Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

Моноколесо INMOTION V8 с Aliexpress

Monowheel INMOTION V8

The Inmotion V8 unicycle is considered a hit that combines innovative technologies in electric vehicles. Now everyone can organize competitions with friends, as well as surprise street passers-by with bright tricks. This machine is capable of many things, and the bright and catchy lighting gives the electric unicycle a certain charm. Inmotion V8 is a great way to express yourself.

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

Monowheel for exciting city trips

Compared with previous counterparts, the new product was created with an emphasis on ergonomics. The body is equipped with soft stops that make it possible to forget about inconveniences in management. A unique feature is that it is easy to dismantle. There is quick access to the nipple to pump up the wheel. The case is transparent and glossy. Now it is possible to drive up to 60 km without interruption. Choosing such a means of transportation, you will forever forget about discomfort in your legs.

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

Speed 35 km. per hour will allow you to actively move without fear of injury. With a monowheel, you can count on a pleasant ride, getting new sensations when moving around the city. With the help of a compact battery, as well as practical and reliable wheels, it turned out to reduce the weight of the equipment. The device is 14 kg. easy to descend stairs or carry over high obstacles.

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

The attractive plastic case has touch controls, an ergonomic handle that helps to carry the model, as well as a bright flashlight and brake light. The lack of standard buttons made the model immune to the adversity of the weather. The feature of the monowheel is a bright and dynamic LED backlight. The user gets the opportunity to choose any mode by finding his own shade. This can be done through a special application in the smartphone. The option of completely turning off the backlight is provided.

Characteristics of a unique device

It is in this model that the handle is the most comfortable.

Sleep mode

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

A special sleep mode button is built into the device. Having decided to take the wheel in hand, the button is automatically clamped, after which the model can be easily transferred to another object.

Power activation, charge indicator

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

On the handle at the bottom there is a button to turn off and turn on the power of the device. In the new model, the button is rubberized, and in the previous one it is touch-sensitive, which caused certain inconveniences. There is a power indicator under the button, which is clearly visible even in sunny weather.

Retractable handle

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

As already mentioned, the handle is very easy to use. In addition, it is telescopic. The manufacturer has securely folded it into the case, with the help of which the appearance of the monowheel is not spoiled. There is a button on top. If you press it, the handle will slightly come out of the body. If desired, it can be removed to obtain the desired length. It has 2 positions, which will allow you to adjust the length for people of different heights. The handle can be folded back by pressing the button.


Моноколесо INMOTION V8

The model has a functional, comfortable headlight that illuminates the street. It can be turned on by pressing the power button, or through the application.

Side light

Моноколесо INMOTION V8

The model has a side light that glows red.

Charging connector

Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

Located at the back of the device, closed with a rubber flap that opens upwards. Its important purpose is protection from water.


Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

The wheel is equipped with a speaker. Serves for warning signals.


Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress

They are incredibly comfortable in this model. The uniqueness is that they are located at a comfortable level from the ground. Therefore, the ability to touch any obstacle is minimized.

Monowheel inmotion v8 – an opportunity to get pleasant emotions from traveling around the city.


Monowheel INMOTION V8 with Aliexpress
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