Hand circular saw DEKO DKCS1600 with Aliexpress

Ручная циркулярная пила DEKO DKCS1600 с Алиэкспресс

DEKO DKCS1600 hand-held circular saw

A quality tool is needed for any job, regardless of what material the master is working with. Despite the fact that new materials with excellent quality characteristics and low cost appear all the time, wood, as one of the most ancient building materials, does not give up its positions, remaining one of the most popular in construction and repair. This, in turn, leads to the fact that the demand in the market for high-quality woodworking tools is steadily growing. This explains the breadth of the offer of such a tool, the choice of which is simply huge.

Therefore, before purchasing a tool, you need to know at least minimal information about the quality of the product, its capabilities, durability, the ability to fully perform all the work for which this acquisition is planned! Therefore, most buyers try to choose the products of firms that have proven themselves on the positive side due to the release of an inexpensive but high-quality tool! These are companies such as DEKO, the quality of whose products no one doubts!

The same can be said about the DEKO DKCS1600 hand-held circular saw, which will allow you to work not only with wood, but also with plastic, plywood, MDF and other materials, depending on how the saw blade is installed.

Features of DEKO DKCS1600 circular saw:

  • DEKO DKCS1600 is a hand-held circular saw powered by 220 volts (maximum 230V-240V);
  • Tool weight 5.15 kg;
  • Saw blade diameter 185 mm;
  • Disk rotation speed 5000 rpm;
  • Dimensions 342519 cm;
  • The frame is durable, die-cast aluminum alloy;
  • The laser pointer is controlled by a separate switch;
  • The sole has holes for attachment to the table from below to get a stationary tool for doing small jobs;
  • Electric motor power 1600 W;
  • Cutting depth at right angle 63 mm, at an angle of 45 ° – 42 mm;
  • The tool is equipped with adjustments to change the angle of inclination of the saw, as well as to change the depth of cut;
  • The start button is equipped with a latch to prevent accidental activation, which significantly increases the safety of working with it;
  • Built-in protection protects the electric motor from burning when overloaded, and wide ventilation holes contribute to its effective cooling during operation.

The DEKO DKCS1600 hand-held circular saw will allow you to cut not only ordinary wooden blanks, but even bamboo stems, asbestos-cement slabs or pipes, MDF, plywood and plastic. In order to perform these operations safely, it is necessary to skillfully use a circular saw, and also know which replacement saw blades to use for a particular material.

So a disc for wood with large teeth is not suitable for cutting plastic, which requires fine saw teeth, and for an asbestos-cement slab, you will have to install a diamond-coated disc for cutting stone and brick.

For those who need a really high-quality tool for cutting workpieces made of various materials, the DEKO DKCS1600 circular saw will be an indispensable assistant.

When building or repairing wooden houses and structures with such a tool, the work will go much faster, because the DEKO DKCS1600 saw is very convenient to work! And for those who have a woodworking workshop, or for those who like to craft everything with their own hands, this tool is essential first of all!

Customer reviews show that the DEKO DKCS1600 circular saw is a really high-quality and easy-to-use power tool!


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