Hot glue gun DEKO DK-T30 with Aliexpress

Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс

Hot glue gun DEKO DK-T30

For most DIY enthusiasts, a heat gun with a set of glue sticks is a must-have component of a home tool kit. With its help, it is possible to fix the lightweight elements that make up the structure to be restored or manufactured (regardless of its material). For interested users, the Aliexpress website offers a popular model of the DEKO DK-T30 glue gun, which is distinguished by a relatively low price and high-quality performance.

Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс


The small dimensions of the device and well-calculated ergonomic parameters provide it with excellent performance characteristics. First of all, it is ease of use (to work with a gun, it is enough to use one hand, and use the other to hold the parts to be glued, for example). The presence of a small stand allows in the pauses between operations to put it on a table or any suitable flat surface.

Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс

A feature of the proposed model is a high heating rate of the actuator, which ensures fast melting of the glue stick. For this, literally a few minutes are enough, after which the working melting temperature is maintained in automatic mode. Other advantages of the proposed tool include:

  • for the manufacture of its case, high-quality plastic was used, which can withstand prolonged exposure to high pressures and elevated temperatures;
  • built-in protection against overloads and overheating;
  • use in the design of a heating element with a positive temperature coefficient of expansion.
Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс

Please note: The last of the listed advantages allows you to increase the speed of warming up and the efficiency of the device itself.

Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс

We add that on the body of the tool with Aliexpress, next to the switch, there is an indicator LED indicating its functional state (on or off).

Product characteristics and scope of its application

Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс

The DEKO DK-T30 hot glue gun has the following technical characteristics:

  • power source – an alternating current network with a voltage of 100-240 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz;
  • electric heating power (changes in steps) – 30-80-120 watts;
  • temperature range in the working area – 120-240 degrees;
  • nozzle diameter – 2-3 mm;
  • glue stick diameter – 6.8-7.5 mm;
  • weight (curb weight) – no more than 150 grams.
Термоклеевой пистолет DEKO DK-T30 с Алиэкспресс

The body is made of heat-resistant black plastic, and the working nozzle is made of aluminum alloys. The glue gun is used wherever it is necessary to securely hold light parts such as electronic elements, parts of Christmas tree decorations, etc. It is used when you need to make artificial flowers, glue a toy model or make a product out of paper.


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