it is rapidly gaining popularity among the population.


  • saving time for going to the shower, after using the toilet;
  • high level of hygiene of the procedure;
  • automatic drying function;
  • selection of different jet modes: women, children, massage, etc .;
  • the ability to adjust the water temperature;
  • regulation of the direction of the jet.

This option will allow you to take a fresh look at the routine of going to the toilet. The comfort and hygiene of the bidet has been tested by millions of people around the world. This combination of practicality and pleasure, which is so appreciated in Japan and Western countries, is now available to our consumers. Particularly pleasing is the affordable price and ease of installation of such a device.

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

Automatic lid closing function

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

The software setting can be used to set the seat cover to close automatically slowly after using the toilet. This feature will allow you not to think about the fact that someone from the family forgets to lower the lid. There are several reasons why it is important to keep the toilet closed:

  • isolation of the seat from dust and other possible contamination;
  • protection from pets who love to drink water from the toilet bowl, and not from the bowl;
  • a closed seat prevents the spread of an unpleasant odor that may be in the sewage system;
  • minimizing the risk of dropping something into the open toilet. According to statistics, a huge number of smartphones die in this way.

A very useful feature that most of us will need. In the modern rhythm of life, it is difficult to remember such trifles as the need to close the toilet lid.

Installing a smart toilet seat

ECO FRESH Smart Toilet Seat with Aliexpress

Installation of the ECO FRESH seat does not require any special skills or tools. It can be produced by yourself in a very short time. The main thing is that at the stage of choosing a seat, correctly remove the dimensions and select the optimal dimensions of the ECO FRESH lining. It is good that the range has various modifications to fit most toilets.


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