TOP 5 best solar panels for home with Aliexpress

ТОП-5 лучших солнечных батарей для дома с сайта Джум

5 best solar panels for your home with Aliexpress

Solar panels are an effective way to save on electricity bills. With their help, you can use household appliances, charge various gadgets and even electric cars. Previously, they were used by people with a large income, but now, thanks to the development of technology, everyone can buy such devices. We present to you the TOP 5 of the best solar panels that are designed for home use.

1. Solar Panel USB 40W / 60W / 100W

Солнечная панель  40W/60W/100W USB от магазина ENumber1

The model is universal and suitable for use in an apartment, house, country house or in a car. It is a monocrystalline silicon wafer. The dimensions depend on which panel power you have chosen – 40, 60 or 100W.


  • controller panel with two USB outputs and a miniature LCD display;
  • availability of protection against short circuit, overload, idle operation;
  • a system for regulating the parameters of the device;
  • the degree of conversion of sunlight into energy is 23-24%.

To the USB-panel, the manufacturer applies crocodile clips, a set of wires, suction cups for fastening, a controller unit.

2. Solar panel 30W / 50W

Солнечная панель  30W/50W

It is one of the best solar panels in the low price range. Has a compact size and high-quality assembly. The case is made of durable aluminum alloy, so that the panel can be transported without fear of its integrity.


  • light weight;
  • the ability to use in bad weather conditions (strong wind, salt fog, hail, etc.);
  • automatic switching of rated power (12-24V);
  • long service life;
  • ease of use.

The solar panel is sold with crocodile clips, controller, car charger, mounting hardware and instructions.

3. Solar panel 10W

TOP 5 best solar panels for home with Aliexpress

The solar panel is suitable for both home and outdoor use or in the car. Made of transparent epoxy resin and polycrystalline silicon. Weight – 0.267 kg.

The model belongs to the “Universal” category. Any electronics can be connected to it, including LEDs for billboards and store signs, telephones, fans, portable audio and video players, etc.

General characteristics:

  • dimensions 380×220 mm;
  • power – 10W;
  • voltage – 12V.

The solar panel comes with a 4 meter cable and two crocodile clips. The controller and charger will have to be purchased separately.

4. Solar panel 25W

Солнечная панель  25W

Suitable for charging gadgets and as a power source for small devices with low power consumption. The panel is sold with a USB adapter. It is a plastic box with two 5V USB outputs.

Other features:

  • panel material – polycrystalline silicon;
  • number of cells – 154;
  • the degree of conversion of sunlight into energy is 23-24%.

This model will be a good choice for an apartment, country house, camping. It is also recommended to buy it for car owners, travel enthusiasts and cyclists.

The solar panel is sold with crocodile clips, suction cups, adapter and car charger.

5. Solar panel 3/5 / 6W

Солнечная панель 3/5/6W

Inexpensive, but high quality solar panel. It features compact size, robust housing and compatibility with all devices that consume little power. Main characteristics: operating voltage – 6V, short-circuit current – 210 MA.

The model is designed to connect:

  • lighting fixtures outdoors or indoors;
  • advertising signs;
  • fans;
  • LED strips;
  • flashing lights and so on.

Complete set – cable (3 meters) and solar panel.

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