Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress


Inflatable car mattress

Car owners have to sleep in their own car at least once in their life, although for many people this happens much more often! This is usually due to the inconvenience that you have to endure. Moreover, it is usually only one night or two. But what if you sleep in your car much more often? Naturally, you need to arrange a sleeping place!

Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

A car with an SUV body, that is, a crossover, is best suited for this! In many cars of this class, the rear row seats fold into an almost flat floor, on which you can arrange a berth!

Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

For this you need to choose a mattress! However, an ordinary mattress cannot be inserted into a car, since it is a rectangle. And in the interior of the car, the wheel arches create obstacles for the placement of a classic mattress!

Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

But all problems are solved if you buy a special mattress for the car, which can be easily spread in the crossover’s cabin after folding the back row of seats and putting things in order in the trunk! With the purchase of such a mattress, the car enthusiast gets at his disposal a comfortable sleeping place, which, in terms of its comfort, can give odds to many classic beds! Therefore, this mattress is worth paying attention especially to owners of crossovers and jeeps!

What is this car mattress?

Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

To understand this, you just need to pay attention to its features:

  • structurally, it is an inflatable mattress;
  • made of PVC with a velvet velvet layer applied by flocking;
  • the dimensions of the mattress are 180 cm by 137 cm, in addition, on one side there is a narrowing of up to 104 centimeters to bypass the wheel arches;
  • when folded, it is compact and takes up very little space in the trunk;
  • after inflation, it reaches a thickness of 13 centimeters, which gives the mattress the opportunity to be soft and comfortable.
Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

The mattress is packed in a color box, and in addition to the mattress itself, there is also an air pump to bring the mattress into working condition.

When buying, the buyer chooses one of three colors – gray, white or black. At the same time, the cost does not depend on the color!

Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

In order to turn your car into a camping for an overnight stay, it is enough to do just a few operations:

  • fold the rear row of crossover seats;
  • clean in the trunk so that the things that were there do not interfere with the arrangement of the sleeping place;
  • take out a sleeping car mattress from the package and place it in the cabin;
  • inflate the mattress to the desired elasticity;
  • it is best to lie on the mattress together, since you can not only sleep on it, although it is positioned as a sleeping accessory;
  • make yourself comfortable and forget about all the problems that interfere with normal life;
  • fall asleep a sweet dream.
Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

The soft velvet mattress, which can be easily unpacked, is also easily inflated and placed in the car, this is a real opportunity to equip a comfortable sleeping place in your car in a matter of minutes. It is due to its simplicity and unsurpassed comfort that the inflatable car mattress for crossovers has gained great popularity among motorists who own cars with an SUV.

Inflatable car mattress 180 * 137 cm with Aliexpress

For fishermen, hunters, lovers of outdoor recreation and for those who are going on a long journey, such a mattress is a must, and therefore it is necessary to purchase it! In any case, you need to think first of all about your own comfort, and therefore you do not need to pass by this mattress indifferently! Having bought it once, the car owner will understand forever that he made the right choice in the direction of improving his own comfort!


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