TOP 20 Best Belt Saw Machines with Aliexpress

Рейтинг ленточных пил станков с Алиэкспресс

The bandsaw is designed for straight or curved sawing of wood and metal blanks. The saw also saws plastic, fiberglass and other materials. The electric saw greatly simplifies the work and speeds up the process of wood or metal working. Thanks to the thin saw blade, more accurate saws are obtained without extra chips.

You can buy a bandsaw for the workshop or for domestic use. When choosing a tool it is important to pay attention to the power of the engine, the size of the blade, the speed of sawing, comfortable bed and the presence of additional features. The site has ranked the band saw machines with AliExpress, which will help you make the right choice of band saw.

1. BOYE GFW4013


Portable band saw BOYE GFW4013 is compact in size 72x45x38 cm, suitable not only for workshop, but also for garage or household building. The machine can cut wood and metal. The power of the engine is 550 W. The speed of the saw blade is controlled by a rotary switch from 38 to 80 meters per minute. For the clamping of parts, the cast iron vice is fixed to the machine body with adjustable grinding accuracy. The switch is on the handle and works only when pressed, which protects the wizard from the risk of injury. The case rotates in several directions for different cutting angles from 0 to 60 degrees.

2. BOYE MJ10


The BOYE MJ10 is a real sawing machine for wood and other materials with a maximum thickness of 150 mm. Motor power – 550 W, cutting speed from 40 to 80 m/min is smoothly adjustable. The 360×320 mm workbench can be turned from 0 to 45 degrees for curved cuts. The angle of rotation is displayed on the integrated conveyor. A measuring range is also built into the work surface to improve the accuracy of straight saws. The machine provides LED lighting of the work place on a flexible adjustable base. A dust conductor is integrated into the lower part of the housing for removing chips and dust.



The FUSIKAYA GFW5012 bandsaw offers great mobility thanks to rubber-coated foot wheels and folding design. The tool is suitable for sawing wooden and metal blanks up to 115 mm thick. If you install the saw blade vertically, you can use the tool as a jigsaw. A 750 W engine is built into the case, the idle speed is 1380 rev/min. The saw blade can be adjusted in three positions – 21; 33; 50 m/min. The working table size of 24×24 cm turns 45 degrees for curvilinear cutting. The size of the saw blade is 1638×12.7×0.65 mm.

4. ЗУБР ЗПЛ-350-190

ЗУБР ЗПЛ-350-190

Band saw ZUBR ZPL-350-190 vertical type belongs to the budget category and is more suitable for the home master. The power tool has a low power – 350 W and compact dimensions – 70x43x40 cm. The machine can be used for sawing wood parts, plastic, thin metal. Maximum height of processed materials – 80 mm, width – 190 mm. Size of the working surface: 29×29 cm. The workbench can be tilted to 45 degrees for curvilinear and curly sawing. A dust collector is integrated into the housing and can be connected to a vacuum cleaner hose. The kit also includes a longitudinal guide and stop arrester to improve the accuracy of the saws.

5. ЗУБР ЗПЛ-305


The ZUBR ZPL-305 is a professional tool. The tape saw has a capacity of 750 W, the dimensions of the machine are 112x65x63 cm. The saw can be used to make straight, curvilinear, shaped saws in different materials – plastic, metal, wood. Maximum width of workpieces – 305 mm, height – 170 mm. Saw blade has dimensions: 2320×12.7 mm. The speed of movement of the saw blade is adjusted in two positions 6.3 and 13.2 m/s. The working table size of 495×390 mm can be tilted to 45 degrees. For the removal of dust into the housing is built-in dust removal system with the possibility of connecting to the vacuum cleaner (the adapter is included).

6. LUXTER 8 дюймов

LUXTER 8 дюймов

The 8-inch LUXTER is equipped with a 350 W asynchronous motor, which produces little noise during operation. The tool is suitable for sawing metal and wood blanks up to 85 mm deep. The workbench is made of aluminum, has dimensions – 300×300 mm, but can be extended up to 560 mm in length for processing longer workpieces. The surface is inclined at an angle of up to 45 degrees and rotates to the left and right up to 60 degrees. The angle and dimensions can be tracked using the integrated conveyor and measuring range. The housing is provided with a dust collector with a vacuum cleaner connection.

