TOP-30 best staplers for furniture from Aliexpress – rating of construction staplers

ТОП-30 лучших степлеров для мебели с Алиэкспресс - рейтинг степлеров


1. WORKPRO W023025A

Степлер мебельный WORKPRO W023025A

Furniture mechanical stapler WORKPRO W023025A is supplied complete with straight brackets for upholstery – 11.3 and 10.6mm, arched for wires —12mm, nails —14mm. The staple gun is made of metal, the front has a switch for different modes of staples. At the top of the body of the hand stapler there is a button for adjusting the impact power. The handle is long enough, made of plastic with rubberized inserts in a shape that is comfortable to grip by hand. A locking ring is placed under the handle to prevent accidental pressing. The charging mechanism is located at the bottom of the case with a protective fixation. WORKPRO staplers have established themselves as reliable, high-quality tools.

2. ValueMax V024004AS

Степлер мебельный ValueMax V024004AS

Furniture stapler ValueMax V024004AS is designed for driving staples and nails into wood, chipboard and metal surfaces. The mechanical stapler is made of metal, the set includes 2 types of staples with a width of 10.6, 6.3mm and nails with a height of 15mm. A screw depth adjustment is placed on top of the device body, to which it is planned to drive the staples. The handle of the staple gun is also made of metal, which increases the service life of the tool, even with frequent use. The hand stapler is suitable for upholstering furniture, fixing wires, nailing wooden structural elements with small nails.


Степлер мебельный PHANTACI DS014

Multifunctional furniture stapler PHANTACI DS014 is designed for driving arc, straight staples and nails into wood and metal surfaces. The compact staple gun is made of metal and is available in two colors to choose from – steel or black. Includes 600 staples. On top of the body there is an adjusting screw for selecting the impact force and a locking ring that protects against accidental operation of the stapler. Fully metal handle with sufficient length to leverage when pressed. The staple gun is easy to load. For this, a cassette is provided at the bottom.


Степлер мебельный JOUSTMAX

The powerful JOUSTMAX furniture stapler with mechanical control is offered by the seller in three versions: with a steel or black body, with a rubberized handle. The set includes a set of staples and nails. The staple gun is used for household needs and in the furniture industry. Using the tool, you can upholstery furniture, fix wires, hammer small nails into wooden and metal surfaces. Thanks to the ergonomic long handle, the craftsman does not have to put in a lot of effort when working. On the body of the staple gun, a handle stopper is provided to prevent accidental operation.


Степлер мебельный Huppgou

The mechanical furniture stapler Tuosen is made of durable high-quality steel, so it can withstand a long service life even with constant work. Therefore, the staple gun can also be used by professional furniture makers. The multifunctional tool is used for driving a standard staple of 4-14mm in size, semicircular – 10-12mm, and nails 10-14mm long. The design provides for an adjusting screw, which can be used to change the force of the impact. Ergonomically shaped metal handle is comfortable to grip, fixed with a locking ring.

6. LAOA LA148

Степлер мебельный LAOA LA148

Furniture stapler LAOA LA148 is made of metal, with small dimensions (15 cm in length) rather heavy (600 g), designed for driving staples and nails of five modifications. It can be used both in the production of upholstered furniture, and for the manufacture of shoes, fastening wooden structures, laying wires. The power of the penetration depth is regulated by a pad on the front of the body. The kit for testing a staple gun comes with several types of staples and nails. To fix the handle in a non-working position, there is a special metal ring on the body.


Степлер мебельный BENGU

Furniture stapler BENGU with mechanical control of small dimensions (155×135 mm) is used not only in everyday life, but also for upholstering furniture with fabric or leather using staples, fixing wires, fastening wooden surfaces with nails. The impact force is regulated by a screw on the top of the body. The staple gun is made of high quality steel, the comfortable long handle provides good leverage during operation. A special ring is used to fix the handle in the inoperative position. Consumables are easily refueled into the store using a spring mechanism. Through a small window, you can track how many staples are left.

8. Milda

Степлер мебельный Milda

Mechanical furniture stapler Milda of miniature size is made of stainless steel with a rubberized handle for easy grip by hand. The staple gun can be used to fasten surfaces with standard staples, fix cables with U-brackets, hammer in small nails. The set includes a set of staples and nails, as well as a staple remover for pulling out staples. The adjusting screw on the body is designed to change the force of the impact. The ring locks the handle to prevent accidental operation. At the bottom of the case there is a mechanism with a magazine for quick filling of consumables.


