TOP 20 best electric tile cutters with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших плиткорезов электрических с Алиэкспресс

Electric tile cutter is designed for cutting different types of ceramic wall and floor tiles, natural stone, brick, glass. Power tools are expensive and more useful to a professional tiler to facilitate work and speed up the process of laying tiles. When choosing an electric tile cutter, it is important to take into account the engine power, tool dimensions, straight and oblique cut depth, cutting speed, and the presence of additional functions that facilitate the work.

You can buy an electric tile cutter at competitive prices on Aliexpress. To help with the choice, the site compiled a rating of the best tile cutters that are sold on AliExpress.

1. ЗУБР ЭП-180-600Н

ЗУБР ЭП-180-600Н

Electric tile cutter ZUBR EP-180-600N desktop type has a compact size of 36x38x19 cm. The tool is suitable for straight, oblique, combined cutting of tiles. It also cuts porcelain stoneware. Built-in water cooling bath extends tool life and prevents excessive dusting. For precision cutting to size, a longitudinal guide is provided. The built-in electromagnetic switch and a protective casing provide safety of work. Motor power: 600 W, saw blade diameter: 180 mm. The maximum cutting depth at a right angle reaches 34 mm. At an angle of 45 ° – 17 mm. The working surface measuring 33×36 cm is made of galvanized steel and is not subject to corrosion.

2. ЗУБР ЭП-200-1000Н

ЗУБР ЭП-200-1000Н

Desktop electric cutter ZUBR EP-200-1000N, unlike the previous model, has a more powerful engine of 1000 W and a larger working surface of 50×40 cm with a built-in extension. The device has a disk with a diameter of 200 mm. Thanks to improved performance, the tool is suitable for all types of wall, floor and paving tiles up to 40 mm thick. The tool cuts at right and oblique angles. The system provides forced water cooling, which prevents overheating of the cut tiles and reduces dust formation. For accurate cutting to size, a longitudinal guide is built in. The hands of the tiler are protected by a special casing.

3. Зубр ЭП-200-800С

Зубр ЭП-200-800С

Electric tile cutter Zubr EP-200-800S is a separate machine on metal folding legs 60 cm high with rollers at the bottom for ease of movement. The motor power is 800 W, the saw blade diameter is 200 mm. The movable disc head allows you to saw through the material without moving. The tool makes straight and oblique cuts at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees, suitable for various types of tiles and natural stone. The maximum sawing depth is 35 mm. To reduce dusting and cool the tiles, water cooling is provided. The fixing emphasis increases precisely a cut on the set sizes.

4. ЗУБР СП-620 ЭП-300-1500C

ЗУБР СП-620 ЭП-300-1500C

Powerful electric cutter ZUBR SP-620 EP-300-1500C is ideal for a professional tiler. Powered by a 1500 W motor and a 300 mm saw blade, this tool can cut through the toughest materials up to 65 mm thick. The cutting length reaches 120 cm. The tile cutter is a machine with folding legs to which wheels are attached. The height of the table is 800 mm, the size of the working surface is 126×46.8 cm. The surface of the table is covered with rubber so that the tiles do not slip. For cooling, a bath is provided, where water is poured and forcibly supplied to the work surface. An emphasis with a scale helps to cut the material according to the specified parameters.

5. Des King DK-M07

Des King DK-M07

The Des King DK-M07 table saw is designed for cutting tiles straight or at a 45 degree angle. Motor power is 1000W, cutting disc diameter is 180 mm. The protective cover made of plastic protects the hands of the tiler. The tool has compact dimensions: 500x575x270 mm, can be used both by professional craftsmen and at home. The built-in water cooling system supplies water to the disc during sawing, so that the tiles do not heat up and generate less dust. The cutting depth at a right angle is 30 mm, at an angle of 45 degrees – 20 mm. The rubberized feet provide stability of the tool and reduce sliding on a surface.

6. Вихрь ЭП-180

Вихрь ЭП-180

Electric tile cutter Whirlwind EP-180 belongs to the budget category and is suitable for small finishing work. In addition to ceramics, the tool cuts granite, marble, glass, travertine, provided that special discs are installed. Engine power – 600 W, saw blade diameter – 180 mm, working surface size – 33×36 cm. Using a tile cutter, you can cut material up to 34 mm thick at an angle of 90 degrees. If the angle is 450, the depth of cut reaches 23 mm. To cool the material during operation, a compartment for filling with water is provided, which automatically enters the working surface, which reduces dusting and cools the processed materials.

