TOP 5 best 3D pens for kids with Aliexpress

ТОП-5 лучших 3D ручек для детей с Алиэкспресс

The 3D pen is a miniature device for creating three-dimensional models. It is a good alternative to 3D printers and will become an interesting toy for children from 5 years old (under the supervision of parents). With its help, the kid will learn to “draw” volumetric geometric shapes and create appliqués, and thanks to the ability to use multi-colored threads for a 3D pen, the child will be able to learn colors. If you are interested in such a device, check out the TOP 5 best models that you can buy on Aliexpress.

1. 3D pen Myriwell RP-100A

 ручка Myriwell RP-100A

The handle is designed to work with PLA and ABS filaments. It is characterized by the strength of the case and reliability, so you should not worry that the child will quickly break it. In addition, the device has a comfortable shape and fits well even in the tiny hand of the baby, which allows him to create voluminous figures without discomfort.

Features of 3D pen:

  • function of setting the feed rate of ABS or PLA filaments;
  • regulation of the melting point of the material;
  • activation of “sleep” mode, if the handle has not been used for more than 5 minutes.

On the body of the device there is a light indicator of operation and a button to turn on / off the heating element.

2. Aveiro 3D Pen

3D ручка Aveiro 3D Pen

The model will be a good gift for a child for birthday, Christmas or New Year. It has a stylish design and is compatible with ABS material. Additionally, the manufacturer attaches to it a set of colored threads (10 pcs.).

Benefits of the Aveiro 3D Pen:

  • the ability to “draw” both in the air and on paper;
  • comfortable shape and bright colors of the body (several options), attracting the attention of the baby;
  • on the case there are indicators of the mode of operation of the device, an on / off button and material feed.

The pen comes with a USB adapter for power supply, a branded storage case and a stand.

3. 3D pen SMAFFOX SMA-01

3D ручка SMAFFOX SMA-01

Inexpensive but high quality 3D pen from the Chinese brand Smaffox, which is compatible with ABS and PLA filaments. A feature of the device is that it connects to email. powered via a regular USB cable, like on a smartphone. Therefore, if the charger from the manufacturer fails over time, the handle will still be powered by a mobile phone charger.

Pros of choosing a 3D pen from Smaffox:

  • a branded case in which you can store a skein of threads, a stand, a charger and a pen with instructions;
  • function of setting the speed of material feeding (3 levels);
  • there is a small LCD display on which you can monitor the operating mode of the device.

4. 3D pen Dikale 02A

3D ручка Dikale 02A

Comfortable handle for high-quality gathering with adjustable filament feed speed. The device is 17 centimeters long and weighs only 65 grams, so it can be used by children of primary school age.

Other features of the model:

  • compatible with PLA and ABS filaments;
  • small display on the case to track the operating mode;
  • can be charged with a regular USB cable.

The manufacturer includes 12 skeins of threads of different colors and a template sheet for drawings.

5. Lihuachen RP800A 3D Pen

3D ручка Lihuachen RP800A

A beautiful and bright children’s art pen (4 colors), made by the Chinese brand Lihuachen. Compatible with PLA / ABS filaments and can be powered by an external rechargeable battery.

Benefits of the RP800A 3D Pen:

  • compact size – 17.5x7x2 cm;
  • lightness – weighs only 45 grams;
  • there is a small screen that shows the heating temperature of the material and other information;
  • thread feed speed regulator;
  • automatic shutdown when idle.

The kit includes a pen, three colored threads, user manual (English), power supply.

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