Степлер мебельный ERWERK HNC-04

Cheap furniture stapler ERWERK HNC-04 with manual mechanism is available in two versions – with a short or long handle. For professional work, it is better to buy a staple gun with a 12 cm handle. For a home craftsman, an 11 cm handle will be enough. The kit also includes a set of 2000 staples. The tool is loaded with standard staples 10.6 mm wide and is suitable for fixing wires, pulling the canvas onto a wooden frame, upholstering furniture with fabric, minor repairs. The staple gun is made of stainless steel and, with its small dimensions (17.5×8 cm), has sufficient power.

10. Mayitr

Степлер мебельный Mayitr

Furniture stapler Mayitr of miniature size (14.5×8 cm) with a manual mechanism is designed for minor repairs in everyday life. The cheap staple pistol is made of durable plastic, the handle is made of stainless steel with an easy pressing mechanism. A metal ring is provided on the back of the case to fix the handle. The kit includes a set of 100 staples 6mm wide. The staple gun is used for pulling furniture, fixing cables, laying ceiling tiles, fastening drywall sheets. 4/6/8 mm staples can be used, the magazine is easy to charge.


11. Becornce F30

Электрический мебельный степлер Becornce F30

Electric furniture stapler Becornce F30 operates from a voltage of 220 V. The tool is designed for driving staples 10-30 mm in size at a speed of 45 pcs / min. The body of the staple gun is made of bright orange plastic, the working surface is made of aluminum. The handle has an ergonomic shape, easy to grip with a hand, on the front there is a power button and a trigger. To drive in the staple, you will need to turn on the stapler and easily pull the trigger. The dimensions of the device are 22x22cm. The power of the staple gun is 2300 W. This is sufficient for stapling through hardwoods.


Электрический мебельный степлер DEKO DKET01

The DEKO DKET01 electric furniture stapler works with staples and nails. The instrument is quite impressive in size – 27.5x7x19.5 cm, weighing about one and a half kg, made of durable orange plastic with black rubberized inserts on the handle and body. The magazine is made of aluminum, where staples and nails are inserted easily in just one movement. The staple gun works from the 220 V network, the cable length is 2 meters. The power button and driving depth adjustment are located in the lower part of the body. There is a trigger on the handle. The staple gun is suitable for both the DIY and professional construction or furniture work.


Электрический мебельный степлер DEKO DKET02

The DEKO DKET02 electric powerful furniture stapler is designed for driving staples and nails into wooden surfaces, plastic, chipboard and MDF boards, plywood. The staple gun operates from a 220V electrical network, the wire length is 2 m. The tool has a rather impressive size – 28x27x8 cm and weighs more than 2 kg. Driving speed 20 staples per minute. At the bottom of the case there is a power button, on the side there is an impact force regulator. The trigger is located on the handle. The staple gun is made of black plastic with yellow rubberized inserts on the handle and body to reduce slipping.


Электрический мебельный степлер TASP MESG45

Electric furniture stapler TASP MESG45 small size 14.5×17 cm weighs only 600g and can be used for work even by women. The staple gun can be used to drive staples 8-14mm and nails 15mm high. The kit, together with the stapler, includes a set of 800 staples and 200 nails. The instrument is made of durable plastic, sky blue. The handle and part of the body are lined with rubberized anti-slip inserts. The staple gun works from a 220 volt network, the cord length is 2 m. The number of strokes is 30 per minute, which is quite enough for professionals. The handle is ergonomically shaped, easy to grip, there is a start button in front, a lock on the side.

15. Prostormer PTET1054

Электрический мебельный степлер Prostormer PTET1054

Electric furniture stapler Prostormer PTET1054 is made of blue plastic with black rubber inserts. The device is powered by electricity, the length of the cord is 2 meters. The staple gun is designed for automatic driving of staples (8-16mm) and nails (15-16mm) into wood, plastic, drywall, chipboard sheets. The power button and power regulator are located at the bottom of the case. The tool is capable of driving consumables at a speed of up to 20 per minute. The rated power of the device is 2000 W. The kit includes a set of staples and nails for testing the staple gun in operation.