7. Sturm! TC9819L

Sturm! TC9819L

The 800 W Sturm TC9819L tile cutter has compact dimensions: 38x36x19 cm and relatively light weight – 11 kg. The table type tool is suitable for cutting tiles up to 34 mm thick at a right or oblique angle of 45 degrees. The cutting depth at an oblique angle is 17 mm. The size of the diamond disc is 180 mm. The cooling bath is placed under the circle where dust particles fall. Coolant is automatically supplied to the working surface. The engine is cooled during operation by means of ventilation holes in the housing. A protective cover is provided to protect the hands of the master.

8. Диолд ПЭ-750/180

Диолд ПЭ-750/180

Electric tile cutter Diold PE-750/180 is designed for domestic use. The power of the electric motor is 750 watts. The tool is equipped with a diamond blade with a diameter of 180 mm, which provides a maximum cutting depth of 34 mm. A tile cutter can make straight and oblique cuts at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The manufacturer recommends a continuous cycle of using the power tool for no longer than 15 minutes with a 5-minute break to protect the motor from overheating. Temperature regime of tile cutter application: from +5°С to +35°С. The tile cutter comes with a cooling bath to reduce dust and cool the blade.

9. Диолд ПЭ-500/180

Диолд ПЭ-500/180

Household electric tile cutter Diold PE-500/180 is used for straight and oblique cutting of ceramic tiles of small and medium sizes up to 35 mm thick. The working table of the machine is made of galvanized steel, which prevents the formation of corrosion on the surface. For the accuracy of cutting in size, a scale is applied to the working surface. The table can be tilted up to 45 degrees according to the marks for miter cuts. The 180mm diameter diamond saw blade is automatically cooled by water from a special tank, which improves cutting accuracy and reduces dust generation.

10. Patriot TC 450

Patriot TC 450

The Patriot TC 450 portable tile cutter is designed for small jobs like cutting tiles at right or oblique angles. Tool power: 500 W, saw blade diameter 115 mm, working surface 330 x 360 mm. The weight of the tile cutter is only 5 kg thanks to the body made of durable plastic. The built-in cooling system protects the tiles from overheating and cracking during processing. Water from the reservoir flows to the blade, which cools the surface and reduces the formation of dust. A cable reel is provided for storage on the case. The kit includes an angular and longitudinal stop, which helps to cut the tiles exactly to size.

11. RedVerg RD-711620

RedVerg RD-711620

The RedVerg RD-711620 electric tile cutter with removable legs is suitable for a professional tiler. Using the tool, you can cut wall and floor ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, glass, natural stone at a right or oblique angle in the range from 0 to 45 degrees. The size of the circular saw blade is 20 mm, the maximum cutting depth is 35 mm, and the length is 620 mm. The device has a built-in pump with a capacity of 600 l / h, which automatically supplies water to the work surface. Water cooling protects the material from cracking and reduces dust emission.

12. Denzel TSD-180В

Denzel TSD-180В

The electric tile cutter Denzel TSD-180B is a free-standing machine with collapsible legs and a work table measuring 385×600 mm. Markings are applied to the working surface to increase the accuracy of processing according to the given dimensions. With a tile cutter, you can cut tiles straight or at an angle from 0 to 450. The maximum cutting depth is 25 mm. The tool is equipped with a durable diamond blade with a diameter of 180 mm, which is covered with a protective cover on top to protect the master from sparks. Water is automatically applied to the blade during operation to cool the material and reduce dust.

13. WORTEX TC 2090-1 CM


Electric tile cutter WORTEX TC 2090-1 CM belongs to the professional type of power tools. The body of the machine is made of durable steel with an additional anti-corrosion coating. Legs are screwed to the working table measuring 990×394 mm, which allows using the tool without additional surface. The 200 mm diameter diamond blade cuts all kinds of tiles up to 37 mm thick and up to 72 cm long. The saw head can be adjusted in height. Thanks to the moving disk along the guide, the master does not have to push the material. The incision runs at a right or oblique angle up to 45 degrees. The cooling system automatically supplies water to the treatment site using a pump.

