TOP-5 popular telescopes for observation from the Aliexpress website

ТОП-5 популярных телескопов для наблюдения с сайта Джум

Thanks to technological progress, in the middle of the 20th century, people learned to mass-produce optical instruments for studying the starry sky. This led to an active development of amateur astronomy and an increase in the demand for telescopes for home use. However, the price of such devices was high. Today, most telescopic equipment is manufactured in China and is inexpensive. Therefore, it will not be difficult to acquire the desired model. And to make it easier to make a choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the TOP-5 popular telescopes for children and adults.

1. Optical telescope F40070M

TOP-5 popular telescopes for observation from the Aliexpress website

The F40070M is a compact refractor that can be used for space observation or surface exploration (replaces the heavy-duty sight). Made of impact-resistant plastic with metal elements.

Features of the model:

  • tripod, convenient for storage and carrying;
  • focal length – 400 mm;
  • 70mm lens.

The kit includes several mounting eyepieces, a phone holder, a constellation diagram and instructions for use (English).

Dimensions: length – 17.7 “, tube diameter – 2.8”.

2. Astronomical Telescope F30070M

Астрономический телескоп F30070M

Professional equipment for space exploration and remote ground objects. Equipped with a large lens for clear and high contrast images. Additionally, the model has a Barlow lens. The telescope is the perfect choice for both novice astronomers and experienced sky explorers.

Main characteristics:

  • maximum magnification – 150X;
  • focal length – 300 mm;
  • type of optical system – refractor;
  • 70mm lens.

The manufacturer includes 4 lenses for the telescope, including two Barlow x3 and x1.5, an adapter for a smartphone, a tripod and a lunar filter.

3. Optical telescope monocular SVBONY SV28

TOP-5 popular telescopes for observation from the Aliexpress website

An inexpensive portable telescope with a sturdy body and foldable tripod. Suitable for observing space and terrestrial objects, animals, birds. It is recommended to choose it for children and novice astronomers. The body is coated with a coating that prevents the device from slipping and makes it easier to use.

Model characteristics:

  • 70mm lens;
  • maximum magnification – 75X;
  • adjustable tripod, height 29.5 cm.

The telescope is complete with a manual, a carrying bag, a microfiber cloth, a carrying strap and a universal smartphone holder.

4. Astronomical telescope SVBONY SV25

TOP-5 popular telescopes for observation from the Aliexpress website

The telescope is made of durable aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Designed for the study of celestial bodies, the study of terrestrial objects and living beings at a great distance.


  • the set includes an adjustable tripod that can be easily removed and adjusted;
  • focal length – 420 mm;
  • magnification – 46X / 21X;
  • Includes 5×20 optical viewfinder.

The telescope is designed to be mounted on a larger tripod and can be used directly on the ground.

5. Астрономический телескоп F36050

Астрономический телескоп F36050

Качественный и недорого телескоп, позволяющий изучать космические и наземные объекты. Подойдет как для опытных астрономов, так и для детей, которые только начинают знакомиться с тайнами Вселенной.

Особенностью F36050 стали компактные размеры и легкий, но прочный корпус из алюминия. Весит оптическое оборудование всего 0,774 кг, а длина трубки в сложенном виде – 44 см. Это значит, что он без проблем поместится в дорожной сумке и не создаст проблем при перевозке.

Другие характеристики:

  • фокусное расстояние – 360 мм;
  • 50-миллиметровый объектив;
  • максимальное увеличение – 90Х.

К телескопу прилагается лунный фильтр, штатив, несколько линз, инструкция по эксплуатации на английском языке.

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