Электрический мебельный степлер HIMOSKWA YWL124TE

Electric furniture stapler HIMOSKWA YWL124TE is designed for driving staples and nails at a speed of up to 30 per minute. Power – 2000W. For the staple gun to work, it must be connected to a 220 V electrical network. When choosing a tool modification, pay attention to the type of plug suitable for the region. The body is made of durable light green plastic. Ergonomic grip with rubber grips for comfortable palm grip. The magazine and the working area of ​​the stapler are made of aluminum. The power button on the staple pistol is located at the bottom of the body, the trigger is conveniently located on the handle.

17. HIFESON F30/422

Электрический мебельный степлер HIFESON F30/422

Electric furniture stapler HIFESON F30 / 422 is designed for fastening various materials with staples (6-22mm) or nails (6-30mm). The staple gun works from the 220V electrical network. When ordering a stapler, you should pay attention to the design of the plug, which is made according to the European or American standard. The dimensions of the staple gun are 230×240 mm. It is made of burgundy plastic. The handle has a power button and a trigger. The upper part is oblong for a grip with the second hand. The store is made of aluminum, filling with consumables is easy.

18. Dutoofree F3042

Электрический мебельный степлер Dutoofree F3042

Electric furniture stapler Dutoofree F3042 with a power of 2000 W has 6 modes of impact force, operates from a 220V electrical network. Suitable for fastening various materials with 15-30mm nails and 15-25mm staples. The body of the staple gun is made of plastic with motor cooling holes to protect the device from overheating. Ergonomically shaped handle with trigger. The store is made of aluminum, it is filled with consumables in just one movement. The staple gun can be used for household work, and it will also be a good helper for a professional craftsman.


Электрический мебельный степлер DOERSUPP

The 1800W DOERSUPP electric furniture stapler staples even hard materials with staples up to 30mm in length and nails 10-30mm. Driving speed 1-3 nails per second. The tool operates from a 220-240V mains, to which it is connected with a Euro plug with a two-meter cord. The staple gun is suitable for domestic and professional use. Comfortable handle with ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. At the bottom of the handle is the power button, at the top is the trigger. The staple gun is made of plastic, the magazine is made of durable aluminum alloy. Dimensions 20×23 cm, weight 2 kg.

20. Drillpro

Электрический мебельный степлер Drillpro

Electric furniture stapler Drillpro with a rated power of 2000 W is made of durable plastic with a rubber grip on the handle. The staple tool works from an electrical network of 220-240 V. It is connected with a euro plug, cord length is 2 meters. Small in size – 22×22 cm, the staple pistol is powerful enough for professional work with hard wood species. The stapler can be used to drive straight staples and nails up to 30mm in length at a speed of 30 per minute, which is one of the best staple guns.



Аккумуляторный мебельный степлер TASP MESG40D

The TASP MESG40D rechargeable furniture stapler is powered by a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. A full charge is enough to drive 1000 staples. The charge level indicator is located on the front of the staple gun body. It takes 3-5 hours to charge the battery. The cordless staple gun drives 6-14mm staples and 15mm nails at a speed of 30 per minute. In addition to the stapler, the kit includes a power supply with a USB connection to charge the battery, a set of staples (800 pcs.) And nails (200 pcs.) For testing the device.

22. WORKPRO W023029A

Аккумуляторный мебельный степлер WORKPRO W023029A

The WORKPRO W023029A cordless furniture stapler is capable of working with four types of staples – semicircular and straight staples of different widths, and two types of nails – with and without a head. The unusual rectangular shape of the stapler with a recessed handle is easy to work with. The cordless staple gun is powered by a 3.6V lithium-ion battery. The set also includes a charger and a set of 2000 staples and nails. On the case there is a light indication of the battery charge level. The stapler has a lock against accidental pressing – the staple gun works only when the magazine is firmly pressed against a hard surface.