14. WORTEX TC 1865 C


Electric disk tile cutter WORTEX TC 1865 C has a compact size and is inexpensive, it can be used at home and by a professional tiler. The size of the working table is 360×330 mm, the diameter of the saw blade is 180 mm. The tile cutter can cut ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone straight or at an angle in the range of 0-45°. Marking is applied to the surface, which increases the accuracy of the cut. To cool the disk, a built-in bath of water is used, where the blade falls during rotation. As a result, the temperature of the treatment site drops, which prevents the tiles from cracking and reduces dust emissions. The top protective cover prevents sparks from entering the master.

15. СПЕЦ-3232 СПЭ-600

СПЕЦ-3232 СПЭ-600

Electric tiles Special-3232 SPE-600 with a built-in compulsory cooling system is used to cut porcelain tile, ceramic and paving slabs, and natural stone. Motor power: 600 watts, diameter of the saw diamond disk: 180 mm. The cut angle is adjustable from an inclination from 0 to 45 degrees. The maximum cut depth is 34 mm at right angles. A 360×330 mm desktop is made of galvanized sheet steel with applied marking, which increases the accuracy of cutting. The protective cover on the blade protects the hands of the tile during operation.

16. Helmut FSC180 hl-42

Helmut FSC180 hl-42

The compact electric steamer of Helmut FSC180 HL-42 is used for a small amount of work on cutting wall, floor or paving slabs with a thickness of not more than 33 cm. The permissible cut angle is 45 degrees. The depth of oblique cut does not exceed 17 mm. Device power: 700 watts. For work, a saw abrasive disk is used, the diameter of which is 180 mm. The desktop 39 cm long is made of stainless steel. Marking is applied to the surface on both sides, increasing the accuracy of the cut line. To cool the blade, a container is provided where the water is poured before work.

17. Корвет 461М

Корвет 461М

The tile -cutting compact Corvette machine 461m is inexpensive and is suitable for small facing work. The power of the electric motor is 450 watts. The working surface with a size of 36×33 cm tilts at an angle to 45 degrees to make a slanting cut of tiles. For the accuracy of inclination, a transporter is built into the housing. There is also a metric marking for cutting tiles for certain sizes. The abrasive disk with a diameter of 180 mm during operation is cooled by partial immersion in water. To do this, a reservoir is built into the case where the water is poured before work. From above the blade is closed with a protective casing.

18. Калибр ПЛЭ-180/600

Калибр ПЛЭ-180/600

Electric tile cutter PLE-180/600 budget category is suitable for use in everyday life. The tool cuts tiles made of natural and synthetic materials up to 35 mm thick at right angles and up to 23 mm at an angle of 45 °. The slope is regulated using an angular stop. Parallel guide and marking on the working surface allow you to make an even section. The desktop is increased to 395×385 mm, due to which tiles are also placed in size larger than standard ones. The saw circle with a diameter of 180 mm with an abrasive coating on top is closed with a protective casing. From below, a container is built where water is poured to cool the disk during operation.

19. Wandeli QX-ZD-800

TOP 20 best electric tile cutters with Aliexpress

Professional tile cutter with a length and laser level of Wandeli QX-ZD-800 is more often used by construction companies. The machine is expensive, but quickly pays off due to the effectiveness of use. The tool increases the speed of facing work, makes curly sections on the tile, removes chamfers. The stationary tile cutting machine is easily added, has good mobileality, made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Engine capacity – 1,500 watts at a speed of 12,000 per minute. The diameter of the abrasive circle is 125 mm. 2 saw discs are delivered in the kit. The maximum saw depth is 30 mm, the length is 800 mm. The working surface is cooled by forced water supply with a powerful pump with a capacity of 6 l/min.

20. Пульсар ПН 180-600 791-561

Пульсар ПН 180-600 791-561

The desktop tile cutter PN PN 180-600 791-561 refers to semi-professional tools and can be used by both a tile and a home master. The power of the motor is 600 watts, the diameter of the diamond circle is 180 mm. The tile cutting machine is suitable for cutting tiles not exceeding a thickness of 34 mm. The working surface of the standard sizes 33×36 cm leans to 45 degrees. The depth of the cut under the slope is up to 17 mm. On top of the blade is covered with a protective casing. Parallel and corner guides, as well as the marking of the working surface, increase the accuracy of the cut according to the specified parameters.

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