How to choose a breathalyzer?

Какой выбрать алкотестер

Sometimes, before getting behind the wheel, the driver is not sure if the smell of alcohol from his mouth remains after yesterday’s holiday. To test yourself at home, you can purchase your own breathalyzer. There is a large selection of different models of this device, before buying it is worth deciding on simple questions. Firstly, how will you use the breathalyzer, only for yourself or you need this device for the work team. Secondly, how often the breathalyzer will be used.

If you need to buy a device for a work company and check drivers before a flight, then a medical breathalyzer will do. He has a special certificate and is considered professional. Such a breathalyzer is able to detect not only extra ppm of alcohol in the body, but also drugs.

Up to a dozen people are checked with this device per day. And the brand popular with this tester is Dingo E-010 and E-200. About 70 thousand people are examined annually. In the presented line, Drager 5510 and Drager 6820 are in demand by major manufacturers. These are the goods of a German company.

For infrequent personal use, not expensive breathalyzers are suitable. Accordingly, the higher the price, the more accurately the device will show ppm. Breathalyzer costing up to 500 rubles. usually break down quickly. Moreover, they cannot be repaired. For long-term use, experts recommend purchasing goods from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

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