TOP 5 gaming computers in 2020 with Aliexpress

ТОП-5 игровых компьютеров с Алиэкспресс 2020

Recently, a lot of game assemblies have appeared on the electronics market that are able to satisfy the needs of every gamer and run any game at the highest possible settings. They all differ from each other in parameters and cost. In order not to make the wrong choice, we suggest that you check out the five best gaming computers from Aliexpress for 2020.

1. Mini PC VENOEN F7

Мини ПК Topton F5

A miniature system unit with a unique and stylish design. Its body is made of durable aluminum alloy, has a dark gray color and is decorated with bright LED lighting. The main feature of the model is a powerful eight-thread, quad-core processor Intel Core i5-9300H Coffee, Lake (2.4 GHz), which provides the computer with fast work.

Other characteristics:

  • support for up to 64 GB of RAM (2 DDR4 strips);
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX1650M graphics card (4 GB);
  • video port with the ability to connect two monitors;
  • efficient cooling system;
  • 256 GB hard drive.

The set to the system unit comes with a cable for connecting to the el. network, SATA and HDMI cords.

2. IPASON AMD X4 860K Cheap Gaming PC

Дешевый игровой ПК IPASON AMD X4 860K

An inexpensive computer that lets you comfortably play your favorite games, including League, Legends, WoT, CS: GO, and Fortnite. The case of the system unit is made of metal with elements of shock-resistant plastic, decorated with LED backlighting. (side cover, transparent). Color – light gray.


  • high-performance processor AMD X4 860K;
  • GPU – RX 560D (4GB);
  • the amount of RAM – 8 GB;
  • 120 GB hard drive (SSD);
  • power supply unit for 300W.

The disadvantage of the model is the lack of a CD-ROM and a slot for its installation. If you need to run CDs or DVDs on your computer, you will have to purchase an external drive.

3. Topton S210 Mini Gaming PC

Игровой мини ПК Topton S210

A compact desktop computer that is especially popular with gamers. It differs from other models of this manufacturer with an unusual case shape and good characteristics.

Computer features:

  • 12-thread and 6-core Intel Core i7 8850H CPU (2.6 GHz);
  • support for RAM up to 64 GB (2 DDR4 slots);
  • built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • SDD hard drive with 256 GB;
  • integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630;
  • silent cooling system.

The system unit comes with a power adapter + cable, a bag for transportation, Wi-Fi antennas, an HDMI cable and instructions.

4. Computer gaming IPASON I5 9400F

Компьютер игровой IPASON I5 9400F

The advantages of the model include excellent technical parameters and a chic case design. It is made of metal and black plastic elements, and the front panel and side are decorated with multi-colored backlighting.

The main characteristics of the computer:

  • Intel Core i5 9400F CPU for maximum performance of modern games and programs;
  • video card GeForce GTX 1650 from NVIDIA;
  • SDD hard drive with 240 GB;
  • silent and powerful cooling system with a luminous cooler;
  • RAM 8 GB (DDR4).

The disadvantage of the model is the same as that of the IPASON AMD X4 860K – there is no floppy drive and no slot for it.

5. Computer gaming IPASON ASUS RTX2080TI 11G

Компьютер игровой IPASON ASUS RTX2080TI 11G

A super-powerful gaming PC from the IPASON brand with a unique design inspired by the anime animated series Gundam. Allows you to play absolutely any games at maximum settings without lags and FPS drawdowns.

General characteristics of the system unit:

  • CPU Core I9 10900K;
  • RTX2080TI graphics card from ASUS;
  • power supply 750W;
  • silent cooling system;
  • 32 GB of RAM;
  • 1 TB hard drive.

The computer comes with a power cord. networks and instruction. There is no disk drive in the system unit. If necessary, you will have to buy an external CD / DVD-ROM.

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