7. LUXTER 9 дюймов

LUXTER 9 дюймов

The LUXTER 9-D band saw has a greater power of 550 W and can be sawn up to 88 mm deep and 232 mm wide. The maximum cutting speed is 11 m/s. The 30×30 cm workbench can be extended to work with long workpieces. Also, the desktop is rotated up to 60 degrees and tilts from 45 to 90 degrees, allowing a curved and curved sawing of the tree. Measurement accuracy is ensured by built-in measuring instruments and laser pointer that illuminates the saw site. The LED lamp on a flexible base illuminates the working area.



The professional 14-inch NUMOBAMS NU343 bandsaw has a high output of 1.5 kW. The tape saw is suitable for processing large workpieces. The maximum saw height is 25 cm, width 30 cm. Saw blade size: 2670×25 mm. The desktop with integrated conveyor and ruler can be turned and tilted at different angles for curved and shaped wood cutting. Dimensions of the workbench – 30×30 cm. In the lower part of the body of the power tool, a dust conductor is integrated with the possibility of connecting a hose to the vacuum cleaner, which ensures the cleanliness of the workplace.

9. LIVTER J130


The LIVTER J130 industrial cutter is designed for cutting frozen and chilled pieces of meat, fish, meat products. The tool also handles bones. With the help of an electric saw, you can cut up to 100 pieces per hour from 2 to 10 cm thick. For the accuracy of the cutting on the working surface is set a stop. The bandsawing machine is completely made of stainless food steel, which does not rust from moisture. After use, the saw can be washed with hot water using disinfectants. All electricians are well protected in a waterproof housing. A special meat saw blade with three-quarters tooth pitch is installed in the machine.

10. LIVTER G5012W


The LIVTER G5012W multifunctional bandsaw is suitable for cutting all kinds of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, stainless steel, pipes, profiles, fittings, metal bars. It is also possible to cut wood with the help of tools, if you install the appropriate saw blade. The power of the tool – 750 W. The speed of the saw blade is adjusted in three variants – 20; 30; 50 meters per minute. The maximum height of the workpieces is 150 mm and the depth is 100 mm. The diameter of the round blanks must not exceed 115 mm. An open vice is fixed to the desktop for fixing parts. The machine is also equipped with wheels for moving legs.

11. BOERTE R2013-T


The BOERTE R2013-T band saw can be used both in manual and stationary mode when attached to a cast iron bed (supplied as a package). Engine power – 1100 W. The main purpose of the electric saw – cutting metal pipes and bars with a diameter of up to 120 mm. For this purpose, the tool uses a special saw blade measuring 1141x13x0.65 mm. But when replacing the saw blade, you can cut wood, plastic, meat. Unlike the Bulgarian, the band saw leaves a more even cut, during operation flies less sparks and chips. The sawing speed is controlled by a rotary switch in 6 modes.

12. 260 HX-B30

260 HX-B30

The Meat Belt Saw 260 HX-B30 is designed for food processing. The tool has enough power of 1500 W to cut even carcasses after deep freezing. The electric saw can cut fish, meat, bones. The cutting thickness is from 4 to 180 mm. To cut the meat into identical pieces, a limiter is fixed on the workbench, which can be set to the desired size. The machine body is made of stainless steel food. The motor, switch and wiring are securely insulated from the ingress of liquid. After work, the instrument can be washed with water and disinfected with disinfectants.

13. GUYX R2103-T

GUYX R2103-T

The GUYX R2103-T manual band saw is designed to cut metal up to 120 mm thick. It is also possible to cut wood blanks with the aid of a tool. The power of the machine – 1100 W, the size of the saw blade – 1141x13x0.65 mm The electric saw is convenient to hold in your hands. When working with metal no sparks fly, a thin smooth cut without burrs is obtained, which allows more precise customization of metal structures. The built-in LED light illuminates the processing site. If you attach the saw to the platform, you have a desktop machine. The V-shaped design, fixed to the working surface, helps to hold the blank with a round cross-section.