Аккумуляторный мебельный степлер HIFESON F30C

The HIFESON F30C rechargeable furniture stapler is offered with a choice of two types of batteries: 1500mAh and 3000mAh. The battery is inserted into the grooves on the bottom of the case and is charged separately from the tool. The cordless staple gun measures 25×27 cm and works with staples and nails up to 30 mm long. The stapler is made of plastic with a rubberized handle and a magazine made of aluminum alloy. The handle has a trigger and a button to block the device from accidental operation. Also, the staple gun will not work unless the spout is pressed firmly against the surface.

24. HIFESON 422

Аккумуляторный мебельный степлер HIFESON 422

The rechargeable furniture stapler HIFESON 422 operates on 1500 and 3000 mAh batteries, depending on the configuration. The staple gun drives staples 4mm wide and 10 to 22mm long. The cordless stapler is made of red plastic, the handle is black rubberized, so your fingers do not slip. On the handle there is a trigger and a lock button. Tool dimensions 27.5×25 cm, weight – 2.5 kg. The battery is attached to the body at the bottom of the device; a power supply is included for charging. The power of the staple gun is sufficient for working with hard wood species.

25. Dutoofree

Аккумуляторный мебельный степлер Dutoofree

The Dutoofree cordless furniture stapler is bright red and comes in a fabric storage case. The set includes a lithium battery that powers the device and a power supply for charging. The cordless staple gun drives nails from 10 to 30mm lengths, straight and U-staples 10-22mm. A special button is provided on the case for locking. In addition, the tool will not work if it is further than 4 cm from the surface to be machined. The rubber grip of the staple gun is non-slip and durable material designed for a long service life.


26. Xzante

Пневматический мебельный степлер Xzante

The Xzante pneumatic furniture stapler is powered by compressed air in a compressor. Such a tool is more efficient than a mechanical one, and more reliable than an electric one. Compressor pressure – 4-6 bar. The staple gun drives nails, straight staples and U-staples with a light push of the trigger. The staple air pistol is quite heavy, made entirely of metal, the handle is rubberized for a comfortable grip. The metal head can also be used instead of a hammer. The kit also comes with a staple remover, which makes it easy to pull out the used staples.

27. Meite 1170

Пневматический мебельный степлер Meite 1170

Pneumatic furniture stapler Meite 1170 of small size (208×168 mm) and weighing only 600 g will be a good assistant for a shoe or furniture maker. With a pneumatic gun, it is easy to drive in nails with a head up to 11.7 mm in diameter, as well as U-shaped and straight staples. The staple gun is powered by compressed air with a pressure of 4-7kg / cm2. To drive nails and staples, simply bring the tool to the surface and lightly pull the trigger. The staple gun is fast enough to be used in furniture or shoes.

28. Meite 8016B

Пневматический мебельный степлер Meite 8016B

The pneumatic furniture stapler Meite 8016B is used in the production of upholstered furniture and footwear. The tool of compact dimensions 207×145 mm and weighing about a kilogram is characterized by high performance due to a compressor with a working pressure of 4-7kgf / cm2. The staple pneumatic pistol is made entirely of metal, on the handle there is a rubber pad for the hand. For hammering, a trigger is provided, which only needs to be pressed lightly so that the staples and nails enter the surface to the required depth. Straight, curved staples and nails up to 10 mm high can be inserted into the magazine.


Пневматический мебельный степлер WENXING F30

Pneumatic furniture stapler WENXING F30 is a powerful tool with a working pressure of 0.4-0.7MPa capable of driving nails and staples even into concrete. The staple gun is used for fixing ceiling panels, making and hauling upholstered furniture, in everyday life. The work of the stapler is based on the energy of compressed air, so the device has a high power, works almost silently, does not require the application of physical force. One has only to lightly press the trigger, as the staple or nail will shoot into the surface prepared for fastening. A staple gun comes with an oiler for lubricating parts with oil.


Пневматический мебельный степлер ERWERK ANG-05

The ERWERK ANG-05 pneumatic furniture stapler with a working pressure of 3.5-5 bar is suitable for professional work and will become a reliable assistant to the furniture maker or builder. The body of the staple pneumatic gun is completely metal, the handle is provided with a rubber anti-slip pad. Thanks to the compressed air, working with the stapler does not require physical force, it is only enough to lightly press the trigger. The magazine can be filled with staples 4 mm wide and nails up to 22 mm long. The staple gun comes with a hex wrench for tool maintenance and repair, and a set of 300 staples.

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