14. Morn Laser GZ4228

Morn Laser GZ4228

The Morn Laser GZ4228 industrial two-column band saw blade is suitable for large-scale production and metal construction workshop. The 3 kW lathe is designed for cutting metal and alloy blanks up to 300 mm thick. The size of bimetal saw blade is 3505x27x0.9 mm. The cutting speed is adjusted in three modes – 40; 60; 80 m/min. With the help of electric saw can be cut pipes, beams, channel, bars. The cut is perfectly smooth without burrs. Semi-automatic control unit with hydraulic clamp to increase cutting accuracy. All buttons for mechanical control are displayed on a separate panel.

15. VEVOR 8 дюймов

VEVOR 8 дюймов

The VEVOR 8-inch band saw is inexpensive and compact in size – 33×22.86×69 cm. The tool is designed for wood processing in everyday life. Engine power: 250 W. The sharp saw blade makes smooth saws without notches and chips on wooden blanks up to 80 mm thick and up to 200 mm wide. The worktable size of 30×36 cm can be expanded to 52 cm. It is also possible to tilt and turn the workbench up to 45 degrees. The linear speed of the saw is 900 m/min and is not adjustable. At the bottom of the body is an integrated pipe of the dust collector for connection to the vacuum cleaner, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the workplace.

16. VEVOR BS250


The VEVOR BS250 is a stationary band saw designed for wood processing. The 32x16x22 cm compact machine is mounted on legs, which are included. Engine power: 370 W with 1700 idle revolutions per minute. The saw can cut wood parts up to 100 mm thick and up to 245 mm wide. Not only straight, but also curved and curved cutting is possible. The desktop is 300×300 mm deflected from 0 to 45 degrees. The sawdust falls into the dust collector, to which you can attach a hose vacuum cleaner. The treatment site is illuminated by built-in LED lighting.

17. D9S


The 500 W D9S household sawing machine is designed for sawing wood blanks. The sawing speed is not adjustable and is 15 m/s. The maximum cutting thickness is 80 mm. The 350x380mm workbench is equipped with a telescopic system and extends to 56.5cm. The adjustable tilt table can be tilted and turned for curved cutting. On the working surface there is a range and a conveyor for increasing cutting accuracy. The chip is automatically collected into the dust collector and removed through a pipe at the bottom of the body, to which a hose vacuum cleaner is connected.

18. Hisernen H0156

Hisernen H0156

The Hisernen H0156 is designed for carpentry. The stationary machine has a capacity of 450 W. You can use an electric saw to cut wood on straight or curved lines. The maximum cutting height is 90 mm. The speed of movement of the saw blade is static and is 10.5 m/s. The 313×302 mm workbench is made of cast aluminum. The table can be deflected and turned. The conveyor and the ruler are placed on the surface to increase cutting accuracy. The integrated brush automatically cleans the saw blade from sawdust and chips. The dust is removed through a dust collector, where you can attach a vacuum cleaner.

19. PAIGE 8 дюймов

PAIGE 8 дюймов

The PAIGE 8-inch tape saw is suitable for metal cutting and wood sawing up to 80 mm thick. The tool is inexpensive and designed for domestic use. Due to the compactness: 69x42x6 cm machine for installation do not need much space. The tool is mounted on a solid solid cast aluminum base with rubberized legs. The working surface size is 300×300 mm. For curved cutting of wood workbench blanks, you can rotate and tilt up to 45 degrees. The sawdust from the saw blade is automatically removed by the integrated brush in the dust control system. The vacuum cleaner can be connected to the nozzle.

20. JIFA 8/10 inch

JIFA 8/10 inch

The JIFA 8/10 inch series of bandsaws are cheap. Do not expect a large capacity of 250-420 W. The tool is more suitable for the home master. With the help of an electric saw, you can saw wood 80-120 mm thick. The speed of the saw blade is static and varies depending on the model of 11-15 m/s. The working table angle of 300×300 mm is adjustable to 45 degrees for curved cutting. The chips are discharged through a built-in dedusting system. A special nozzle is provided at the bottom of the body to connect the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

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